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Radio Controlled Model Truck and Truggy Archive

    In this section you will find Compiled Lists of links to over 350 archived, New and Vintage, Nitro and Electric powered, Radio Controlled Trucks and Truggys.

   Most of the models have been reviewed, with some history and a detailed description, bodyshell and chassis images, to help you identify and learn something more about your model.

   You will also find links to pages on this website, that will help you to set-up your model for competitive racing, choose a new electric motor or engine, look after your batteries, ball bearings and avoid problems with radio interference.

   Towards the bottom of each page you will find a list of the articles I have written over the twenty odd years I have been involved in RC, ranging from my first memories of the sport, to more detailed explanations of the configuration and various aspects of RC model cars of all types.

   These lists are an ongoing project and are constantly changing as new models are introduced and old ones discovered. If your model isn't listed here at this time, there is a good chance it may be in the future.

RC Electric Truck

Electric Trucks:
By Scale:

RC Electric Trucks

1/5 - 1/6 Scale Electric Trucks/Truggys:

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1/8 Scale Electric Trucks / Truggys:

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1/10 Scale Electric Trucks / Truggys:

Academy GV2T
Academy RT Sport
Acme Raptor
Acme T10 4*4
Acme Trooper EP
Ansmann C.O.R.E. Truck Bl
Ansmann Macnum
Ansmann Macnum Bl
Ansmann Royal Flash
Ansmann Royal Flash Bl
Ansmann SC2
Ansmann SC2 Bl
Ansmann SC4
Ansmann SC4 Bl
Ansmann X2sc
Ansmann XT-Pro
Ansmann X4sc Pro
Arrma Fury
Arrma Fury BLS
Arrma Fury BLX
Arrma Fury Mega
Arrma Mojave
Arrma Mojave BLX
Arrma Senton 6S BLX
Arrma Vorteks
Arrma Vorteks BLS
Arrma Vorteks BLX
Arrma Vorteks Mega
Associated Prolite 4x4
Associated ProSC 4x4
Associated RC10 T
Associated RC10 T2
Associated RC10 T3
Associated RC10 T4 Team
Associated RC10 T4 FT
Associated RC10 T4.1 RTR
Associated RC10 T4.1 FT
Associated RC10 T4.2 FT
Associated RC10 T4.2 RS
Associated RC10 T5M
Associated SC10
Associated SC10 FT
Associated SC10 4x4
Associated SC10 4x4 FT
Associated SC10 RS
Associated SC10.2 FT
Bolink Fastruck
Bolink Little Red Wagon
Bolink Super-T
Carisma GT10DT
Carisma M10DT
Carisma M10SC
Carisma M40DT
Carson Desert King BL
Carson E-Bone CE-10T
Carson E-Crasher
Carson FY10 Truggy
Carson Rock Warrior
Carson Streetbreaker-FD
CEN eMatrix 10-T
Durango DESC210
Durango DESC210R
Durango DESC410 v2
Durango DESC410R
Durango DESC410R v2
Durango DEST210
Durango DEST210R
Duratrax Evader Brushless
Duratrax Evader DT
Duratrax Evader EXT
Duratrax Evader EXT2
Duratrax Evader EXT2.4
Duratrax Evader ST
Duratrax VW Baja Bug
FS Racing Baja 1000
FS Racing Beetle
FS Racing Breaker

FS Racing Fox 4
FS Racing Jeep
FS Racing MST-4
HBX Hellhound
HBX Stealth X09
HBX Stormer
HBX Surge
HBX Surge XT
HBX Windspout
Heng-Long Mad-Truck
Heng Long Weight Grade
Himoto Cerberus
Himoto Desert XT10
Himoto Eamba XR1
Himoto EMXT-1
Himoto Katana
Himoto Kirin
Himoto MegaE 2WD SC Truck
Himoto MegaE 2WD Truggy
Himoto MegaE XT10
Himoto SCT-10
Himoto Spatha
Himoto Trophy X10
Hirobo Toyota Hilux - 44B
Hobao Hyper 10sc
Hobao Hyper TT-e
Hong Nor Nexx 10sc
Hong Nor SCRT10
Hot Bodies E-Zilla 10
HPI Blitz
HPI Bullet ST Flux
HPI E-Firestorm
HPI E-Firestorm 10 HT
HPI E-Firestorm 10T
HPI E-Firestorm 10T Flux
HPI E-Firestorm Flux
HSP Breaker SCT
HSP Destrier
HSP Lightning - Desert Truck
HSP Torpedo
HSP Tribeshead
HSP Tribeshead 2
Jamara Bullet Pickup
Jamara Cokoon Truggy
Jamara Hot Ranger
Jamara SCRT-10
Jamara SR10
Jamara Toxic Truggy
Jamara Veloce Truggy
Kyosho Chevrolet Pick-Up 4x4
Kyosho Chevy Sport Truck
Kyosho EP Ultima ST
Kyosho EP Ultima ST Type-R
Kyosho Indiana Jeep
Kyosho Mad Bug VE
Kyosho Outlaw Raider
Kyosho Outlaw Ultima Truck
Kyosho Outrage ST
Kyosho Outrage ST-2
Kyosho Pro-XRT
Kyosho SR-5 Sport Racer
Kyosho Stadium Baja Beetle
Kyosho Ultima RT5
Kyosho Ultima RT6
Kyosho Ultima SC
Kyosho Ultima SC6
Kyosho Ultima SCR
Losi Desert Truck
Losi High Roller Lifted
Losi JRX-T
Losi Readylift XXX-SCT
Losi Rockstar XXX-SCT
Losi Speed-T
Losi Strike
Lsi Stronghold XXX-SCT
Losi Ten SCTE
Losi Ten SCTE 2.0

Losi TLR 22 SCT
Losi TLR 22T
Losi XX-T
Losi XX-T CR
Losi Tuff Country Bl XXX SCT
Losi XXX-T Sport Bl
Losi XXX-T MF2
LRP S10 Blast SC
LRP S10 Blast TX
LRP S10 Blast TX-2
LRP S10 Twister SC
LRP S10 Twister Truggy
Marui CJ-7 Golden Eagle
Marui Super Wheelie CJ-7 G-E
Marui Super Wheelie TLC
Marui Toyota Land Cruiser
New Bright Jeep Rubicon
New Bright Scorpion
Nikko Brute
Nikko Chevy Avalanche
Nikko Ford F150 (2000)
Nikko Ford F150 (2008)
Nikko Hummer H1
Nikko Hummer H2
Nikko Jeep Rubicon
Nikko Jeep Wrangler
Nikko Malibu
Nikko Toyota FJ Cruiser
Nikko Toyota Hilux 4WD/a>
Nikko Toyota Hilux 4WD "Memory"
Ofna Hyper 10sc
Ofna Hyper 10 TT
Ofna Hyper TTe
Ofna Nexx 10sc
Ofna Jammin SCRT10
Ofna TS2 Pro
Ofna TS4 Pro
Redcat Caldera-SC-10E
Redcat Sandstorm TK
Redcat Twister XTG
Redcat Twister XTG Pro
Redcat Vortex EPX
Redcat Vortex EPX Pro
Robitronic Stinger EST BL
Robitronic Stinger EST-1
Robitronic Stinger EST-2
Schumacher Shotgun
Schumacher Storm
Schumacher Storm 2000
Sportwerks Raven ST
Step Up Stinger EST-1
Step Up Stinger EST-2
Tamiya (All + Iconic Vintage)
Thunder Tiger AT-10 ES
T Tiger Phoenix ST
T Tiger Phoenix ST II
T Tiger Phoenix XT
TT Sparrowhawk XT
TT Sparrowhawk XXT
Traxxas Blue Eagle
Traxxas Blue Eagle LS
Traxxas Eagle
Tx Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
Traxxas Hawk
Traxxas Hawk 2
Traxxas LS-II
Traxxas Rustler VXL
Traxxas Rustler XL-5
Traxxas Slash
Traxxas Slash 4x4
Traxxas Slash 4x4 Platinum
Traxxas Slash 4x4 Ultimate
Traxxas Slash Pro
Traxxas Spirit
Traxxas SRT
Trinity Street Spec Truck
Yokomo MR-4MT

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Tamiya Ford SVT F150


1/10 Scale Electric Trucks / Truggys:

Tamiya Stadium Blitzer
Aqroshot ★ #58610 - DT-03T
Asterion ★ #58552 - XV-01T
Blazing Blazer ★ #58029 - Ladder Frame
Chevy S-10 ★ #58146 - TA-01/TA-02
Desert Fielder ★ #58537 - TA-02T
Dyna Blaster ★ #58123 - FRP
Ford Bronco 1973 ★ #58469 - CC-01
Ford F-150 Truck ★ #58161 - TA-01/02
Ford F-150 Rngr XLT ★ #58027 - GRP-Al
Ford F150 1995 Baja Ver ★ #58495 TA-02T
Ford F350 High-Lift ★ #58372 - GRP-Al
Ford SVT F-150 Lghtng ★ #58222 - TL-01
Ford SVT F-150 Lghtng ★ #58481 - TT-01E
Honda CR-V ★ #58178 - CC-01
Isuzu Mu ★ #58152 - CC-01
Isuzu Mu Type X ★ #58166 - CC-01
Jeep Wrangler ★ #58141 - CC-01
Mad Bull ★ #58205 - ABS
Mercedes Unimog ★ #58457 - CC-01
Mercedes Unimog 425 ★ #58609 - CC-01
Mitsubishi Pajero ★ #58044 - Bathtub
Mitsubishi Pajero Black Sp ★ #58627 - CC-01
Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop ★ #58132 - CC-01
Mitsubishi Pajero Rally ★ #58602 - CC-01
Nissan King Cab ★ #58081 - ABS
Nissan Titan ★ #58511 - DT-02
Sandshaker ★ #58608 - TT-02T
Stadium Blitzer ★ #58106 - ABS
Stadium Blitzer ★ #58482 - ABS
Stadium Raider ★ #58246 - TL-01
Stadium Thunder ★ #58181 - ABS
Stadium Thunder 2012 ★ #58524 - ABS
Subaru Brat ★ #58038 - ORV
Subaru Brat ★ #58384 - ORV
Suzuki Jimny JB23 ★ #58621 - MF-01X
Team Hahn Racing MAN TGS ★ #58632 - TT-01E
Team Reinert Racing MAN TGS ★ #58642 - TT-01E
Toyota 4x4 Pick Up ★ #58028 - ABS
Toyota FJ Cruiser ★ #58588 - CC-01
Toyota FJ Cruiser Blk Spl ★ #58620 - CC-01
Toyota Land Cruiser 40 ★ #58445 - CC-01
Toyota Land Crsr 40 B-S ★ #58564 - CC-01
Toyota Prerunner ★ #58136 - TA-01/02
Vajra ★ #58497 - Carbon Fibre
Volkswagen Amarok ★ #58616 - CC-01;
VW Race-Touareg ★ #58324 - CC-01
Wild Dagger ★ #58231 - ABS
Willys Wheeler ★ #58039 - Sealed Box

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1/12 Scale Electric Trucks:

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1/16 Scale Electric Trucks:

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1/18 Scale Electric Trucks / Truggys:

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RC Nitro Trucks

Nitro Trucks:
By Scale:

RC Nitro Truck

1/5 Scale Nitro Trucks / Truggys:

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1/6 Scale Nitro Trucks / Truggys:

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1/8 Scale Nitro Trucks / Truggys:

Acme Mighty
Agama A8T Evo
Agama A215T
Ansmann Kryptonite
Ansmann Kryptonite Pro
Ansmann Short Course
Ansmann Short Course Ruler
Ansmann Terrier
Ansmann Terrier 2.0
Associated RC8T RS
Associated RC8T FT
Associated RC8T FT CE
Associated RC8T FT LE
Associated SC8
Carson CNT
Carson Montana
Carson V-Ln Strt-Brkr V32
CEN Matrix SC
CEN Matrix TR Arena
CEN Matrix TR3
Durango DNX408T
Duratrax Nitro Demon
Duratrax Raze ST
Duratrax RT-X-27
FS Racing Desert Truck
FS Racing Hammer Truggy
FS Racing Leopard
FS Racing Leopard 2.0
GS Racing Storm Unlimited
GS Racing SUT
GS Racing XUT
GS Racing XUT Pro
GS Racing XUT II Pro
HBX Ten4Tracker

Himoto Cluster
Himoto Corr Truck
Himoto Demolition
Himoto RXT-1
Himoto RXT-28
Himoto Shellshock
Hirobo Ford Bronco
Hobao Hyper 8SC
Hobao Hyper SS Truggy
Hobao Hyper ST
Hong Nor Mutilator
Hong Nor Nexx-8T
Hong Nor X1-CRT
Hong Nor X2-CRT
Hong Nor X1X-CRT
Hot Bodies D8T
HB Lightning Stadium
HB Lightning Stdm Pro
HB Lightning Stdm Pro R
HB Lightning Stdm 2 Pro
HB Lightning Stdm Sport
HPI Trophy 4.6
HSP Battle
HSP Lacerea
HSP Searover
Jamara Nexx-8T
Jamara X2-CRT
Kyosho C-20 Toyota Hilux
Kyosho Inferno Neo ST
Kyosho Inferno ST
Kyosho Inferno ST (2005)
Kyosho Inferno ST-R
Kyosho Inferno ST-RR
Kyosho Inferno ST-RR Evo
Kyo Inferno ST US Sports

Losi 8IGHT-T 2.0
LRP S8 Rebel TX
LRP S8 TX Team
Mugen MBX-5T
Mugen MBX-6T
Mugen MBX-6T M-Spec
Mugen MBX-6TR
Ofna Blazer SST
Ofna Hyper SS Cage Plus
Ofna Hyper SS Truggy
Ofna Hyper ST
Ofna Hyper ST Pro
Ofna Mutilator
Ofna Nexx 8T
Ofna Jammin X2
Redcat Monsoon XTR
Redcat Aftershock 3.0
Redcat Aftershock 3.5
Robitronic Mantis
Robitronic Mantis TXS
Robitronic BR50
Schumacher Havoc
Seben TV1
Serpent Cobra T 811
Smartech MS-T
Smartech Warlord
Sportwerks Mayhem ST
Tamiya Nitrage 5.2
Thunder Tiger RTA-4 S28
Thunder Tiger ST-1
Thunder Tiger ST-1 Pro
Xray XT8
Xray XT9

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1/10 Scale Nitro Trucks / Truggys:

Academy RT4-GP
Acme Conquistador
Acme Conquistador Pro
Acme Trooper GP
Associated RC10GT
Associated RC10GT FT
Associated RC10GT2
Associated RC10GT2 FT
Associated RC10GT2 RS
Associated SC10GT
Carson Nitro-Bone
Carson Nitro-Bone Autostrt
Carson Nitro Bone Pro
CEN Magnum NX
CEN Premier 4
Duratrax Evader ST
Duratrax Maximum ST
Duratrax Maximum ST Pro
Duratrax Overdrive ST
FS Racing Beetle
FS Racing Discovery 2.0
FS Racing Hammer GT-4
FS Racing Tiger
GS Racing Shadow ST1
GS Racing Shadow ST1R
HB Lightning Stadium 10
HB Lightning Stdm 10 Sport
HBX Gallant
HBX Tribewe
Himoto Eldorada
Himoto Megap MTR-2S
Himoto Megap MTR-3
Himoto Mamba XR1

Hobao Hyper TT
Hobao Hyper 10SC
Hong Nor SCRT10 Nitro
HPI Bullet ST 3.0
HPI Firestorm
HPI Firestorm 10T
HPI MT2 G3.0
HPI Nitro Rush
HPI Rush Evo
HSP Gladiator
HSP Gladiator-L
HSP Jeep
HSP Rally Monster
Kyosho Datsun 4WD
Kyosho DRT
Kyosho DST
Kyosho GP Ultima ST
Kyo GP Ultima ST Type-R
Kyo GP Ultima ST Type-R Evo
Kyosho MoonEyes Street Van
Kyosho Outlaw Rampage
Kyosho Outlaw Rampage Pro
Kyosho Rav-4
Kyosho Sandmaster ST-2
Kyosho Stadium Force
Kyosho Stadium Force TR15
Losi Speed NT
Losi Ten-SCT
Losi Ten-T
Megatech Tempest Gladiator

Mugen MST-1
Ofna Hyper 10sc
Ofna Hyper TT
Ofna Jammin SCRT-10
Redcat Racing Vortex SS
Schumacher Menace 21
Schumacher Nitro 10
Schumacher Nitro 21 XS
Schumacher Nitro 21 XT
Schumacher Nitro 21 XT-R
Schumacher Nitro 21 XT-R 3E
Schumacher Riot
Schumacher Riot 2
Smartech Sahara
Sportwerks Reaction
Tamiya Nitro Crusher
Tamiya RevStorm
Tamiya TR-15T
Thunder Tiger DT-10
T Tiger Tomahawk SC
T Tiger Tomahawk ST
Thunder Tiger Phoenix GT
Traxxas Jato 2.5
Traxxas Jato 3.3
Traxxas Nitro Hawk
Traxxas Nitro Rustler
Traxxas Nitro Slash
Traxxas Nitro Sport
Traxxas Nitro Sport SE
Traxxas Slayer
Traxxas Slayer Pro 4x4
Traxxas S-Maxx
Traxxas S-Maxx 3.3

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1/12 Scale Nitro Trucks / Truggys:

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1/16 Scale Nitro Trucks / Truggys:

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1/18 Scale Nitro Trucks:

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★ Radio Controlled Model Accessories: ★
Gas/Nitro Engines
Nitro Engines
Bearings and Bearing Sets
Body Shells
Body Shells
Radio Transmitters etc
Radio Equipment
Tires - Touring, Buggy, Truck, Monster Truck, Rock Crawler
Wheels/Rims - Touring, Buggy, Truck, Monster Truck, Rock Crawler
Electronic Speed Controllers
Battery Packs
Bats + Chargers
Electric Motors
Electric Motors

General Information and Advice

   For those starting in Radio Controlled Racing, here are a few Hints and Tips: Firstly, buy a Kit not an RTR. That way, if something breaks you will have some idea how to fix it.

   Radio Controlled Model Cars are very fragile and easily broken. The main parts to protect are the Front Wishbones, Suspension Shock Towers, Dampers, Hub Carriers, Kingpins, Uprights and Toe in Blocks, so make sure you have a good strong front bumper and Lexan or Fiberglas Body Shell, and if available for your model, a protective under tray, to prevent grit and dust getting into any moving parts.

   The Steering Servo is also a weakness in high speed crash situations, so get yourself some good strong Servo Mount and Servo Saver. Also I would recommend Titanium Shafts, Turnbuckles, Tie Rods and pivot/steering shafts and if available for your model, lightweight Titanium Drive shafts, dog bones and CVD (Constant Velocity Drives). The standard steel types are far too easily bent.

   Gearing is another problem area on RC model cars. Head on collisions can easily break off gear teeth on Nylon/Plastic Spur Gears, and even Bevel Gears inside the Gearbox. Heavy impacts can also loosen nuts and self taping screws that hold the Motor in Position, allowing the Pinion Gear to pull out of mesh slightly and rip the tops of the teeth on your Spur Gear. To avoid this to some degree, fit locking nuts, and a new motor mount from time to time, so the self taping screws that hold the motor in position have less chance to come loose.

   Ball joints always cause problems. For top level Radio Controlled model car racing, the plastic ball connectors should be checked and if deemed necessary changed after every meeting. A simple thing like a loose fitting connector becoming loose could easily end your race, so better safe than sorry.

   Many New car kits come with Nylon and Sintered Brass Ring type bearings. My advice is to discard these before initial installation, and buy a good Hop-up set of Shielded Steel Ball Bearings. Or if you are serious about your racing, Teflon or Ceramic Bearings.

   One final piece of advice about the Setup of your Car. Keep the Centre of Gravity as low as possible. Ride Height is all important. For On Road Drift/Touring cars the Ride Height should be no more than 5mm, for Buggys, Trucks, Truggys and Monster Trucks, as low as possible depending on the track conditions. If Body Roll is a problem, handling can be improved with the use of Stabilizers, Anti roll or Sway Bars, stiffer Tuning Springs and, or thicker Silicon Oil in the Dampers. Also find somewhere to mount the Transponder as low in the Chassis as possible.

For Car Setup Information check out our Hints and Tips page.

On/Off Road
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