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Tires for Off-Road RC Models

   If you only ever intend to race your Buggy, Truggy or Truck at your local track each week end, you will soon learn the best tire - insert combination for your particular model on that specific track surface type. But if you ever visit other tracks in your area, or move on to the national or international race meetings, at other tracks throughout the country, you will soon discover that your trusty setup will not work as well and you will be forced to invest in many more sets of wheels and tires.

Mini Pin Tires    The choice of Off-Road tires available is mind boggling and the combinations of Mini-Pin, Micro-Pin, Block, Stud and Ribbed Tires, with all the various types of foam inserts available is a mine field, even for the more experienced.

Micro Pin Tires    Local knowledge is always the place to start and the second visit made to any particular track is always better than the first, provided you keep good records of your tires, inserts and general set-up for each race.

Tires and Inserts for Jumps

   Most tracks for off-road RC models - indoor or outdoor, have at least one jump for you to negotiate and on a high number of tracks, it is how you land from that jump that will determine where you finish in the race.

Stud Tires    Setting the droop and adjusting the damper oil or coil spring tensions will go a long way to ensuring you land from the jump on all four wheels and keep control of your car as you exit the jump, but the correct choice of tire insert can also have an effect on how much grip you have when you land and accelerate to the next corner.

Ribbed Tires    As a rule of thumb, the higher the jump, the harder the foam insert needs to be. If the jump is long and not too high, a softer foam insert may give improved grip.

   Once you have determined the best tire combination and before you glue the tires to the rims, trial and error with different inserts on your practice laps before racing, can reap huge benefits.

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