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Radio (Remote) Control Models
Tamiya WRC Subaru
  Each of the Radio Controlled Models linked and listed below, provides information concerning the year of manufacture, any history, a basic description of its construction and a number of chassis and bodyshell images, to help you identify your iconic vintage model.

  You have the option of searching by model type, or manufacturer / distributor (links towards the bottom of the page).

★ List of 1:10 Scale Nitro Touring/WRC/Drift Cars: ★

Academy Velox-XT
Acme Cyclone
Acme Cyclone Pro
Ansmann ARN-1
Associated NTC3 Team
Associated RC10-NDS
Bolink Nitro Racer
Bolink Nitro Legends
Carson Audi R8 RCS
Carson Lamborgini Gallardo
Carson Porsche 911 GT3
Carson Pch-Crrera GT3-RS
Carson VW-Scirocco CV-10
CEN Mitsubishi Pajero
CEN Subaru WRX
CEN Zoom 10 Nitro
Duratrax Chevy Camaro ZL1
Duratrax Nissan GT-R
Duratrax Street Force GP
Duratrax Street Force GP2
FS Racing Full Speed
GS Racing Vision
GS Racing Vision Pro
Heng Long Sprint - Street Car
Himoto Rapida
Himoto Rapida-Pro
Himoto Taipan
Hobao Hyper GPX4
Hobao GPX4 Pro
Hobao Hyper 10
Hong Nor CD3
Hong Nor LD3
Hot Bodies R10
HB Tornado
HPI RS4 3 18SS
HPI RS4 3 18SS+
HPI RS4-3 Drift
HPI RS4-3 Evo
HPI RS4 3 Evo+
HPI RS4 Nitro Mini
HSP KuTiger
HSP Pacesetter
HSP Sonic
Jamara Hoolk
Kyosho C-10 Fiat 131 Abarth
Kyosho C-10 Merc 450 SLC
Kyosho F-Ten Formula Sports
Kyosho F-Ten Sports Proto
Kyosho Fazer
Kyosho FW-05R
Kyosho FW-05RR
Kyosho FW-05S
Kyosho FW-05T
Kyosho FW-06
Kyosho KF01 - F1
Kyo Peanuts Rcr Frldy 240Z
Kyosho PureTen Alpha GP
Kyosho PureTen Alpha 2 GP
Kyosho PureTen Alpha 3 GP
Kyosho PureTen Mantis GP

Kyosho PureTen Spider GP
Kyo PureTen Spider MkII GP
Kyo PureTen Spider MkII WC
Kyosho Spada 09L
Kyosho Super-Sport Ten GP
Kyosho SuperTen Cup Ed
Kyosho SuperTen FW-03
Kyosho SuperTen FW-04
Kyo SuperTen GP Four II
Kyosho TR-15 Rally
Kyosho V-One R
Kyosho V-One RR
Kyosho V-One RR Evo
Kyosho V One RRR
Kyosho V-One RRR Evo
Kyosho V-One RRR Evo WC
Kyosho V-One RRR Evo.2
Kyosho V-One RRR Evo2 WC
Kyosho V-One RRR Shimo
Kyosho V-One R4
Kyosho V-One R4s
Kyosho V-One R4SP
Kyosho V One S
Kyosho V-One S II
Kyosho V-One S III
Kyosho V-One S III Evo
Kyosho V-One SR
Kyosho V-One SR Shin
Kyosho ZR-1 Corvette
Megatech Razor XT
Mugen MRX-2
Mugen MRX-3
Mugen MRX-4
Mugen MRX-4R
Mugen MRX-4X
Mugen MRX-5
Mugen Sting
Ofna CD3 Sport
Ofna Hyper GPX4
Ofna LD3
Ofna OB4 Slimline
RACEtech Nitro Slider
Redcat Lightning STR
Schumacher Daytona
Schumacher Fusion R12
Schumacher Fusion 21
Schu Fusion 28 Skyline
Schu Fusion 28 Turbo
Schumacher Nitro 21 XTreme
Schumacher Nitro SST
Seben LXR
Seben SF
Seben SF2
Serpent 705
Serpent 710
Serpent 720
Serpent 733
Serpent 733 Evo
Serpent 733 TE
Serpent 747
Serpent 835
Serpent Impact M2
Smartech Winner 1
Smartech Winner Pro
Tamiya Audi A4 DTM 2005
Tamiya Audi A4 DTM 2005 Team Abt Sportsline

Tamiya Beams Integra
Tam Clsnc Skyln GTR (R34)
Tam Ctrn Xsara WRC MC 04
Tam CLK DTM 02 AMG Merc
Tam CLK DTM 02 Vdfn Merc
Tamiya Enzo Ferrari
Tam Esso Ultraflo Supra 05
Tam Ferrari 360GT Daytona
Tamiya Ferrari F430
Tam Ford Focus RS WRC 03
Tamiya Impreza WRC MC '07
Tam Lancia Delta HF Intgrl
Tamiya Lexus GS 400
Tamiya Mercedes Benz C-Class DTM 2004
Tamiya Mercedes Benz CLK DTM 2000 Original Teile
Tamiya Mercedes CLK GTR Team Sportswear
Tam Nssn Skyline GTR (R32)
Tam Porsch 911 GT3 Cup VIP
Tamiya Porsche Carrera GT
Tamiya Raybrig HSV 010
Tamiya Raybrig NSX
Tamiya Raybrig NSX 2002
Tamiya Raybrig NSX 2004
Tamiya Raybrig NSX 2005
Tamiya Mini Cooper Racing
Tam Subaru Impreza WRC'99
Tam Subaru Impreza WRC 01
Tam Subaru Impreza WRC 02
Tam Subaru Impreza WRC 03
Tam Subaru Impreza WRC 04
Tamiya TG10 Mk1
Tamiya TG10 Mk1 Pro
Tamiya TG10R
Tamiya TG10 Mk2
Tamiya TG10 Mk2 PRO
Tamiya Vodafone Mercedes C-Class DTM 2006
Tam Xanavi Nismo GTR (R34)
Tamiya Xanavi Nismo Z
Team Magic G4-D
Team Magic G4-RS
Team Magic G4+Evo
Team Magic G4-JR
Team Magic G4-JS
Team Magic G4
Team Magic G4-S
Thunder Tiger SSR
Thndr Tiger TS-4n Pro V2
Thndr Tgr TS-4N Plus/Luxe
Thndr Tiger Tomahawk VX
Thndr Tiger Tomahawk MX
Traxxas 4-Tec 2.5
Traxxas 4-Tec 3.3
Traxxas Nitro Street
Trinity Reflex NT
Xray NT1 - 2010
Xray NT1 2012 Specs
Xray NT1 Pro
Xray NT1R
Yokomo GT-4
Yokomo GT-4R
Yokomo GT-4W
Yokomo YR-4 GP
Yokomo YR-10 GP

★★ Model Scale Lists: ★★


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