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Radio (Remote) Control Models
Tamiya WRC Subaru
  Each of the Radio Controlled Models linked and listed below, provides information concerning the year of manufacture, any history, a basic description of its construction and a number of chassis and bodyshell images, to help you identify your iconic vintage model.

  You have the option of searching by model type, or manufacturer / distributor (links towards the bottom of the page).

★ List of 1:10 Scale Electric Touring/WRC/Drift Cars: ★

ABC Carrera IV
ABC Carrera M101
ABC Gambado
ABC Gambado Modeler
ABC Gambado Naked
ABC Gambado Naked 2013
ABC Genetic
ABC Genetic Economy
ABC Genetic Naked R
ABC Genetic Naked RR
ABC Genetic Naked S
ABC Genetic Naked SP
ABC Genetic Naked USR 09
ABC Goose
ABC Goose Naked S
ABC Goose Spec2
ABC Grande Gambado
Academy Genesis Coupe
Academy SP3-X
Academy SP3-X Pro
Academy STR-4
Academy STR-4 Pro
Academy STR-4 Pro II
Academy STR-4 Pro Sport
Academy STR-4 Rally F
Acme Phantom
Acme Vanguard
Ansmann ARE-1
Ansmann ARE-2
Ansmann ARE-2 BL
Ansmann Hot Rod
Ansmann Hot Rod BL
Associated Apex Lexus RC-F
Associated Apex Scion FR-S
Associated Apex Scion tC
Associated Apex V-Type
Associated ProRally 4x4
Associated RC10-DS
Associated RC10L
Associated RC10L3 Oval
Associated RC10L4 Oval
Associated RC10L3 Touring
Associated RC10LS
Associated RC10LSS Oval
Associated RC10R5 Oval FT
Associated RC10R5 Trng FT
Associated RC10R5.1 FT
Associated TC3 Racer
Associated TC3 FT
Associated TC4 Team
Associated TC4 Club Racer
Associated TC4 FT
Associated TC5 FT
Associated TC5F FT
Associated TC5R FT
Associated TC6 FT
Associated TC6.1 Worlds
Associated TC6.1 FT
Associated TC6.2 FT
Bolink 91 Sport
Bolink All Star Sprinter
Bolink California Flyer
Bolink Digger
Bolink Digger 2
Bolink Eliminator 10
Bolink Eliminator Enduro 10
Bolink Eliminator LTO
Bolink Eliminator Sport
Bolink Hot Rodz
Bolink Indy Roadster
Bolink Invader
Bolink LTO Extreme
Bolink LTO SS
Bolink Muscle Cars
Bolink R/C Legends
Bolink Road Pro
Bolink Round Tracker
Bolink Round Tracker II
Bolink Sport 2000
Bolink Street Spec
Bolink Super Sport
Bolink Super Sport LTO
Carisma GT10RS
Carisma M40S Chassis
Carisma M40S Audi Quattro
Carisma M40S Subaru WRX
Carisma M40S VW Golf 24
Carisma M40S VW Touareg
Carson FD Street Warrior
Carson FD VW Scirocco
Carson Porsche-GT3-RS
Carson VW Scirocco
Carson X10E Waterproof
CEN Zoom 10 EP
Corally Assassin
Corally Assassin Mid Motor
Corally C4
Corally C4.1
Corally HMX
Corally HMX M1
Corally RDX PHI
Corally RDX PHI 09
Corally RDX
Corally Pro 10 Cars
Durango DETC410
FS Racing Car-Pro
FS Racing Drift
FS Racing GX4
FS Racing NTE-4
GS Racing Vision EvoE
HBX Coolfire
HBX Post 5
HBX Skyline
HBX Skyline GTR
HBX StreetFire
Heng-Long Lightning - Street
Himoto Drift TC
Himoto Nascada
Himoto Rally X10
Himoto Vega

Hirobo Lancia Rally - 44B
Hirobo Peugeot 205 Turbo 16
Hirobo Toyota Celica GT Four
Hong Nor X10-E
Hot Bodies Cyclone
HB Cyclone Hara Ed
HB Cyclone S - Touring
HB Cyclone S - Drift
HB Cyclone Surikarn Ed
HB Cyclone TC
HPI Cup Racer
HPI Cup Racer 1M
HPI Cup Racer Drift Ver
HPI Dash
HPI E10 Drift
HPI RS4 Mini Pro
HPI RS4 Pro 2
HPI RS4 Pro 3
HPI RS4 Pro 4
HPI Sprint 2 Drift
HPI Sprint 2 Flux
HPI Sprint 2 Sport
HPI Sprint 2 Stage D
HPI Switch - FWD
HSP Cam-Am
HSP Drift Car
HSP Flying Fish
HSP KuTiger EP
HSP Xeme
HSP Xeme Pro
Kawada M500GT
Kawada M500GTR
Kawada M500GT2R
Kawada M500WGT
Kawada M500WGT-X
Kawada SV-10 Alcyon
Kawada SV-10 Alcyon SP
Kawada SV-10 Alcyon II
Kawada SV-10 Alcyon II EX
Kawada SV-10 Alcyon II Limited
Kawada SV-10 Alcyon II Ultimate
Kawada SV-10
Kawada SV-10 GT
Kawada SV-10 GT2
Kawada SV-10 Sigma
Kawada SV-10 Sigma-2
Kawada SV-10 Sigma DC
Ky Gambado Route 246 Ver
Kyosho Nikon Pajero Rally
Kyosho Plazma Formula (F1)
Kyosho PureTen EP Alpha
Kyosho PureTen EP Alpha 2
Kyosho PureTen EP Alpha 3
Kyosho PureTen EP Fazer Ra
Kyosho PureTen EP Fazer Tr
Ky PureTen EP Fazer VE
Ky PureTen EP Fazer VE-X
Kyosho PureTen EP KX-One
Kyosho PureTen EP Mantis
Kyosho PureTen EP Spider
Ky PureTen EP Spider MkII
Ky PureTen EP Spider TF-2
Ky PureTen EP Spider TF-2R
Ky PureTen EP Spider TF-3
Ky PureTen EP Spider TF-3R
Ky PureTen EP Spd TF-3R 99
Ky PureTen EP Spider TF-4R
Kyosho Sideways Sprint Car
Kyosho Super-Sport Ten EP
Kyosho TF5
Kyosho TF5 Stallion
Kyosho TF5 Stallion Shin
Kyosho TF5S
Kyosho TF6
Kyosho TF6 SP
Losi Drift-R
Losi JRX-S
Losi JRXS Type R
Losi Rally Weapon
Losi Street Weapon
Losi Ten Rally-X
Losi XXX-S
LRP S10 Blast TC
Mardave V10
Marui Coors Melling Tbird
New Bright Audi R8
New Bright Camaro ZL1
New Bright Corvette
New Bright Dodge Challenger
New Bright Dodge Charger
New Bright Ferrari F-430
New Bright Mustang GT
Nikko Super Evolution
Ofna Hyper H4 Pro
Ofna JL10e
Ofna JL10e Drift
Ofna OB4
Ofna OB4 Pro 2
RACEtech G-Force
RACEtech MacAttack
RT MacAttack Carpet-Pro
RACEtech Scorpion
Redcat Lightning EPX Drift
Redcat Lightning EPX Pro
Redcat Lightning STK
Redcat Pagani Huayra
Redcat Thunder Drift
Robitronic Avid
Robitronic Avid V2
Schumacher ATX
Schumacher Axis
Schumacher Axis 2
Schumacher Axis Pro
Schumacher Mi1

Schumacher Mi1 v2
Schumacher Mi2
Schumacher Mi2 EC
Schumacher Mi3
Schumacher Mi3.5
Schumacher Mi4
Schumacher Mi4CX
Schumacher Mi4CXL
Schumacher Mi4LP
Schumacher Mi5
Schumacher Mi5 Evo
Schumacher Mission
Schumacher SST 98
Schumacher SST 99 Pro
Schumacher SST 2000
Schumacher SST 2000 SP
Schum SST Rally Sport
Schumacher SST Sport
Schumacher Wildcat Touring
Seben HR
Seben HR2
Serpent S100 - Pro-10
Serpent S400 - Touring
Serpent S411
Serpent S411 Eryx 2.0
Serpent S411 FF
Serpent S411 TE
Smartech Mega Drift
Smartech Rally W2P
Tamiya (All + Iconic Vintage)
Team Magic E4
Team Magic E4-D
Team Magic E4D-MF
Team Magic E4-FS
Team Magic E4-JR
Team Magic E4-JS
Team Magic E4JS II
Team Magic E4-RS
Team Magic E4-RS II
Team Magic E4RS II Evo
TT Sparrowhawk DX II
T Tiger Sparrowhawk DX
T Tiger Sparrowhawk VX
Thunder Tiger TS-4e
Thunder Tiger TS-4e V2
Traxxas 4-Tec
Traxxas Rally
Trinity Evolution 10
Trinity Evolution 10SS
Trinity Reflex 10 Oval
Trinity Street Spec
Trinity Switch Blade 10
Trinity Switch Blade 10-SS
Trinity T-Spec
Xpress MRR2
Xpress MRR2 Junior
Xpress MRR2 M-Drift
Xpress MRR2 Pro
Xpress MRR2 Pro V2.1
Xpress MRR-10J - Junior
Xpress MRR-10P - Pro
Xpress RR-10J - Junior
Xpress RR-10PMK - Special
Xpress RR-10PMk1 - Pro Mk1
Xpress RR-10S - Sport
Xray T1
Xray T1 Evo2
Xray T1FK
Xray T1R
Xray T2
Xray T2R
Xray T3 EU Rubber
Xray T3R
Xray T4
Yokomo D1 Drift
Yokomo DIB
Yokomo DM1 Drift Master
Yokomo D-Max
Yokomo D-Max Special
Yokomo D-Max HSS Special
Yokomo DP-DP8 - Basic
Yokomo DRB
Yokomo DRB Hyper Drive Spl
Yokomo DPM
Yokomo DP Plus - DP1
Yokomo DP Plus Type C
Yokomo DP Plus Type C Spl
Yokomo DP Super Plus
Yokomo MR-4TC
Yokomo MR-4TC BD
Yokomo MR-4TC BD5
Yokomo MR-4TC BD5P
Yokomo MR-4TC BD5 WS
Yokomo MR-4TC BD5WR
Yokomo MR-4TC BD5WX
Yokomo MR-4TC BD5WXi
Yokomo MR-4TC BD7
Yokomo MR4TC BD7 RS
Yokomo MR-4TC Pro
Yokomo MR-4TC Custom
Yokomo MR-4TC SD
Yokomo MR-4TC SD CGM
Yokomo MR-4TC SD CM
Yokomo MR-4TC SD LCG
Yokomo MR-4TC Special
Yokomo MR-4TC Special V2
Yokomo MR-4 Rally
Yokomo YR-4
Yokomo YR-4 II
Yokomo YR-4 II SP
Yokomo YR-4 II Compact
Yokomo YR-4 K2
Yokomo YR-4 M
Yokomo YR-4 M2
Yokomo YR-4 M2 Type J
Yokomo YR4 MC
Yokomo YR-4 SP
Yokomo YR-F2
Yokomo YR-F2 SP
Yokomo YRX-10

★★ Model Scale Lists: ★★


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