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Electric Buggy
  Each of the Radio Controlled Models linked and listed below, provides information concerning the year of manufacture, any history, a basic description of its construction and a number of chassis and bodyshell images, to help you identify your iconic vintage model.

  You have the option of searching by model type, or manufacturer / distributor (links towards the bottom of the page).

★ List of 1/10 Scale Electric Buggys: ★

Academy Galaxy Buggy
Academy Griffin Pro
Academy GV2
Academy Lazer
Academy Mercury Xi-4
Academy Mirage 4x4 (4x4WD)
Academy Neo Griffin
Academy Road Runner
Academy Road Runner II
Academy Rock Buster
Academy SB Sport
Academy SB V2 Pro
Academy SB V3
Academy SP-01 Wyvern
Academy SP-02 Wyvern EX
Acme Bullet
Acme Flash
Acme Paladin
Ansmann Blizzard
Ansmann Blizzard Bl
Ansmann DNA
Ansmann Mad Monkey
Ansmann Mad Rat
Ansmnn Mad-Rat Bl
Ansmann Master Smacker
Ansmnn Master Smacker Bl
Ansmann Smacker
Ansmann X-Pro
Ansmann X2
Ansmann X2c
Ansmann X2te
Ansmann X4te
Ansmann X4 Pro
Arrma ADX-10
Arrma ADX-10 BLX
Arrma Raider
Arrma Raider BLS
Arrma Raider BLX
Arrma Raider Mega
Associated B2
Associated B3
Associated B4 Stealth
Associated B4 FT
Associated B4.1
Associated B4.1 FT
Associated B4.2 FT
Associated B4.2 RS
Associated B44 FT
Associated B44.1 FT
Associated B44.2 FT
Associated B44.3 FT
Associated B5 Team Kit
Associated B5M Team Kit
Associated RC10
Associated SC10B RS
Associated TQ10
AYK 4x4 Viper
AYK 566B Super Trail
AYK Bobcat
AYK Buffalo
AYK Boost
AYK Boxer
AYK Gator
AYK Maverick
AYK Radiant
AYK Sidewinder
AYK Viper Shuttle
Bolink Digger 10
Carisma 4XS
Carisma M10DB
Carisma M40B
Carisma M40B Brushless
Carson Dirt Warrior
Carson Dirt Warrior Sport
Carson e-Stormracer
Crsn e-Stormracer Extrm Bl
Carson FY10 Dstryr Line 2S
Carson Stormracer FD
CEN eMatrix 10-B
Durango DEX210
Durango DEX210 V2
Durango DEX410
Durango DEX410R
Durango DEX410 v3
Durango DEX410R v3
Durango DEX410 V4
Duratrax Evader EXB
FS Racing BL-4 Sport
FS Racing Blast
FS Racing Bolt
FS Racing Buggy-Pro
FS Racing EB-4
FS Racing Eline
FS Racing Hunter
FS Racing Whirlwind
HBX Challenger
HBX Max4
HBX Quakewave
HBX Rocket
HBX Rocket Pro
HBX Wild-Killer
Heng-Long Stuck-Up
Himoto Bashe
Himoto Desert XB10
Himoto Dirt Whip
Himoto MegaE 2WD Buggy
Himoto MegaE XB10
Himoto Tanto
Himoto Vega
Himoto Zmoto3
Himoto ZmotoZ3
Hirobo Alien Mid4
Hirobo BearCat
Hirobo Invader Si / SR
Hirobo Jealousy
Hirobo Rock'n City - 44B
Hirobo Rock'n Vega - 44B
Hirobo Tomcat
Hirobo Zerda
Hobao Hyper H2

Hot-Bodies Cyclone D4
Hot-Bodies D413
HPI Brama 10B
HPI Cyber 10B
HSP Vortex
Jamara Crossbone
Jamara BL-2
Jamara Dakar Desert Buggy
Jamara General
Jamara Lightray
Jamara Lightray V2
Jamara Liquid
Jamara Major
Jamara Splinter
Kawada B2X
Kyosho Aero Streak
Kyosho Axxe
Kyosho Beetle
Kyosho Beetle 2014
Kyosho Cosmo
Kyosho DBX-VE
Kyosho DBX VE 2.0
Kyosho Eleck Peanuts
Kyosho EP Fazer Kobra
Kyosho Gallop
Kyosho Gallop Mk II
Kyosho Icarus
Kyosho Javelin
Kyosho Lazer 2000
Kyosho Lazer Alpha
Kyosho Lazer ZX
Kyosho Lazer ZX Sport
Kyosho Lazer ZXR
Kyosho Lazer ZX-RR
Kyosho Lazer ZXS
Kyosho Lazer ZXS Evo
Kyosho Lazer ZX-5
Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 FS
Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 FS2
Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 FS2 SP
Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 SP
Kyosho Lazer ZX-6
Kyosho Maxxum FF
Kyosho NeXXt
Kyosho Optima
Kyosho Optima Gold
Kyosho Optima Mid
Kyosho Optima Mid Custom
Kyosho Optima Mid Cstm Spl
Kyosho Optima Pro
Kyosho Outrage
Kyosho Outrage Mk-II
Kyosho Pegasus
Kyosho Progress
Kyosho Pro-X
Kyosho Raider
Kyosho Raider Pro
Kyosho Rocky
Kyosho Salute
Kyosho Sandmaster
Kyosho Scorpion
Kyosho Scorpion 2014
Kyosho Shadow
Kyosho Super Bomber
Kyosho Tomahawk
Kyosho Triumph
Kyosho Turbo Optima
Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid
Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid SE
Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid Spl
Kyosho Turbo Raider
Kyosho Turbo Rocky
Kyosho Turbo Scorpion
Kyosho Turbo Ultima
Kyosho Turbo Ultima II
Kyosho Ultima
Kyosho Ultima II
Kyosho Ultima Pro
Kyo Ultima RB Racing Sports
Kyosho Ultima RB Type R
Kyosho Ultima RB5
Kyosho Ultima RB5 SP
Kyosho Ultima RB5 SP2
Kyosho Ultima RB6
Kyosho Wagen Baja
Kyosho Zaboon
Losi Junior Two
Losi JRX2
Losi JRX Pro
Losi JRX Pro SE
Losi TLR 22
Losi TLR 22 2.0
Losi TLR 22-4
Losi XX
Losi XX CR
Losi XX4
Losi XX4 Worlds Edition
Losi XXX
Losi XXX BK (BK1)
Losi XXX BK2
Losi ReadyLift XXX-SCB
Losi XXX4
Losi XXX4 G+
LRP S10 Blast BX
LRP S10 Blast BX-2
LRP S10 Twister Buggy
Mardave Apache
Mardave Cobra
Mardave Meteor
Marui Galaxy
Marui Galaxy RS
Marui Hunter
Marui Ninja 4WD
Marui Samurai 4WD
Marui Shogun 4WD
Mugen Bulldog
Mugen Bulldog II
Nikko Aero Thunderbolt
Nikko Aero Thunderbolt 2

Nikko Alienator
Nikko Bison F-10 - Frame Buggy
Nikko BossCat
Nikko Brat (1/10)
Nikko Dandy Dash
Nikko Dictator
Nikko Dictator II
Nikko Dictator 3
Nikko Dictator 4
Nikko Dictator 5
Nikko Dictator 7
Nikko Dictator Stealth
Nikko Dominator 4
Nikko Dragon - Evo Pro-Line
Nikko Mega Dictator
Nikko Off-Road Tiger
Nikko Predator
Nikko Rhino Aero
Nikko Rhino F-10 - Frame Buggy
Nikko Road Burner - Evo Pro-Line
Nikko Sand Eagle C-5
Nikko Super Alex - Frame Buggy
Nikko Super Sprint
Nikko Thunderbolt - Frame Buggy
Nikko Iron Eagle
Redcat Caldera-XB-10E
Redcat Sandstorm Baja
Redcat Tornado EPX Pro
Redcat Twister XB
Redcat Twister XB Pro
Robitronic Stinger EB-1
Schumacher Bosscat
Schumacher Cat 2000
Schumacher Cat 2000 98
Schumacher Cat 2000 EC
Schumacher Cat 2000 SE
Schumacher Cat 3000
Schumacher Cat K1
Schumacher Cat K1 Aero
Schumacher Cat SWB
Schumacher Cat SX
Schumacher Cat SX2
Schumacher Cat SX3
Schu Cat SX3 Pro CF
Schumacher Cat SX3 S1
Schumacher Cat XL
Schumacher Cat XLS
Schumacher Club 10
Schumacher Cougar
Schumacher Cougar 2
Schumacher Cougar 2000
Schu Cougar 2000 95
Schumacher Cougar KF
Schumacher Cougar KF2
Schumacher Cougar KR
Schumacher Cougar SV
Schu Cougar SV Pro CF
Schumacher Cougar SVR
Schu Cougar SV Race S1
Schumacher Cougar SV2
Schumacher Fireblade
Schumacher Fireblade 2000
Schu Fireblade 2000 USA
Schumacher Fireblade Evo
Schu Fireblade Evo 2
Schumacher ProCat
Schumacher TopCat
Schumacher Wildcat Vyper
Seben BE2
Seben BE4
Seben BE5
Seben BE6
Serpent Spyder SRX-2 MM
Serpent Spyder SRX-2 RM
Smartech Saturn X
Sportwerks Raven BX
Step Up Stinger EB-1
Tamiya (All + Vintage)
Thunder Tiger AT-10 EB
T T Phoenix BX
T T Phoenix BX II
T T Phoenix XB
T T Sparrowhawk XB
T T Sparrowhawk XXB
Tomy Adonis
Tomy Intruder
Traxxas Bandit
Traxxas Bandit VXL
Traxxas Bullet (TRX-10)
Traxxas Cat : Tom-Cat
Traxxas Radicator
Traxxas RAD-2
Traxxas TCP
Traxxas TRX-1
Traxxas TRX-3
Traxxas Wildcat
Xray XB4 - 2WD
Xray XB4 - 4WD
Yokomo B-Max2
Yokomo B-Max2 MR
Yokomo B-Max2 MR Ver.2
Yokomo B-Max2 MR Ver.3
Yokomo B-Max2 RS
Yokomo B-Max4
Yokomo B-Max4 II
Yokomo B-Max4 II World Spec
Yokomo B-Max4 III
Yokomo Hot Dog 4
Yokomo MR-4BC
Yokomo MR-4BX
Yokomo MX-4
Yok S Dogfighter Works 91
Yok S Dogfighter Works 93
Yokomo Wonder Dog-Fighter
Yokomo YZ-10
Yokomo YZ-834B DF
Yokomo YZ-870c Super DF

★★ Model Scale Lists: ★★


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★ Radio Controlled Model Accessories: ★
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Nitro Engines
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Electric Motors

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