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Radio Controlled Model Monster Truck Archive

    In this section you will find Compiled Lists of links to over 250 archived, New and Vintage, Nitro and Electric powered, Radio Controlled Monster Trucks.

   Most of the models have been reviewed, with some history and a detailed description, bodyshell and chassis images, to help you identify and learn something more about your model.

   You will also find links to pages on this website, that will help you to set-up your model for competitive racing, choose a new electric motor or engine, look after your batteries, ball bearings and avoid problems with radio interference.

   Towards the bottom of each page you will find a list of the articles I have written over the twenty odd years I have been involved in RC, ranging from my first memories of the sport, to more detailed explanations of the configuration and various aspects of RC model cars of all types.

   These lists are an ongoing project and are constantly changing as new models are introduced and old ones discovered. If your model isn't listed here at this time, there is a good chance it may be in the future.

Electric Monster Trucks

Electric Monster Trucks:
By Scale:

Electric Monster Truck

1/5 - 1/6 Scale Electric Monster Trucks:

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1/8 Scale Electric Monster Trucks:

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1/10 Scale Electric Monster Trucks:

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Tamiya Monster Beetle


1/10 Scale Electric Monster Trucks:

Tamiya Ford Bronco
Agrios ★ #58549 - TXT-2
Blackfoot ★ #58058 - Space Frame
Blackfoot 2016 ★ #58633 - Space Frame
Blackfoot III ★ #58498 - Mono Frame
Blackfoot Xtreme ★ #58312 - ABS
Bruiser ★ #58048 - ABS
Bullhead ★ #58089 - Bathtub
Bullhead ★ #58535 - Bathtub
Bush Devil ★ #58101 - Space Frame
Bush Devil II ★ #58523 - Space Frame
Clod Buster ★ #58065 - Bathtub
Double Blaze ★ #58366 - ABS
Dualhunter ★ #58396 - ABS
Farm King (Wheelie) ★ #58556 - WR-02
Ford Bronco 1973 ★ #58436 - CR-01
Heavy Dump Truck ★ #58622 - GF-01
Hilux High-Lift ★ #58397 - Ladder Frame
Hilux Monster Racer ★ #58086 - ABS
Honda City Turbo ★ 58611 - WR-02C
Jeep Wrangler - Crawler ★ #58429 - CR-01
Juggernaut ★ #58232 - ABS
Juggernaut 2 ★ #58256 - ABS
King Yellow 6x6 ★ #58653 - G6-01
Konghead 6x6 ★ #58646 - G6-01
King Blackfoot ★ #58192 - ORV
LandFreeder ★ #58579 - CC-01
Lunchbox ★ #58063 - ABS (1:12)
Lunchbox ★ #58347 - CW-01 (1:12)
Lunchbox - Blk Ed ★ #58546 - CW-01 (1:12)
Lunchbox - Blue St ★ #58575 - CW-01 (1:12)
Mammoth Dump Truck ★ #58268 - LF (1:20)
Merc Unimog ★ #58457 - CC-01
Merc Unimog ★ #58414 - CR-01
Merc Unimog ★ #58557 - CW-01
Midnight Pumpkin ★ #58070 - ABS (1:12)
Mid Pmp CMS ★ #58365 - CW-01 (1:12)
Mid Pmp - Blk Ed ★ #58547 - CW-01 (1:12)
Mitsu Montero Wheelie ★ #58499 - Frame
Monster Beetle ★ #58060 - ORV
Monster Beetle 2015 ★ #58618 - ORV
Mountaineer ★ #58111 - Ladder Frame
Mud Blaster ★ #58077 - ORV
Mud Blaster II ★ #58514 - WR-01
Rock Socker Truck ★ #58592 - CR-01
Super Blackfoot ★ #58110 - ORV
Super Clod Buster ★ #58321 - Bathtub
Super Clod Buster ★ #58518 - Bathtub
Super Clod Buster Chrm ★ #58423 - Btub
Suzuki Jimny (SJ30) Whl ★ #58531 - WR-02
Suzuki Jimny (SJ30) Blu ★ #58576 - WR-02
Toyota Bruiser ★ #58519 - Ladder Frame
Tyt Land Cruiser 40 ★ #58405 - CR-01
Tyt Land Crsr 40 ★ #58589 - GF-01 (1:12)
Tractor Kumamon Ver ★ #58601 - WR-02G
Tumbling Bull ★ #58586 - WR-02G
Tundra High-Lift ★ #58415 - Ladder Frm
Twin Detonator ★ #58309 - WR-01
TXT-1 ★ #58280 - Ladder Frame
VW Amarok Custom Lift ★ #58603 - WT-01
VW Typ 2 Whlie (T1) ★ #58512 - WR-2 (1:12)

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1/12 Scale Electric Monster Trucks:

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1/15 - 1/16 Scale Electric Monster Trucks:

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1/18 Scale Electric Monster Trucks:

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Nitro Monster Trucks

Nitro Monster Trucks:
By Scale:

Nitro Monster Truck

1/5 Scale Nitro Monster Trucks:

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1/6 Scale Monster Trucks:

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1/8 Scale Nitro Monster Trucks:

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1/10 Scale Nitro Monster Trucks:

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1/12 Scale Nitro Monster Trucks:

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1/16 Scale Nitro Monster Trucks:

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1/18 Scale Nitro Monster Trucks:

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★ Radio Controlled Model Accessories: ★
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Nitro Engines
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Body Shells
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General Information and Advice

   For those starting in Radio Controlled Racing, here are a few Hints and Tips: Firstly, buy a Kit not an RTR. That way, if something breaks you will have some idea how to fix it.

   Radio Controlled Model Cars are very fragile and easily broken. The main parts to protect are the Front Wishbones, Suspension Shock Towers, Dampers, Hub Carriers, Kingpins, Uprights and Toe in Blocks, so make sure you have a good strong front bumper and Lexan or Fiberglas Body Shell, and if available for your model, a protective under tray, to prevent grit and dust getting into any moving parts.

   The Steering Servo is also a weakness in high speed crash situations, so get yourself some good strong Servo Mount and Servo Saver. Also I would recommend Titanium Shafts, Turnbuckles, Tie Rods and pivot/steering shafts and if available for your model, lightweight Titanium Drive shafts, dog bones and CVD (Constant Velocity Drives). The standard steel types are far too easily bent.

   Gearing is another problem area on RC model cars. Head on collisions can easily break off gear teeth on Nylon/Plastic Spur Gears, and even Bevel Gears inside the Gearbox. Heavy impacts can also loosen nuts and self taping screws that hold the Motor in Position, allowing the Pinion Gear to pull out of mesh slightly and rip the tops of the teeth on your Spur Gear. To avoid this to some degree, fit locking nuts, and a new motor mount from time to time, so the self taping screws that hold the motor in position have less chance to come loose.

   Ball joints always cause problems. For top level Radio Controlled model car racing, the plastic ball connectors should be checked and if deemed necessary changed after every meeting. A simple thing like a loose fitting connector becoming loose could easily end your race, so better safe than sorry.

   Many New car kits come with Nylon and Sintered Brass Ring type bearings. My advice is to discard these before initial installation, and buy a good Hop-up set of Shielded Steel Ball Bearings. Or if you are serious about your racing, Teflon or Ceramic Bearings.

   One final piece of advice about the Setup of your Car. Keep the Centre of Gravity as low as possible. Ride Height is all important. For On Road Drift/Touring cars the Ride Height should be no more than 5mm, for Buggys, Trucks, Truggys and Monster Trucks, as low as possible depending on the track conditions. If Body Roll is a problem, handling can be improved with the use of Stabilizers, Anti roll or Sway Bars, stiffer Tuning Springs and, or thicker Silicon Oil in the Dampers. Also find somewhere to mount the Transponder as low in the Chassis as possible.

For Car Setup Information check out our Hints and Tips page.

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