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Nitro Buggys

1/8 Scale
Nitro Buggys

Radio (Remote) Control Models
Electric Buggy
  Each of the Radio Controlled Models linked and listed below, provides information concerning the year of manufacture, any history, a basic description of its construction and a number of chassis and bodyshell images, to help you identify your iconic vintage model.

  You have the option of searching by model type, or manufacturer / distributor (links towards the bottom of the page).

★ List of 1/8 Scale Nitro Buggys: ★

Acme Attacker
Acme Warrior
Acme Warrior Pro
Agama A215
Agama A8 Evo
Agama A8 Evo FR Cup
Agama A8 Evo SP
Ansmann Deuce-N
Ansmann Vapor
Ansmann Vapor 2
Ansmann Vapor Pro
Ansmann Virus
Ansmann Virus 2.0
Ansmann Virus 2 Big Block
Ansmann Virus 3.0
Ansmann X8 - Buggy
Associated RC8 FT
Associated RC8.2
Associated RC8.2 FT
Associated RC8B
Associated RC8RS
Carson CNB Nitro Buggy
Carson Spctr-2-Sp Bausatz
Carson Specter II Pro V36
Carson Specter Two Sport
Carson Spctr-2 Sp-Pro V25
Carson Specter Two V21
Carson Specter X8 V25 & V36
Carson V-Line Spctr-2 V32
Carson Virus 4.0 V21
CEN Dirt Striker
CEN iMatrix 8
CEN Matrix C-1
CEN Matrix R2
CEN Matrix R3
Durango DNX408
Durango DNX408 v2
Duratrax 835B
Duratrax Axis
Duratrax Raze
FS Racing Focus
FS Racing Focus 9
FS Racing Focus 9S
GS Racing Avenger
GS Rcng Avenger Storm Mk II
GS Racing CLX
GS Racing Storm CL-1
GS Racing Storm CL-1 Pro
GS Racing Storm CLX Pro
GS Racing Storm Evo
GS Racing Storm Evo 25
HBX Rattlesnake
Himoto Black Bird
Himoto Firestone
Himoto Firestorm
Himoto RXB-1
Himoto Torpeda
Himoto Torpeda Pro
Hirobo Thunder Buggy
Hirobo New Rusher 8
Hirobo Rusher 8
Hobao Hyper 7
Hobao Hyper 7.5
Hobao Hyper 7 TQ
Hobao Hyper 8
Hobao Hyper 8.5
Hobao Hyper 9
Hobao Hyper Cage Buggy
Hobao Hyper PBS
Hobao Hyper SS
Hobao Hyper Star
Hong Nor Ultra LX-1
Hong Nor Ultra LX-2
Hong Nor Violator 9.5
Hong Nor X1X-CR
Hong Nor X1-CR
Hong Nor X1-CR Pro

Hong Nor X2-CR
Hong Nor X2-CR Pro
Hong Nor X2-CRB Pro
Hong Nor X3-Sabre
Hong Nor X3-Sabre 2.0
Hot Bodies CR8 Neo-Buggy
Hot Bodies D8
HB D8 Hara Edition
Hot Bodies D812
HB Lightning 2 RR
HB Lightning 2 Pro
HB Lightning 2 Pro Evo
HB Lightning 2 Sport
HPI Pulse 4.6
HPI Trophy
HPI Trophy 3.5
HSP Bazooka
HSP Camper
HSP Camper NB2
HSP Camper Pro
Jamara Ultra LX-One BB
Jamara Ultra LX-One RR
Jamara Ultra LX2 BB
Jamara X1X-CR
Jamara X2-CR Pro
Jamara X3 Sabre Pro
Kyosho Baja California
Kyosho Burns
Kyosho Burns DX (2WD/4WD)
Kyosho C-20 Baja Body (Graupner)
Kyosho C-20 Rowdy Baja
Kyosho Circuit Buggy
Kyosho Dash III
Kyosho Impacta Baja
Kyosho Inferno
Kyosho Inferno DX
Kyosho Inferno DX 2
Kyosho Inferno MP-5
Kyosho Inferno MP-6
Kyosho Inferno MP-7.5
Ky Inferno MP-7.5 Kanai Ed
Ky Inferno MP-7.5 Kanai Ed II
Ky Inferno MP-7.5 Kanai Ed III
Kyo Inferno MP-7.5 Sports
Kyo Inferno MP-7.5 Sports 2
Kyo Inferno MP-7.5 Sports 3
Kyo Inferno MP-7.5 Sports 4
Kyosho Inferno MP-777
Kyo Inferno MP-777 Spl 1
Kyo Inferno MP-777 Spl 2
Kyosho Inferno MP-9
Kyosho Inferno MP-9 TKI
Kyosho Inferno MP-9 TKI-2
Kyosho Inferno MP-9 TKI-3
Kyosho Inferno Neo
Kyosho Inferno Neo 2.0
Kyosho Inferno Neo RS
Kyo Inferno US Sports
Kyo Inferno US Sports 2
Kyosho LandJump
Kyosho Landjump Integra
Kyosho Mint Las Vegas
Kyosho Presto
Kyosho Racing Baja
Kyosho Rowdy Baja
Kyosho RX 100
Kyosho Scorpion B-XXL GP
Kyosho Scorpion XXL GP
Kyosho Turbo Burns
Kyosho Turbo Inferno
Kyosho Vanning
Losi 8IGHT 2.0
Losi 8IGHT 2.0 EC
Losi 8ight 3.0
Losi 810
LRP S8 BX Team

LRP S8 Rebel BX
Mardave Marauder
Mugen Athlete
Mugen MBX-4
Mugen MBX-4 RR
Mugen MBX-4 XR
Mugen MBX-5
Mugen MBX-5R
Mugen MBX-6
Mugen MBX-6R
Mugen MBX-6R EU
Mugen MBX-6R US
Mugen MBX-6 M-Spec
Mugen MBX-7
Mugen Sport
Mugen Sport Seven
Mugen Super Athlete
Mugen Super Sport
Ofna 9.5 Violator
Ofna Buggy-8 Nitro
Ofna Hyper 7
Ofna Hyper 7 PBS
Ofna Hyper 7 TQ Sport
Ofna Hyper 8
Ofna Hyper 8.5 Pro
Ofna Hyper 8.5x
Ofna Hyper 9
Ofna Hyper 9 2.0
Ofna Hyper SS
Ofna Hyper SS Cage
Ofna Hyper Star
Ofna Hyper Star Pro
Ofna Jammin X1X
Ofna Jammin X2 CR
Ofna Picco Off Road
Ofna Ravager
Ofna Ultra LX1
Ofna Ultra LX2
Ofna Ultra MBX
Ofna X3 Sabre
Redcat Backdraft 3.5
Redcat Hurricane XTR
Robitronic Protos
Robitronic Protos V2
Schumacher Swift
Seben BV3
Seben BV5 Baja
Serpent Cobra 811
Serpent Cobra 811 Sport
Serpent Cobra 811 TE
Serpent Cobra 811 2.0
Smartech Berserk
Smartech Ciron
Smartech Vanguard Sports
Sportwerks Mayhem
Sportwerks Turmoil
Tamiya TRF801X
Team Magic B8-RS
Team Magic M1-B
Team Magic M1-B-Turbo
Team Magic M8-JR
T Tiger Challenger 83
Thunder Tiger EB-4 S2
T Tiger EB-4 S2 Pro
T Tiger EB-4 S2.5 FF
T Tiger EB-4 S2.5 Pro
Thunder Tiger EB-4 S3
T Tiger EB-4 S3 Pro
Thunder Tiger Hurricane
Thunder Tiger Jaguar
T Tiger Mirage V-Spec
T Tiger Silver Fox
Xray XB808 - 2008
Xray XB8
Xray XB808 - 2009
Xray XB9

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