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Nitro/Gas Engine
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Profi Gas/Nitro Engines

Parts and Spares for Radio (Remote) Control Models
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★ How To Hints and Tips: ★
  Learn how to Set-up your Radio Controlled model Car like the Professionals with our easy to follow, Step-by-Step list.
  Our simple guide explains run in and what to look for as you tune the Nitro Engine for your RC Model.   Learn how to avoid Radio interference, and Servo Twitch. Find out how to get the best from your Bearings with a few common sense hints and tips.

★★ Nitro Engines by Size: ★★
cc = Cubic Centimeters.      ci = Cubic Inches.
0.82 - 1.5cc
(.05 - .09 ci)

2.1cc (.12 ci)
2.5cc (.15 ci)
2.95cc (.18 ci)
3.3cc (.20 ci)
3.5cc (.21 ci)
4.1cc (.25 ci)
4.3cc (.26 ci)
4.6cc (.28 ci)
5.0cc (.30 ci)
6.5cc (.40 ci)
7.5cc (.45 ci)
10cc (.60 ci)
15cc (.90 ci)
20cc (1.20 ci)
26cc (1.60 ci)
30cc (1.80 ci)
35cc (2.14 ci)
40cc (2.4 ci)

★ Radio Controlled Model Accessories: For Sale: ★
Exhaust - Tail Pipes
Tail Pipes
Fuel Tanks
Fuel Tanks
Glow Plugs
Glow Plugs
Engine Bearings and Bearing Sets
Engine Bearings
Engine Kill Switch
Kill Switch
Spur Gears
Spur Gears
Nitro Fuel
Nitro Fuel
Gas/Nitro Engines
Nitro Engines (General)
Pinion Gears
Pinion Gears
Radio Transmitters etc
Radio Equipment

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USA USA UK UK Australia AUS Canada CAN En venta en Espana ES Ireland IRL

USA USA UK UK Australia AUS Canada CAN En venta en Espana ES Ireland IRL

USA USA UK UK Australia AUS Canada CAN En venta en Espana ES Ireland IRL

USA USA UK UK Australia AUS Canada CAN En venta en Espana ES Ireland IRL

USA USA UK UK Australia AUS Canada CAN For Sale in Espana ES Ireland IRL

USA USA UK UK Australia AUS Canada CAN En venta en Espana ES Ireland IRL

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★ Radio Controlled Model Accessories: ★
Gas/Nitro Engines
Nitro Engines
Bearings and Bearing Sets
Body Shells - Touring, Buggy, Truck, Monster Truck - Painted and Unpainted
Body Shells
Radio Transmitters etc
Radio Equipment
Tires - Touring, Buggy, Truck, Monster Truck, Rock Crawler
Wheels/Rims - Touring, Buggy, Truck, Monster Truck, Rock Crawler
Electronic Speed Controllers
Battery Packs
Batteries + Chargers
Electric Motors
Electric Motors

Hints and Tips

Radio Gear

How to avoid Interference.

1/  The first consideration when installing your Receiver into your Electrically Powered Model is to make sure it is well away from the Negative Battery terminal, and the Motor. The Magnetic field can cause stuttering type interference at times of high current draw (i.e., Fast Acceleration)

2/  Make sure the Ariel tube is long enough for the Ariel wire. The tip of this wire is highly sensitive and should be as high, and as far away from the Motor as possible (yup, its that magnetic field prob again)

3/  If all else fails, a simple tip that often works for all RC Model enthusiasts is to wrap the receiver in Aluminium Foil, to shield against any magnetic and external radio interference.

4/  As a last resort, to protect against servo twitch, try ferrite beads. (available at Radio Shack or Maplins) These are threaded over the red, white (or yellow) and black wires of each servo.

5/  If you are using a FET Servo, the installation of a choke (a small electrical component) in the positive feed wire will smooth out any current spikes and reduce the possibility of "servo twitch".

6/  Another thing you might try is a "glitch buster" or "stutter stopper". Basically, this is a capacitor that simply plugs into your Radio Receiver and attempts to keep a level voltage supply to the Radio system.

For More Setup Information check out my Hints and Tips page.

Hints and Tips

Gas / Nitro Engines

1/   New RC Gas Engines need running or "breaking" in before being used competitively. 2 or 3 tanks of fuel are usually enough, but don't over rev the engine and try to keep it cool, below 160 degrees F (71 degrees C)

2/   To maximise your RC Gas engines power reduce air leaks as much as possible by using silicone sealant or high temperature gaskets where the carburettor and the exhaust manifold joins the engine block.

3/   As a rule, try to keep your engine temperature at around 210 F (99 C) and no higher than 225 degrees F (107 degrees C). If your engine temperature is higher than 225 F (107 C) try tweaking the mixture a little richer. If too cool (below 200 degrees F (93 degrees C)) tweak the mixture a little leaner.

Tell Tale Signs of a Lean burning engine.

1/   The engine dies at full throttle, or while simply idling.

2/   The Glow Plug element is white.

3/   The engine overheats (above 225 degrees F (107 degrees C))

Tell Tale Signs of a Rich burning engine.

1/   Blue smoke from the exhaust (tail) pipe.

2/   The smell of fuel from the exhaust (tail) pipe.

3/   Engine temperature below 200 degrees F (93 degrees C)

For More Setup Information check out my Hints and Tips page.

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