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Tamiya Monster Buggy
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Radio Controlled Models and Parts: Sitemap

★★ Models and Accessories: ★★
Model Types
Model Types:
Electronic Speed Controllers

Brushless Motors
Motor Accessories:
Tires - Touring, Buggy, Truck, Monster Truck, Rock Crawler
Wheels and Tires:
Radio Transmitters etc
Radio Equipment:
Battery Packs

Gas/Nitro Engines
Engines and Parts:
Spur Gears
General RC Items:

★★ Model Scale Lists: ★★

Nitro Buggys
1/5 Scale Nitro
1/6 Scale Nitro
1/8 Scale Nitro
1/10 Scale Nitro
1/16 Scale Nitro

Electric Buggys
1/5 - 1/6 Elec
1/8 Scale Elec
1/10 Scale Elec
1/16 Scale Elec
1/18 Scale Elec


Nitro Monster Trucks
1/5 Scale Nitro
1/6 Scale Nitro
1/8 Scale Nitro
1/10 Scale Nitro
1/12 Scale Nitro
1/16 Scale Nitro
1/18 Scale Nitro

Electric Monster Trucks
1/5 - 1/6 Elec
1/8 Scale Elec
1/10 Scale Elec
1/12 Scale Elec
1/16 Scale Elec
1/18 Scale Elec
Rock Crawlers

RC Nitro Trucks
1/5 Scale Nitro
1/6 Scale Nitro
1/8 Scale Nitro
1/10 Scale Nitro
1/12 Scale Nitro
1/16 Scale Nitro
1/18 Scale Nitro

RC Electric Truck
1/5 - 1/6 Elec
1/8 Scale Elec
1/10 Scale Elec
1/12 Scale Elec
1/16 Scale Elec
1/18 Scale Elec
On Road:

Nitro RC Touring Car
1/5 Scale Nitro
1/8 Scale Nitro
1/9 Scale Nitro
1/10 Scale Nitro
1/16 Scale Nitro
On Road:

Electric RC Touring Cars
1/5 - 1/6 Elec
1/8 Scale Elec
1/10 Scale Elec
1/12 Scale Elec
1/14 Scale Elec
1/16 Scale Elec
1/18 Scale Elec
Formula One

★★ Tamiya Model and Chassis Lists: ★★
A to Z or By Number
Tamiya F1
★ Formula One ★
Tamiya Le Mans
★ Le Mans ★
Tamiya Complete
★ Tamiya Complete ★
Tamiya M Chassis
★ M Chassis ★
Tamiya Off Road
★ Off Road ★
Tamiya WRC Car
★ WRC ★
Tamiya Off Road Chassis Types
★ Off Road Chassis ★
Tamiya F1/Le Mans Chassis Types
★ F1/LM Chassis ★
Tamiya On Road Chassis Types
★ On Road Chassis ★
Tamiya Touring Car
★ Touring/Drift ★

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^ TOP ^    RC Nitro Trucks    RC Model Airplanes

RC Model Types (General)

RC Model Helicopters    RC Model Boats/Ships    ^ TOP ^
Control Line Airplanes
Drift Cars
Formula One
Go Karts
Indy Cars
Jet Models
Micro Models
Monster Trucks
Oval Cars
Pan Cars
Rally Cars
Rock Crawlers
Sedan Cars
Ship Models
Stock Cars
Stunt Cars
Touring Cars
WRC Cars

^ TOP ^                    RC Model Boats/Ships

RC Model Boats and Ships

Radio Controlled Boats/Ships                    ^ TOP ^
Aircraft Carriers
Fishing Boats
Jet Boats
Life Boats
Paddle Boats
Pirate Ships
Power Boats
Racing Boats
Sailing Boats
Speed Boats
Steam Boats
Torpedo Boats
Tug Boats

^ TOP ^                    RC Electric Truck

RC Model Car Manufacturers

Nitro RC Touring Car                    ^ TOP ^
ABC Hobby
Acme Racing
Agama Racing
Atomic RC
BSD Racing
Caster Racing
Custom Works
ECX - Electrix
Exceed RC
FG Modellsport
Heng Long
Himoto Racing
Hot Bodies
JQ Products
MCD Racing
New Bright
Redcat Racing
Tamiya - Electric
Tamiya - Nitro
Team C Racing
Team Magic
Thunder Tiger
Top Racing
Vaterra RC
VRX Racing
Yankee RC
ZD Racing

^ TOP ^                    RC Model Airplanes

RC Model Airplane Manufacturers

RC Model Airplanes                    ^ TOP ^
Gee Bee
Great Airplanes
Hangar 9
Hobby Zone
Master Airscrew
Nine Eagles
Top Flite

^ TOP ^                    RC Model Helicopters

RC Model Helicopter Manufacturers

RC Model Helicopters                    ^ TOP ^
Air Hogs
Century Hawk
Nine Eagles
Qing Song (QS)
Thunder Tiger
WL Toys
World Tech Toys

^ TOP ^                    Radio Controlled Boats/Ships

RC Model Boat/Ship Manufacturers

RC Model Boats/Ships                    ^ TOP ^
Double Horse
Hobby Hot
New Bright
Thunder Tiger

^ TOP ^    Radio/Receiver Tx/Rx Crystal Sets    Radio Transmitters etc

RC Model
Radio Equipment

Radio Receivers    Servos    ^ TOP ^

2-Channel Radio
3-Channel Radio
4-Channel Radio
5-Channel Radio
Multi Channel

6-Channel Radio
7-Channel Radio
8-Channel Radio
9-Channel Radio

10-Channel Radio
11-Channel Radio
12-Channel Radio
14-Channel Radio

2-Channel Receiver
3-Channel Receiver
4-Channel Receiver
5-Channel Receiver
Multi Channel

6-Channel Receiver
7-Channel Receiver
8-Channel Receiver
9-Channel Receiver

10-Channel Receiver
11-Channel Receiver
12-Channel Receiver
14-Channel Receiver

Ace Servos
Acoms Servos
Aero-Sport Servos
Airtronics Servos
Align Servos
Ansmann Servos
Art-Tech Servos
Associated Servos
Axial Servos
Batan Servos
Blue Bird Servos
Cirrus Servos
Corona Servos
CYS Servos
Dymond Servos
Dynam Servos

DYS Servos
ECX Electrix Servos
E-Flite Servos
Electrifly Servos
Emax Servos
Esky Servos
Eurgle Servos
Expert Servos
Feetech Servos
Flyzone Servos
Futaba Servos
Graupner Servos
GWS Servos
Heli-Max Servos
Henge Servos
Hextronik Servos


Hitec Servos
Hobbico Servos
HobbyKing Servos
HPI Servos
Hyperion Servos
Integy Servos
JR Servos
KDS Servos
KO Servos
Kraft Servos
KST Servos
Kyosho Servos
Losi Servos
Megatech Servos
MKS Servos
Modelcraft Servos
Multiplex Servos

Mystery Servos
Ofna Servos
Outrage Servos
Parkzone Servos
Power HD Servos
Raiden Servos
RCS Servos
Reely Servos
Ripmax Servos
Robbe Servos
Sanwa Servos
Savox Servos
Scanner RC Servos
Seiko Servos
Spektrum Servos
SpringRC Servos

Tactic Servos
Tamiya Servos
Team Orion Servos
Tower Hobbies Servos
TowerPro Servos
Traxxas Servos
Turborix Servos
Turnigy Servos
Venom Servos
Volz Servos
Walkera Servos
Waypoint Servos
XQ Power Servos
Xtra Speed Servos
Yeah Racing Servos
Zebra Servos

^ TOP ^    Radio/Receiver Tx/Rx Crystal Sets    Radio Transmitters etc

RC Model
Radio Manufacturers

Radio Receivers    Servos    ^ TOP ^
ACE Radio
Acoms Radio
Airtronics Radio
Ansmann Radio
Associated Radio
Axial Radio
Carisma Radio
Carson Radio
Dynam Radio
ECX Radio
E-Flite Radio
Esky Radio
Eurgle Radio
Exceed Radio
Expert Radio
Flysky Radio
Futaba Radio
Graupner Radio
GWS Radio
Heathkit Radio
Heli-Max Radio
Hitec Radio
HobbyKing Radio
HobbyZone Radio
HPI Radio
Hype Radio
Jamara Radio
JR Radio
KDS Radio
KO Radio
Kraft Radio
Kyosho Radio
Losi Radio
LRP Radio
Maverick Radio
Megatech Radio
Modelcraft Radio
Multiplex Radio
Ofna Radio
Parkzone Radio
Pro-Boat Radio
Radiopost Radio
Redcat Racing Radio
Revell Radio
Ripmax Radio
Robbe Radio
Spektrum Radio
SpringRC Radio
Tactic Radio
Tamiya Radio
Tower Hobbies Radio
Traxxas Radio
Turnigy Radio
Venom Radio
Walkera Radio
Wfly Radio
WLtoys Radio

^ TOP ^                    Electronic Speed Controllers

Electronic Speed Controller Manufacturers

Electronic Speed Controllers                    ^ TOP ^
Aeolian ESC
Align ESC
Amewi ESC
Ansmann ESC
Aquacraft ESC
Arrma ESC
Arrowind ESC
Associated ESC
Atomik ESC
Axial ESC
Beeman ESC
Carisma ESC
Carson ESC
Castle Creations ESC
Cobra ESC
Copter-X ESC
Duratrax ESC
Dynam ESC
Dynamite ESC
E-Flite ESC
E-Hobby ESC
Electrifly ESC
Emax ESC
Etronix ESC
FlightPower ESC
Futaba ESC
Genesis ESC
Heli-Max ESC
HiForce ESC
Hobbyking ESC
Hobbywing ESC
Inix ESC
iPeaka ESC
Jeti Model ESC
J Perkins ESC
JR Racing ESC
Kontronik ESC
Kyosho ESC
Lan Yu ESC
Leopard ESC
Losi ESC
Maytech ESC
Moped ESC
Mtroniks ESC
Muchmore ESC
Multiplex ESC
Mystery ESC
Nosram ESC
Novak ESC
Novatech ESC
Orca ESC
Oversky ESC
ParkZone ESC
Power-HD ESC
Powermaster ESC
ProBoat ESC
Qidi ESC
RC Hobbies ESC
RC-Timer ESC
Redcat Racing ESC
Ripmax ESC
Robitronic ESC
Sanwa ESC
Scorpion ESC
Speed Passion ESC
Supertigre ESC
Tamiya ESC
Team Orion ESC
Tekin ESC
TrakPower ESC
Traxxas ESC
Turbojet ESC
Turborix ESC
Turnigy ESC
Ultrafly ESC
Viper ESC
Walkera ESC
X-Racing ESC
X-Wing ESC
Yeah Racing ESC
Yuki Model ESC

★★ ESC by Current (Amp) Rating - All Manufacturers: ★★
5 Amp ESC
10 Amp ESC
12 Amp ESC
15 Amp ESC
20 Amp ESC
25 Amp ESC
30 Amp ESC
35 Amp ESC
40 Amp ESC
45 Amp ESC
50 Amp ESC
55 Amp ESC
60 Amp ESC
70 Amp ESC
80 Amp ESC
90 Amp ESC
100 Amp ESC
110 Amp ESC
120 Amp ESC
130 Amp ESC
140 Amp ESC
150 Amp ESC
160 Amp ESC
170 Amp ESC
180 Amp ESC
200 Amp ESC
240 Amp ESC
300 Amp ESC
320 Amp ESC
340 Amp ESC

^ TOP ^                    Battery Packs

Batteries, Chargers
Battery Packs
And Manufacturers

Battery Chargers                    ^ TOP ^
Align Batteries
Ansmann Batteries
Associated Batteries
Cappu Batteries
Carson Batteries
Corally Batteries
Core RC Batteries
Coyote Batteries
CRC Batteries
Duratrax Batteries
Dynamite Batteries
EC Power Batteries
E-Flite Batteries
Energy Pro Batteries
Esky Batteries
Eurgle Batteries
Firefox Batteries
Flame Batteries
Flowerpower Batteries
Fusion Batteries
Futaba Batteries
Gens Ace Batteries
Great Planes Batteries
Heng Long Batteries
Hobbico Batteries
Hobbyfans Batteries
Hobbymix Batteries
Hobbyzone Batteries
HPI Batteries
Hyperion Batteries
Integy Batteries
Intellect Batteries
Jamara Batteries
Kyosho Batteries
Lectron Batteries
Losi Batteries
LRP Batteries
Mardave Batteries
Maxamps Batteries
Maxforce Batteries
MTroniks Batteries
Muchmore Batteries
Mystery Batteries
New Bright Batteries
Nikko Batteries
Nitro Power Batteries
Ofna Batteries
ORCA Batteries
Overlander Batteries
Panasonic Batteries
Parkzone Batteries
Parrot Batteries
Polyquest Batteries
Protek Batteries
Racers Edge Batteries
RC Lab Batteries
RCS Batteries
Redcat Racing Batteries
Reedy Batteries
Revell Batteries
Ripmax Batteries
Robitronic Batteries
Sanyo Batteries
Schumacher Batteries
SMC Batteries
Speed Passion Batteries
Spektrum Batteries
Storm Batteries
Syma Batteries
Tamiya Batteries
Team Orion Batteries
Team Zombie Batteries
Tenergy Batteries
Thunder Power Batteries
TIC Racing Batteries
Traxxas Batteries
Trinity Batteries
Turborix Batteries
Turnigy Batteries
Ultrafire Batteries
Vapex Batteries
Venom Batteries
Walkera Batteries
Wincell Batteries
Yokomo Batteries
Yuntong Batteries
Zippy Batteries

Align Chargers
Ansmann Chargers
Associated Chargers
Atomik Chargers
Bantam Chargers
Carson Chargers
Detrum Chargers
Duratrax Chargers
Dynamite Chargers
E-Flite Chargers
E-Sky Chargers
Etronix Chargers
Fusion Chargers
Futaba Chargers
Great Planes Chargers
GT Power Chargers
Hitec Chargers
Hobbico Chargers
HobbyKing Chargers
HobbyZone Chargers
HPI Chargers
Hyperion Chargers
IMAX Chargers
Integy Chargers
Kyosho Chargers
Losi Chargers
LRP Chargers
Maxpro Chargers
MRC Chargers
MTroniks Chargers
Mystery Chargers
New Bright Chargers
Nikko Chargers
Ofna Chargers
Orion Chargers
Parkzone Chargers
Prolux Chargers
Pro Peak Chargers
Racers Edge Chargers
Radio Shack Chargers
Ripmax Chargers
Robitronic Chargers
Schumacher Chargers
Syma Chargers
Tamco Chargers
Tamiya Chargers
Tekin Chargers
Tenergy Chargers
Thunder Power
Tiger Wing Chargers
Tower Hobbies
Traxxas Chargers
Turnigy Chargers
Venom Chargers

900mah Batteries
1200mah Batteries
1400mah Batteries
1500mah Batteries
1800mah Batteries
2000mah Batteries
2200mah Batteries
2800mah Batteries
3000mah Batteries
3800mah Batteries
4000mah Batteries
4200mah Batteries
4500mah Batteries
5000mah Batteries
6000mah Batteries
6800mah Batteries

Transmitter Batteries
Receiver Batteries
Hardcase Batteries
Glow Starter Batteries
Battery Analyzer
Battery Heatshrink
Fireproof Battery Bags
Battery Straps
Battery Wire
Battery Chargers
Battery Dischargers
Battery Connectors
Battery Heatsinks
Battery Jigs
Voltage Indicators
Glow Starter Chargers
Peak Chargers
Ni-Cad Chargers
Ni-Mh Chargers
Li-Po Chargers
Li-Fe Chargers
Balance Chargers
Trickle Chargers
AC Chargers
DC Chargers
AC/DC Chargers
USB Chargers
Quick Chargers
Hump Pack
Saddle Pack
Stick Pack
AA Batteries
AAA Batteries
★★ Batteries by Type and Voltage: ★★
Ni-Cd Batteries
Ni-Mh Batteries
Li-Po Batteries
Li-Fe Batteries
1.2v Ni-Cd
4.8v Ni-Cd
6v Ni-Cd
7.2v Ni-Cd
8.4v Ni-Cd
9.6v Ni-Cd
1.2v Ni-Mh
4.8v Ni-Mh
6v Ni-Mh
7.2v Ni-Mh
8.4 Ni-Mh
9.6v Ni-Mh
10.8v Ni-Mh
12v Ni-Mh
3.7v Li-Po
7.4v Li-Po
11.1v Li-Po
14.8v Li-Po
18.5v Li-Po
22.2v Li-Po
25.9v Li-Po
29.6v Li-Po
33.3v Li-Po
37v Li-Po
3.3v Li-Fe
6.6v Li-Fe
9.9v Li-Fe

^ TOP ^                    540 Electric Motors

Electric Motors
And Manufacturers

Brushless Motors                    ^ TOP ^
Brushless Motors
Modified Motors
Stock Motors
Buggy Motors
27 Turn Motors
540 Motors
Airplane Motors
Helicopter Motors
Boat Motors
Marine Motors
Touring Car Motors
Truck Motors
Truggy Motors
COMM Lathes
Motor Heatsinks
Motor Armatures

★ Pinions Lists by DP, Module and Nº of Teeth: All Manufacturers: ★
24dp Pinion Gears
24 dp
32dp Pinion Gears
32 dp
48dp Pinion Gears
48 dp
64dp Pinion Gears
64 dp

0.4 Module Pinion Gears
0.4 Module
0.5 Module Pinion Gears
0.5 Module
0.6 Module Pinion Gears
0.6 Module
0.7 Module Pinion Gears
0.7 Module
0.8 Module Pinion Gears
0.8 Module
1.0 Module Pinion Gears
1.0 Module

★★ Motor Pinion Manufacturers: ★★
3Racing Pinions
Absima Pinions
Align Pinions
Ansmann Pinions
Answer-RC Pinions
ARRMA Pinions
Associated Pinions
Atomik Pinions
Axial Pinions
Calandra Pinions
Carson Pinions
Castle Creations Pinions
CEN Pinions
CopterX Pinions
Corally Pinions
CS Electronic Pinions
Durango Pinions
Duratrax Pinions
Dynamite Pinions
ECX Electrix Pinions
E-Flite Pinions
Electrifly Pinions
Esky Pinions
FG Pinions
Gmade Pinions
GM Racing Pinions
Golden Horizons Pinions
GPM Racing Pinions
Great-Planes Pinions
GS Racing Pinions
GWS Pinions
HBX Pinions
Heli-Max Pinions
Himoto Pinions
Hirosaka Pinions
Hobao Pinions
Hobbywing Pinions
Hong Nor Pinions
Hot Bodies Pinions
Hot-Racing Pinions
HPI Pinions
HSP Pinions
Integy Pinions
Jamara Pinions
Kawada Pinions
Kimbrough Pinions
Kyosho Pinions
Losi Pinions
LRP Pinions
Magic Pinions
Marui Pinions
Maverick Pinions
MIP Pinions
Muchmore Pinions
Mugen Pinions
Novak Pinions
Ofna Pinions
Parkzone Pinions
Power Racing Pinions
Precision Racing Pinions
Redcat Racing Pinions
Reely Pinions
RevCo Pinions
Robinson Racing Pinions
Robitronic Pinions
Schumacher Pinions
Serpent Pinions
Smartech Pinions
Sportwerks Pinions
Tamiya Pinions
Team Epic Pinions
Tekno Pinions
Thunder Tiger Pinions
TopCad Pinions
Traxxas Pinions
Trinity Pinions
UltraFlight Pinions
Venom Pinions
VP-Pro Pinions
Walkera Pinions
Xray Pinions
XTM Racing Pinions
Xtreme Pinions
Yeah Racing Pinions
Yokomo Pinions

★★ Motors By Turn - All Manufacturers: ★★
3.5 Turn
4 Turn
4.5 Turn
5 Turn
5.5 Turn
6 Turn
6.5 Turn
7 Turn
7.5 Turn
8 Turn
8.5 Turn
9 Turn
9.5 Turn
10 Turn
10.5 Turn
11 Turn
11.5 Turn
12 Turn
12.5 Turn
13 Turn
13.5 Turn
14 Turn
14.5 Turn
15 Turn
15.5 Turn
16 Turn
16.5 Turn
17 Turn
17.5 Turn
18 Turn
18.5 Turn
19 Turn
20 Turn
21 Turn
21.5 Turn
22 Turn
23 Turn
24 Turn
25 Turn
25.5 Turn
26 Turn
27 Turn
28 Turn
30 Turn
32 Turn
35 Turn
45 Turn
50 Turn
55 Turn
60 Turn
65 Turn
70 Turn
85 Turn

★★ Motors By Size - All Manufacturers: ★★
130 Motors
140 Motors
180 Motors
200 Motors
250 Motors
280 Motors
300 Motors
320 Motors
330 Motors
340 Motors
350 Motors
360 Motors
370 Motors
380 Motors
390 Motors
400 Motors
420 Motors
430 Motors
440 Motors
450 Motors
480 Motors
500 Motors
520 Motors
540 Motors
550 Motors
600 Motors
650 Motors
700 Motors
750 Motors
800 Motors
850 Motors
900 Motors

★★ Motor Manufacturers: ★★
Align Motors
Ansmann Motors
Arrma Motors
Associated Motors
Atomik Motors
AXI Motors
Carson Motors
Castle Creations Motors
Checkpoint Motors
Conrad Motors
CopterX Motors
Corally Motors
Demon Power Motors
Dualsky Motors
Duratrax Motors
Dynamite Motors
EC-Energy Motors
E-Express Motors
E-Flite Motors
Electrifly Motors
Emax Motors
EMGC Motors
Epic Motors
Esky Motors
Etronix Motors
Exceed Motors
EZrun Motors
Fantom Racing Motors
FlowerPower Motors
Flyzone Motors
Graupner Motors
Great Planes Motors
Hacker Motors
Heli-Max Motors
Himax Motors
Hobbico Motors
Hobbymate Motors
HobbyWing Motors
HobbyZone Motors
HPI Motors
HSP Motors
Hype Motors
Igarashi Motors
INIX Motors
Integy Motors
Jamara Motors
KMS Motors
Kyosho Motors
Leopard Motors
Losi Brushless Motors
Losi Brushed Motors
LRP Motors

^ TOP ^                    Exhaust/Tail Pipes

Gas/Nitro and Diesel Engines
Parts, Accessories
And Manufacturers

Gas/Nitro Engines                    ^ TOP ^
Engine Bearings
Exhaust/Tail Pipes
Fuel Tanks
Glow Plugs
Kill Switch
Airplane Engines
Boat Engines
Buggy Engines
Helicopter Engines
Marine Engines
Monster Truck Engines
Touring Car Engines
Truck Engines
Truggy Engines
Diesel Engines (General)
Gas/Nitro Engines (General)
Four Stroke Engines
Jet Engines
Water Cooled Engines
Wankel Engines

AE Reedy Engines
Align Engines
Allen Diesel Engines
Alpha Engines
Amco Engines
AMF Engines
Anderson Engines
Ansmann Engines
Arrow Racing Engines
Atwood Engines
Axial Engines
Barker Engines
Benno Schlosser Diesel
Bunch Diesel Engines
Cameron Engines
Carson Engines
CEN Engines
Chung-Yang Engines
CMB Engines
Cox Engines
CRRC Engines
Delong Engines
DLE Engines
Dooling Engines
Dremo Engines
Duratrax Engines
Dynamite Engines
ED Diesel Engines
Engel Engines
Enya Engines
ePacket Engines
Evolution Engines
FG Engines
Fox Engines
Frog Engines
Fuji Engines
Graupner Engines
HGK Engines
Hobao Engines
Hot Bodies Engines
HPI Engines
HSP Engines
Irvine Engines
Jammin Engines
Jen Engines
Johnson Engines
K&B Engines
Kemp Hawk Engines
Kratmo Engines
Kyosho Engines
Laser Engines
Losi Engines
LRP Engines
Magnum Engines
Marz Engines
Max Power Engines
McCoy Engines
Mds Engines
Megatech Engines
Mecoa Engines
Merco Engines
Mills Diesel Engines
MVVS Engines
Norvel Engines
Novarossi Engines
Ofna Engines
Ohlsson Rice Engines
OK-Cub Engines
OPS Engines
OS Engines
Paw Diesel Engines
Picco Engines
Pierce Engines
Pro-Boat Engines
Profi Engines
Quadra Engines
RB Concept Engines
RCMK Engines
Rivers Diesel Engines
Rovan Engines
Saito Engines
Sanye Engines
Schumacher Engines
Serpent Engines
SH Engines
Sirio Engines
Sket Engines
Sportwerks Engines
Super Cyclone Engines
Super Tigre Engines
Tamiya Engines
Team Orion Engines
Thunder Tiger Engines
Traxxas Engines
Veco Engines
Vertex Engines
Vivell Engines
Webra Engines
Werks Racing Engines
XTM Engines
YS Engines
Zenoah Engines

^ TOP ^                    Wheels/Rims - Touring, Buggy, Truck, Monster Truck, Rock Crawler

RC Model
Wheels/Rims, Tires
And Manufacturers

Tires - Touring, Buggy, Truck, Monster Truck, Rock Crawler                    ^ TOP ^
Buggy Tires
Buggy Wheels
Drift Car Tires
Drift Car Wheels
Alloy Wheels
Monster Truck Tires
Mnster Trck Wheels
Black Wheels
Touring Car Tires
Touring Car Wheels
Tractor Tires
Tractor Wheels
Chrome Wheels
Truck Tires
Truck Wheels
White Wheels
Truggy Tires
Truggy Wheels

★★ Tires by Type and Scale: ★★
Buggy Tires:
Buggy Tires
1/5 Scale
1/6 Scale
1/8 Scale
1/10 Scale
1/16 Scale
1/18 Scale
Buggy List
Monster Tires:
Monster Truck Tires
1/5 Scale
1/6 Scale
1/8 Scale
1/10 Scale
1/16 Scale
1/18 Scale
Monster Truck List
Crawler Tires:
Rock Crawler Tires

All Scales

Rock Crawler List
On Road Tires:
On Road Tires
1/5 Scale
1/8 Scale
1/10 Scale
1/12 Scale
1/16 Scale
1/18 Scale
On Road List
Truck Tires:
Truck - Truggy Tires
1/5 Scale
1/6 Scale
1/8 Scale
1/10 Scale
1/16 Scale
1/18 Scale
Truck/Truggy List

★★ Tires by Manufacturer: ★★
AKA Tires
Ansmann Tires
Associated Tires
Axial Tires
Bolink Tires
BRP Tires
Carson Tires
CEN Tires
Cmartlink Tires
Corally Tires
Durango Tires
Duratrax Tires
FG Tires
GRP Tires
HARM Tires
Himoto Tires
Hobao Tires
Hot Bodies Tires
HPI Tires
HSP Tires
IMEX Tires
Integy Tires
Jaco Tires
Jammin Tires
JConcepts Tires
Kyosho Tires
Losi Tires
LRP Tires
Mardave Tires
MCD Tires
Mugen Tires
Nikko Tires
Nosram Tires
Ofna Tires
Panther Tires
PMT Tires
Pro-Line Tires
Pro-Pulse Tires
Redcat Racing Tires
Robitronic Tires
Schumacher Tires
Serpent Tires
Smartech Tires
Sorex Tires
Sushi Tires
Tamiya Tires
Thunder Tiger Tires
Tmaxx Tires
Traxxas Tires
TRC Tires
Trinity Tires
Tourex Tires
Venom Tires
Xmods Tires
Xray Tires
XTM Tires
Yokomo Tires

★★ Wheels by Type and Scale: ★★
Buggy Wheels:
Buggy Wheels
1/5 Scale
1/6 Scale
1/8 Scale
1/10 Scale
1/16 Scale
1/18 Scale
Buggy List
Monster Wheels:
Monster Truck Wheels
1/5 Scale
1/6 Scale
1/8 Scale
1/10 Scale
1/16 Scale
1/18 Scale
Monster Truck List
Crawler Wheels:
Rock Crawler Wheels

All Scales

Rock Crawler List
On Road Wheels:
On Road Wheels
1/5 Scale
1/8 Scale
1/10 Scale
1/12 Scale
1/16 Scale
1/18 Scale
On Road List
Truck Wheels:
Truck - Truggy Wheels
1/5 Scale
1/6 Scale
1/8 Scale
1/10 Scale
1/16 Scale
1/18 Scale
Truck/Truggy List

★★ Wheels by Manufacturer: ★★
AKA Wheels
Ansmann Wheels
Associated Wheels
Axial Wheels
BRP Wheels
Carson Wheels
CEN Wheels
Cmartlink Wheels
Corally Wheels
Durango Wheels
Duratrax Wheels
FG Wheels
GRP Wheels
HARM Wheels
Himoto Wheels
Hobao Wheels
Hot Bodies Wheels
HPI Wheels
HSP Wheels
IMEX Wheels
Integy Wheels
Jammin Wheels
JConcepts Wheels
Kyosho Wheels
Losi Wheels
LRP Wheels
Mardave Wheels
MCD Wheels
Mugen Wheels
Nosram Wheels
Ofna Wheels
Panther Wheels
PMT Wheels
Pro-Line Wheels
Pro-Pulse Wheels
Redcat Racing Wheels
Schumacher Wheels
Serpent Wheels
Smartech Wheels
Sorex Wheels
Tamiya Wheels
Thunder Tiger Wheels
Tmaxx Wheels
Traxxas Wheels
Trinity Wheels
Venom Wheels
Xmods Wheels
Xray Wheels
XTM Wheels
Yokomo Wheels

Bearings and Bearing SetsSpur GearsTitanium Lightweight Parts for RC Models

RC Parts, Hop-Ups
And Manufacturers

RC Monster Truck Body ShellsShock Absorber/Damper SpringsBody Clips
Airplane Propellers
AMB Lap Counters
Boat Propellers
Bearings and Sets
Body Clips
Body Shells (General)
Decals (Stickers)
Heatsinks (General)
LED Lights
Minature Cameras
Pinion Gears
Shock Absorbers
Shock (Damper) Oil
Spur Gears
Titanium Parts
Tuning Springs
Truck Body Shells
Buggy Shells
Monster Shells
Touring Shells
Truck Shells
Truggy Shells

Spur Gears ★★ Spur (Main) Gear Manufacturers: ★★Spur Gears
3Racing Spurs
Absima Spurs
Agama Racing Spurs
Align Spurs
Ansmann Spurs
Associated Spurs
Atomik Spurs
Axial Spurs
Calandra Spurs
Carson Spurs
CEN Spurs
CopterX Spurs
Corally Spurs
Durango Spurs
Duratrax Spurs
ECX Electrix Spurs
E-Flite Spurs
Electrifly Spurs
Esky Spurs
FG Spurs
Golden Horizons Spurs
GPM Racing Spurs
Great-Planes Spurs
GS Racing Spurs
GWS Spurs
Heli-Max Spurs
Himoto Spurs
Hirosaka Spurs
Hobao Spurs
Hong Nor Spurs
Hot Bodies Spurs
Hot-Racing Spurs
HPI Spurs
HSP Spurs
Ikarus Spurs
Integy Spurs
Jamara Spurs
Jammin Spurs
JConcepts Spurs
Kawada Spurs
Kimbrough Spurs
Kyosho Spurs
Losi Spurs
LRP Spurs
Magic Spurs
Marui Spurs
Maverick Spurs
MicroHeli Spurs
MIP Spurs
MJX Spurs
Mugen Spurs
Ofna Spurs
Power Racing Spurs
Precision-Rcng Spurs
Proline Spurs
Redcat Racing Spurs
Reely Spurs
Robinson Racing Spurs
Robitronic Spurs
RW Racing Spurs
Schumacher Spurs
Serpent Spurs
Smartech Spurs
Sportwerks Spurs
STRC Spurs
Syma Spurs
Tamiya Spurs
Tekno Spurs
Thunder Tiger Spurs
Traxxas Spurs
Trinity Spurs
UltraFlight Spurs
Venom Spurs
Walkera Spurs
Xray Spurs
XTM Racing Spurs
Xtreme Spurs
Yokomo Spurs

Golden Horizons
Hardcore Racing
Thunder Power
Yeah Racing

Electric Buggys

Electric Buggys:
By Scale:

Electric Buggy

1/5 - 1/6 Scale Electric Buggys:

Carson Dirt Attack XXL
FG Buggy WB535E
FG Leopard 4E
FS Racing X5

Himoto Panthera
Himoto Super Buggy X5
HPI Baja 5B Flux
HSP Fable EB5

Redcat Rampage Chimera EP
Redcat Rampage XB-E
Redcat Shredder XB

^ TOP ^

1/8 Scale Electric Buggys:

Ansmann Deuce-E
Ansmann Vapor BL
Ansmann Virus 2 BL
Ansmann X8e
Associated RC8e
Associated RC8.2e
Associated RC8.2e FT
Associated RC8Be
Associated RC8Be FT
Carson Black Pirate 8 BL
Carson FY8 Dstryr Line 4S
Carson Specter Bl 6s
Carson Specter II Bl 4s
Carson Specter 2
Carson Specter Pro 4S
Carson Virus 4.0 Brushless
Carson X8EB Specter Bl 6S
CEN Dirt Striker-E
CEN Matrix R3-E
Durango DEX408
Durango DEX408 V2
Duratrax 835E
Duratrax DXR8-E
FS Racing E9
FS Racing E9.5
FS Racing EB-9
GS Racing CLXE
HBX IceFire XT
Himoto Shootout

Himoto Vega8 XB
Hobao Hyper 9e
Hobao Hyper Cage Buggy-e
Hobao Hyper SSe
Hobao Hyper Star-e
Hot Bodies Ve8
Hong Nor Nexx8
Hong Nor Ultra LX2e
Hong Nor X3 Sabre-e
HPI Apache C1 Flux
HPI Trophy Flux Buggy
HPI Vorza Flux
HPI Vorsa Flux HP
HSP Bazooka E9
HSP BT9.5 E9
HSP Plamet
HSP Planet
Jamara Nexx-8
Jamara Ultra E-BL
Jamara Ultra LX2-e
Jamara X2 CR-BL
Jamara X3 Sabre Pro
Kyosho Inferno VE
Kyosho MP9e
Kyosho MP9e TKI
Kyosho Scorpion XXL VE
Kyosho Ultima DB
Losi 8IGHT-E 2.0
Losi 8ight-E 3.0

LRP S8 BXe Team
LRP S8 Rebel BXe
Mugen MBX-6 Eco
Mugen MBX6E M-Spec Eco
New Bright Invader
New Bright Sabre
Ofna Buggy-8e
Ofna Hyper 9e
Ofna Hyper SSe
Ofna Hyper Star-e
Ofna Nexx-8
Ofna Ultra LX1e
Ofna Ultra LX2e
Ofna X3e Sabre
Redcat Backdraft 8E
Redcat Hurricane XTE
Redcat Mirage Sand Rail
Redcat Tsunami Sand Rail
Serpent Cobra 811 Be
Serpent Cobra 811 Be Sport
Serpent Cobra 811 Be 2.0
Team Magic B8-ER
Team Magic B8 NAGA
Team Magic M8-ER
Thunder Tiger EB-4 G3
Xray 808e
Xray XB9E

^ TOP ^

1/10 Scale Electric Buggys:

Ansmann Blizzard
Ansmann Blizzard Bl
Ansmann DNA
Ansmann Mad Monkey
Ansmann Mad Rat
Ansmnn Mad-Rat Brushless
Ansmann Master Smacker
Ansmnn Master Smacker Bl
Ansmann X-Pro
Ansmann X2
Ansmann X2c
Ansmann X2te
Ansmann X4
Ansmann X4te
Ansmann X4 Pro
Associated B3
Associated B4
Associated B4 FT
Associated B4.1
Associated B4.1 FT
Associated B4.2 FT
Associated B4.2 RS
Associated B44
Associated B44 FT
Associated B44.1
Associated B44.1 FT
Associated B44.2 FT
Associated B5 Team Kit
Associated B5M Team Kit
Associated RC10
Associated SC10B RS
Associated TQ10
Carson Dirt Warrior
Carson Dirt Warrior Sport
Carson e-Stormracer
Crsn e-Stormracer Extrm Bl
Carson FY10 Dstryr Line 2S
Carson Stormracer FD
CEN eMatrix 10-B
Durango DEX210
Durango DEX210 V2
Durango DEX410
Durango DEX410R
Durango DEX410 v3
Durango DEX410R v3
Durango DEX410 V4
Duratrax Evader EXB
FS Racing BL-4 Sport
FS Racing Blast
FS Racing Bolt
FS Racing Buggy-Pro
FS Racing EB-4
FS Racing Eline
FS Racing Hunter
FS Racing Whirlwind
HBX Challenger
HBX Max4
HBX Quakewave
HBX Rocket
HBX Rocket Pro
HBX Wild-Killer
Heng-Long Stuck-Up
Himoto Bashe
Himoto Desert XB10
Himoto Dirt Whip
Himoto MegaE 2WD Buggy
Himoto MegaE XB10
Himoto Tanto
Himoto Vega
Himoto Zmoto3
Himoto ZmotoZ3
Hobao Hyper H2
Hot-Bodies Cyclone D4
Hot-Bodies D413
HPI Brama 10B
HPI Cyber 10B
HSP Vortex
Jamara Crossbone
Jamara BL-2
Jamara Dakar Desert Buggy
Jamara General
Jamara Lightray
Jamara Lightray V2
Jamara Liquid
Jamara Major
Jamara Splinter

Kyosho Aero Streak
Kyosho Axxe Desert Buggy
Kyosho Beetle
Kyosho Cosmo
Kyosho DBX-VE
Kyosho DBX VE 2.0
Kyosho EP Fazer Kobra
Kyosho Gallop
Kyosho Gallop Mk II
Kyosho Icarus
Kyosho Javelin
Kyosho Lazer Alpha
Kyosho Lazer ZX
Kyosho Lazer ZX Sport
Kyosho Lazer ZXR
Kyosho Lazer ZXS
Kyosho Lazer ZX-5
Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 FS
Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 FS2
Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 FS2 SP
Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 SP
Kyosho Maxxum FF
Kyosho NeXXt
Kyosho Optima
Kyosho Optima Mid
Kyosho Optima Mid Custom
Kyosho Optima Mid Ctm Spl
Kyosho Optima Pro
Kyosho Outrage
Kyosho Pegasus
Kyosho Progress
Kyosho Pro-X
Kyosho Raider
Kyosho Raider Pro
Kyosho Rocky
Kyosho Sandmaster
Kyosho Salute
Kyosho Scorpion
Kyosho Shadow
Kyosho Super Bomber
Kyosho Tomahawk
Kyosho Triumph
Kyosho Turbo Optima
Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid
Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid SE
Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid Spl
Kyosho Turbo Raider
Kyosho Turbo Rocky
Kyosho Turbo Scorpion
Kyosho Turbo Ultima
Kyosho Ultima
Kyosho Ultima Pro
Kyosho Ultima RB Type R
Kyosho Ultima RB5
Kyosho Ultima RB5 SP2
Kyosho Ultima RB6
Kyosho Zaboon
Losi Junior Two
Losi JRX2
Losi JRX Pro
Losi JRX Pro SE
Losi TLR 22
Losi TLR 22 2.0
Losi TLR 22-4
Losi XX
Losi XX CR
Losi XX4
Losi XX4 Worlds Edition
Losi XXX
Losi XXX BK (BK1)
Losi XXX BK2
Losi XXX4
Losi XXX4 G+
LRP S10 Blast BX
LRP S10 Blast BX-2
LRP S10 Twister Buggy
Mardave Apache
Mardave Cobra
Mardave Meteor
Marui Galaxy
Marui Galaxy RS
Marui Hunter
Marui Ninja 4WD
Marui Samurai 4WD
Marui Shogun 4WD
Mugen Bulldog
Mugen Bulldog II
Redcat Caldera-XB-10E

Redcat Sandstorm Baja
Redcat Tornado EPX Pro
Redcat Twister XB
Redcat Twister XB Pro
Robitronic Stinger EB-1
Schumacher Bosscat
Schumacher Cat 2000
Schumacher Cat 2000 98
Schumacher Cat 2000 EC
Schumacher Cat 2000 SE
Schumacher Cat 3000
Schumacher Cat K1
Schumacher Cat K1 Aero
Schumacher Cat SWB
Schumacher Cat SX
Schumacher Cat SX2
Schumacher Cat SX3
Schu Cat SX3 Pro CF
Schumacher Cat SX3 S1
Schumacher Cat XLS
Schumacher Club 10
Schumacher Cougar
Schumacher Cougar 2
Schumacher Cougar 2000
Schu Cougar 2000 95
Schumacher Cougar KF
Schumacher Cougar KR
Schumacher Cougar SV
Schu Cougar SV Pro CF
Schumacher Cougar SVR
Schu Cougar SV Race S1
Schumacher Cougar SV2
Schumacher Fireblade
Schumacher Fireblade 2000
Schu Fireblade 2000 USA
Schumacher Fireblade Evo
Schu Fireblade Evo 2
Schumacher ProCat
Schumacher TopCat
Schumacher Wildcat Vyper
Seben BE2
Seben BE4
Seben BE5
Seben BE6
Serpent Spyder SRX-2 MM
Serpent Spyder SRX-2 RM
Smartech Saturn X
Sportwerks Raven BX
Step Up Stinger EB
Step Up Stinger EB-1
Tamiya (All + Vintage)
Thunder Tiger AT-10 EB
T T Phoenix BX
T T Phoenix BX II
T T Phoenix XB
T T Sparrowhawk XB
T T Sparrowhawk XXB
Tomy Adonis
Tomy Intruder
Traxxas Bandit
Traxxas Bandit VXL
Traxxas Bullet (TRX-10)
Traxxas Cat : Tom-Cat
Traxxas Radicator
Traxxas RAD-2
Traxxas TCP
Traxxas TRX-1
Traxxas TRX-3
Traxxas Wildcat
Xray XB4 - 2WD
Xray XB4 - 4WD
Yokomo B-Max2
Yokomo B-Max2 MR
Yokomo B-Max2 MR Ver.2
Yokomo B-Max2 MR Ver.3
Yokomo B-Max2 RS
Yokomo B-Max4
Yokomo B-Max4 II
Yokomo B-Max4 II World Spec
Yokomo B-Max4 III
Yokomo Hot Dog 4
Yokomo MR-4BC
Yokomo MR-4BX
Yokomo MX-4
Yokomo S Dogfighter Works 91
Yokomo S Dogfighter Works 93
Yokomo Wonder Dog-Fighter
Yokomo YZ-10
Yokomo YZ-834B DF
Yokomo YZ-870c Super DF

^ TOP ^

1/16 Scale Electric Buggys:

Himoto EXB-16
HSP Trojan (Troian)

HSP Trojan (Troian) Pro

New Bright Ravager

^ TOP ^

1/18 Scale Electric Buggys:

Associated RC18-B
Associated RC18-B2
Duratrax Vendetta
Himoto Barren
Himoto EXB-18
Himoto Spino

HPI Brama 18B
HSP Eidolon
HSP Lizard BB Dune Buggy
Jamara Namib
Jamara Z18 CR Buggy
Jamara Z18 CR The Beast

Kyosho Mini Inferno
Losi Mini Desert Buggy
LRP Shark 18 Buggy
Megatech Megapro
Pro-Pulse Pro-B100

^ TOP ^

Nitro Buggys

Nitro Buggys:
By Scale:

Nitro Buggy

1/5 - 1/6 Scale Nitro Buggys:

Carson Gas-Blaster
CEN Matrix5-B
Duratrax Firehammer
FG Baja
FG Baja Competition
FG Baja WB 535
FG Beetle
FG Leopard
FG Leopard 2 (2WD)
FG Leopard 4 (4WD)
FG Marder
FG Marder Race
FS Racing Buggy

FS Racing Iron Man
H.A.R.M. BX-1
H.A.R.M. BX-2
H.A.R.M. BX-3
Himoto Mega-P 1:5
Himoto Megap MXB-5
Himoto Raptor 5XB
HPI Baja 5B
HPI Baja 5B-SS
HPI Maverick Blackout XB
HSP Bajer
HSP Mummyer

Losi Desert Buggy XL
MCD Race Runner Evo3
MCD Race Runner V4
Redcat Dunerunner
Redcat Rampage Chimera
Redcat Rampage Dunerunner
Redcat Rampage TT
Redcat Rampage XB
Smartech Spider
Smartech Thunderbolt
Traxxas Gas Buggy

^ TOP ^

1/8 Scale Nitro Buggys:

Ansmann Deuce-N
Ansmann Vapor
Ansmann Vapor 2
Ansmann Vapor Pro
Ansmann Virus
Ansmann Virus 2.0
Ansmann Virus 2 Big Block
Ansmann Virus 3.0
Ansmann X8 - Buggy
Associated RC8
Associated RC8.2
Associated RC8.2 FT
Associated RC8B
Associated RC8RS
Carson CNB Nitro Buggy
Carson Spctr-2-Sp Bausatz
Carson Specter II Pro V36
Carson Specter Two Sport
Carson Spctr-2 Sp-Pro V25
Carson Specter Two V21
Carson Specter X8 V25 & V36
Carson V-Line Spctr-2 V32
Carson Virus 4.0 V21
CEN Dirt Striker
CEN iMatrix 8
CEN Matrix C-1
CEN Matrix R2
CEN Matrix R3
Durango DNX408
Durango DNX408 v2
Duratrax 835B
Duratrax Axis
Duratrax Raze
FS Racing Focus
FS Racing Focus 9
FS Racing Focus 9S
GS Racing Avenger
GS Rcng Avenger Storm Mk II
GS Racing CLX
GS Racing Storm CL-1
GS Racing Storm CL-1 Pro
GS Racing Storm CLX Pro
GS Racing Storm Evo
GS Racing Storm Evo 25
HBX Rattlesnake
Himoto Black Bird
Himoto Firestone
Himoto Firestorm
Himoto RXB-1
Himoto Torpeda
Himoto Torpeda Pro
Hobao Hyper 7
Hobao Hyper 7.5
Hobao Hyper 7 TQ
Hobao Hyper 8
Hobao Hyper 8.5
Hobao Hyper 9
Hobao Hyper Cage Buggy
Hobao Hyper PBS
Hobao Hyper SS
Hobao Hyper Star
Hong Nor Ultra LX-1

Hong Nor Ultra LX-2
Hong Nor Violator 9.5
Hong Nor X1X-CR
Hong Nor X1-CR
Hong Nor X1-CR Pro
Hong Nor X2-CR
Hong Nor X2-CR Pro
Hong Nor X2-CRB Pro
Hong Nor X3-Sabre
Hong Nor X3-Sabre 2.0
Hot Bodies CR8 Neo-Buggy
Hot Bodies D8
HB D8 Hara Edition
Hot Bodies D812
Hot Bodies Lightning 2
HB Lightning 2 Pro
HB Lightning 2 Pro Evo
HB Lightning 2 Sport
HPI Pulse 4.6
HPI Trophy
HPI Trophy 3.5
HSP Bazooka
HSP Camper
HSP Camper NB2
HSP Camper Pro
Jamara Ultra LX-One BB
Jamara Ultra LX-One RR
Jamara Ultra LX2 BB
Jamara X1X-CR
Jamara X2-CR Pro
Jamara X3 Sabre Pro
Kyosho Inferno DX 2
Kyosho Inferno MP777
Kyosho Inferno MP 7.5
Kyosho Inferno MP9
Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI
Kysh Inferno MP9 TKI-2
Kysh Inferno MP9 TKI-3
Kyosho Inferno Neo
Kyosho Scorpion XXL Nitro
Kyosho (All + Vintage)
Losi 8IGHT 2.0
Losi 8IGHT 2.0 EC
Losi 8ight 3.0
Losi 810
LRP S8 BX Team
LRP S8 Rebel BX
Mardave Marauder
Mugen Athlete
Mugen MBX-4
Mugen MBX-4 RR
Mugen MBX-4 XR
Mugen MBX-5
Mugen MBX-5R
Mugen MBX-6
Mugen MBX-6R
Mugen MBX-6R EU
Mugen MBX-6R US
Mugen MBX-6 M-Spec

Mugen MBX-7
Mugen Sport
Mugen Sport Seven
Mugen Super Athlete
Mugen Super Sport
Ofna 9.5 Violator
Ofna Buggy-8 Nitro
Ofna Hyper 7
Ofna Hyper 7 PBS
Ofna Hyper 7 TQ Sport
Ofna Hyper 8
Ofna Hyper 8.5
Ofna Hyper 8.5x
Ofna Hyper 9
Ofna Hyper 9 2.0
Ofna Hyper SS
Ofna Hyper SS Cage
Ofna Hyper Star
Ofna Hyper Star Pro
Ofna Jammin X1X
Ofna Jammin X2 CR
Ofna Picco Off Road
Ofna Ravager
Ofna Ultra LX1
Ofna Ultra LX2
Ofna Ultra MBX
Ofna X3 Sabre
Redcat Backdraft 3.5
Redcat Hurricane XTR
Robitronic Protos
Robitronic Protos V2
Schumacher Swift
Seben BV3
Seben BV5 Baja
Serpent Cobra 811
Serpent Cobra 811 Sport
Serpent Cobra 811 TE
Serpent Cobra 811 2.0
Smartech Berserk
Smartech Ciron
Smartech Vanguard Sports
Sportwerks Mayhem
Sportwerks Turmoil
Tamiya TRF801X
Team Magic B8-RS
Team Magic M1-B
Team Magic M1-B-Turbo
Team Magic M8-JR
T Tiger Challenger 83
Thunder Tiger EB-4 S2
T Tiger EB-4 S2 Pro
T Tiger EB-4 S2.5 FF
T Tiger EB-4 S2.5 Pro
Thunder Tiger EB-4 S3
T Tiger EB-4 S3 Pro
Thunder Tiger Hurricane
Thunder Tiger Jaguar
T Tiger Mirage V-Spec
T Tiger Silver Fox
Xray 808
Xray XB8
Xray XB808
Xray XB9

^ TOP ^

1/10 Scale Nitro Buggys:

Carson Stormracer Auto V18
Carson Stormracer-Extreme
Carson Strmrcr-Extrm-Pro
Carson V-Ln Strmrcr-Extrm
Cen Talon NX
Duratrax Maximum BX
Duratrax Evader BX
FS Racing GB-4
FS Racing Spirit
FS Racing Spirit 2.0
GS Racing Shadow SB1
HBX Wildfire
Heng Long Raptor
Himoto MXB-2S
Himoto MXB-3
Himoto Python
Himoto Python XV3
Himoto Syclone
Himoto Syclone Pro
HoBao Pirate 10
Hobao Pirate 10 Two

Hot Bodies Lightning-10
HB Lightning-10 Sport
HSP Backwash
HSP Stormer
HSP Warhead
Jamara Infect
Jamara Naxos
Kyosho Advance
Kyosho Assault
Kyosho Baja West-Coast
Kyosho DBX
Kyosho DBX 2.0
Kyosho Inferno 10
Kyosho Inferno TR15
Kyosho Rampage
Kyosho Rampage Pro
Kyosho Sandmaster 10
Kyosho Sandmaster Mk2
Kyosho Stinger
Kyosho Stinger Mk II

Kyosho Ultima RB
Kyosho Wildcat
Kyosho Ultima RB
Redcat Shockwave
Redcat Tornado S30
Seben BV
Seben BV2
Smartech Saturn
Smartech Speedy Tiger
Smartech Swordfish
Smartech Winner Sport
Tamiya Mad Spirit
Tamiya Mighty Ballista
Tamiya Nitro Blaster
Tamiya Nitro Force
Tamiya Nitro Thunder
T Tiger Challenger Pro
Thunder Tiger SSB
T Tiger Tomahawk BX
Traxxas Nitro Buggy

^ TOP ^

1/16 Scale Nitro Buggys:

Himoto Mini Rattler RB1
Himoto Rim Battler RS-1

HSP Meteor
Kyosho Mini Inferno

Kyosho Mini Inferno 09
Sportwerks Chaos

^ TOP ^

Electric Monster Trucks

Electric Monster Trucks:
By Scale:

Electric Monster Truck

1/5 - 1/6 Scale Electric Monster Trucks:

FG Monster Truck WB535E
FS Racing Prince
New Bright Dodge Ram Hemi

New Bright Ford F150
New Bright Hummer H3

New Bright Hummer H3T
Seben King

^ TOP ^

1/8 Scale Electric Monster Trucks:

Associated Rival MT
CEN Colossus GST-E
FS Racing e-Hacker
Himoto Raider
Himoto Vega 8 MT
HPI Savage-Flux HP
HPI Savage Flux 2350
HSP Destrier GT Jeep

HSP Nokier
HSP Nokier NT2
HSP Tornado E9
Kyosho Mad Force Kruiser
Kyosho Psycho Kruiser VE
Kyosho Twin Force
Kyosho Twin Force Spirit
New Bright Jeep Wrangler

New Bright Silverado
Redcat Earthquake 8E
Redcat Terremoto
Robitronic Hurricane
Team Magic E6 Trooper
Team Magic E6 Trooper II
Thunder Tiger e-MTA
Thunder Tiger MT4 G3

^ TOP ^

1/10 Scale Electric Monster Trucks:

FS Racing F-350
FS Racing Max-4
FS Racing Victory
HBX Bonzer Cross Tiger
HBX Massive
HBX Xmissile Pro
Heng Long Gainer
Himoto Bowie
Himoto Mega-E MT10
Himoto Road Warrior
Himoto Vega
HPI Bullet MT Flux
HPI E-Savage
HPI E-Savage Sprt
HSP Baja T1
HPI Savage XS Flux
HSP Brontosaurus
Jamara Akron
Jamara Firestarter
Jamara Lipon
Jamara Tiger
Jamara Tiger Ice

Kyosho Big Boss
Kyosho Big Brute
Kyosho DMT VE
Kyosho DMT VE-R
Kyosho Double Dare
Kyosho Hi-Rider Corvette
Kyosho USA-1
Losi Junior T
LRP Blast MT
LRP S10 Blast MT-2
New Bright Dodge Ram
New Bright Ford F-350
New Bright F-150 Raptor
New Bright Hummer H3
Redcat Caldera 10E
Redcat Ground Pounder
Redcat Volcano EPX
Redcat Volcano EPX Pro
Robitronic Shadow
Schumacher Wildcat Mtr Mini
Seben ME2
Seben ME3

Seben ME6
Seben ME5
Step Up Striker MT-1
Tamiya Monster Trucks
(All 30+ New + Vintage)

Traxxas Captain's Curse
Traxxas E-Maxx
Traxxas E-Maxx Bl
Traxxas E-Revo
Traxxas E-Revo Bl
Traxxas Grave Digger
Traxxas Grinder
Traxxas Maximum Destruction
Traxxas Monster Mutt
Traxxas Sledgehammer
Traxxas Son-uva Digger
Traxxas Stampede
Traxxas Stampede 4x4 VXL
Traxxas Stampede VXL
Traxxas Stampede XL-5
Traxxas Telluride

^ TOP ^

1/12 Scale Electric Monster Trucks:

HPI Mini Savage XS Flux
HPI Mini Savage XS SS
HPI Wheely King

HPI Wheely King 4x4
Marui Big Bear Datsun

Tamiya Lunchbox
Tamiya Midnight Pumpkin

^ TOP ^

1/15 - 1/16 Scale Electric Monster Trucks:

Himoto EXM-16
HSP Hunter
HSP Kidking

New Bright Jeep Wrangler
New Bright Dodge Ram
New Bright Tahoe
Traxxas E-Revo Brushed

Traxxas E-Revo VXL
Traxxas Summit
Traxxas Summit VXL

^ TOP ^

1/18 Scale Electric Monster Trucks:

Associated RC18-MT
Associated Rival Mini MT
CEN Mini Madness
Duratrax Mini Quake
Duratrax Mini Quake SE
FS Racing Victory Mini

Himoto Mastadon
Hot Bodies Minizilla
HPI Mini Recon
HSP Knight
Losi Mini LST
Losi Mini LST2

Losi Mini Monster Baja
LRP S18 Monster Truck
LRP Shark 18 Race MT
Thunder Tiger ZK2
Traxxas LaTrax Teton
Xray M18MT

^ TOP ^

Nitro Monster Trucks

Nitro Monster Trucks:
By Scale:

Nitro Monster Truck

1/5 Scale Nitro Monster Trucks:

Carson Gas-Devil
Carson Race-Truck
CEN Matrix5-MT
Duratrax Firehammer MT
FS Racing 2WD MT
FS Racing 4WD MT
FS Racing Defender 4x4 (1/4)

FS Racing Hummer
Himoto Mega-P 1:5
Himoto Warrior MXT-5
HPI Maverick Blackout MT
HPI Savage 5T
HSP Skeleton
MCD Monster 4x4

MCD Monster V4
Redcat Rampage MT
Redcat Rampage MT V3
Smartech Bigfoot
Smartech Boxer
Smartech Hurricane C5
Smartech Titan

^ TOP ^

1/6 Scale Monster Trucks:

FG Comp Monster Hummer
FG Comp Monster Jeep
FG Comp Monster Truck

FG Monster Hummer
FG Monster Jeep

FG Monster Truck
Smartech Magic Wheel
Smartech Tornado

^ TOP ^

1/8 Scale Nitro Monster Trucks:

Ansmann Hogzilla
Associated MGT
Associated MGT 8.0
Associated MGT 4.60
Associated MGT 4.60 SE
Associated MGT 3.0
Carson Raptor V25 Pro
Carson Monster-Cage V36
CEN Genesis 46
CEN Nemesis 7.7
Duratrax Quake
Duratrax Thunder Quake
Duratrax Warhead
Duratrax Warhead Evo
FS Racing Hacker 9
HBX Tigershark
Himoto MXT-2S
Himoto Rancho
Himoto Rancho Pro
HoBao Dominator
HoBao Pirate MT
Hong Nor Megalith
HB Lightning GT

HB Lightning GTX2
HPI Hellfire
HPI Hellfire SS
HPI Savage SS 4.6
HPI Savage X 4.6
HPI Savage XL
HPI Savage XL 5.9
HPI Savage X SS
HSP Afa-K9
HSP Rattlesnake
HSP Savagery
HSP Savagery Pro
HSP Tornado
Jamara Heart Attack
Kyosho Giga Crusher
Kyosho Mad Armour
Kyosho Mad Force
Kyosho Mad Force Cruiser
Kyosho TR-15 Monster Trng
Kyosho USA-1 Nitro Crusher
Losi Aftershock
Losi L-Ed Aftershock
Losi LST Super Truckr
Losi LST2

Losi LST XXL-2
Losi Muggy
Losi Raminator
Ofna Dominator
Ofna Monster Blazer
Ofna Monster Pirate
Ofna Titan Twin
Redcat Avalanche XP
Redcat Avalanche XTR
Redcat Earthquake 3.0
Redcat Earthquake 3.5
Schumacher Manic
Seben MV2
Seben MV3
Smartech Minotaur King
Tamiya Terra Crusher
Tamiya TNX 3.0
Tamiya TNX 5.2R
Tamiya Wild Commando
Tamiya Wild Crusher Z
Thunder Tiger EK-4 S2
TT MTA-4 Sledge Hmmr S50
TT MTA-4 S Hammer S50 SE
Thunder Tiger MTA-4 S28

^ TOP ^

1/10 Scale Nitro Monster Trucks:

Associated Monster GT
CEN MT Spec 3.0
Duratrax Maximum MT
Duratrax Maximum MT Pro
FS Racing Victory
FS Racing Yomad
HBX Xtra-Fire
HoBao Pirate RT
Himoto Viper X25
Himoto Viper X2S
Himoto Viper XST
Hot Bodies Lightning GT10
HB Lightning GT10 Sport
HPI Bullet MT 3.0
HPI Monster King

HSP Beatles 1
HSP Bug Crusher
HSP Hammer
HSP Monster
HSP Tyrannosaurus
Jamara Track Sau
Kyosho DMT
Kyosho Mega Force
Kyosho MFR
Kyosho Nitro Brute
Kyosho Nitro Thrasher
Kyosho Wild Dodge Ram
Ofna Pirate 10
Redcat Caldera 3.0
Redcat Volcano MX
Redcat Volcano S30

Seben MV
Seben Nitrozilla
Tamiya Mad Bison
Thunder Tiger SSK
Thunder Tiger SSK V2
Traxxas Nitro Stampede
Traxxas Revo 2.5
Traxxas Revo 3.3
Traxxas Revo Platinum
Traxxas S-Maxx
Traxxas S-Maxx 3.3
Traxxas SportMaxx
Traxxas T-Maxx Classic
Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5
Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5R
Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3

^ TOP ^

1/12 Scale Nitro Monster Trucks:

Thunder Tiger Hammer S18

^ TOP ^

1/16 Scale Nitro Monster Trucks:


HSP Kingliness

^ TOP ^

1/18 Scale Nitro Monster Trucks:

LRP Shark 18 Race MT

Xray NT18MT

^ TOP ^

RC Electric Truck

Electric Trucks:
By Scale:

RC Electric Trucks

1/5 - 1/6 Scale Electric Trucks/Truggys:

Carson Desert Master XXL
Carson FY5 Destroyer Line
FS Racing SC-5E

Himoto Desert King
Himoto Trophy X5
HPI Super 5SC Flux
New Bright Chevy Avalanche

New Bright Land-Rover
Redcat Shredder SC
Redcat Shredder XT

^ TOP ^

1/8 Scale Electric Trucks/Truggys:

Ansmann Kryptonite BL
Ansmann Terrier 2 BL
Associated RC8-Te
Associated SC8e
Associated SC8.2e
Carson Desert Master BL
Carson E-Crasher XL
Carson Streetbreaker 6S
Durango DEX408T
FS Racing Leopard

FS Racing Thunderbolt BL
Himoto Mayhem
Himoto Vega8 CT
Himoto Ziege
Hobao Hyper 8SC-e
HPI Apache SC Flux
HPI Trophy Flux Truggy
HSP Advance
HSP Lacerea EPN2

HSP Sea Rover E9
HSP TT9.5 E9
Jamara X2 CRT-BL
Mugen MBX6T Eco
Redcat Aftershock 8E
Redcat Avalanche XTE
Redcat Monsoon XTE
Thunder Tiger ST4 G3

^ TOP ^

1/10 Scale Electric Trucks/Truggys:

Ansmann Macnum
Ansmann Macnum BL
Ansmann Royal Flash
Ansmann Royal Flash BL
Ansmann SC4
Ansmann SC4-BL
Ansmann X2sc
Ansmann XT-Pro
Ansmann X4sc Pro
Associated Prolite 4x4
Associated RC10T
Associated RC10T2
Associated RC10T3
Associated RC10T4
Associated RC10T4 FT
Associated RC10T4.1
Associated RC10T4.1 FT
Associated RC10T4.2 FT
Associated RC10T4.2 RS
Associated SC10
Associated SC10 FT
Associated SC10 4x4
Associated SC10 4x4 FT
Associated SC10 RS
Associated SC10.2 FT
Carson Desert King BL
Carson E-Bone CE-10T
Carson E-Crasher
Carson FY10 Truggy
Carson Rock Warrior
Carson Streetbreaker-FD
CEN eMatrix 10-T
Durango DESC210
Durango DESC210R
Durango DESC410
Durango DESC410 v2
Durango DESC410R
Durango DESC410R v2
Durango DEST210
Durango DEST210R
Duratrax Evader Brushless
Duratrax Evader DT
Duratrax Evader DT EP
Duratrax Evader EXT
Duratrax Evader EXT2
Duratrax Evader EXT2.4
Duratrax Evader ST
Duratrax VW Baja Bug
FS Racing Baja 1000
FS Racing Beetle
FS Racing Breaker
FS Racing Fox 4
FS Racing Jeep
FS Racing MST-4
HBX Hellhound
HBX Stealth X09
HBX Stormer
HBX Surge
HBX Surge XT
HBX Windspout

Heng-Long Mad-Truck
Heng Long Weight Grade
Himoto Cerberus
Himoto Desert XT10
Himoto Eamba XR1
Himoto EMXT-1
Himoto Katana
Himoto Kirin
Himoto MegaE 2WD SC Truck
Himoto MegaE 2WD Truggy
Himoto MegaE XT10
Himoto Megae XR10
Himoto SCT-10
Himoto Spatha
Himoto Trophy X10
Hobao Hyper 10sc
Hobao Hyper TT-e
Hong Nor Nexx 10sc
Hong Nor SCRT10
Hot Bodies E-Zilla 10
HPI Blitz
HPI Bullet ST Flux
HPI E-Firestorm
HPI E-Firestorm 10 HT
HPI E-Firestorm 10T
HPI E-Firestorm 10T Flux
HPI E-Firestorm Flux
HSP Breaker SCT
HSP Destrier
HSP Lightning - Desert Truck
HSP Torpedo
HSP Tribeshead
HSP Tribeshead 2
Jamara Bullet Pickup
Jamara Cokoon Truggy
Jamara Hot Ranger
Jamara SCRT-10
Jamara SR10
Jamara Toxic Truggy
Jamara Veloce Truggy
Kyosho EP Ultima ST
Kyosho Ultima RT5
Kyosho Ultima SC
Kyosho Ultima SCR
Kyosho (All + Vintage)
Losi Desert Truck
Losi High Roller Lifted
Losi JRX-T
Losi Readylift XXX-SCT
Losi Rockstar XXX-SCT
Losi Speed-T
Losi Strike
Lsi Stronghold XXX-SCT
Losi Ten SCTE
Losi Ten SCTE 2.0
Losi TLR 22 SCT
Losi TLR 22T
Losi XX-T
Losi XX-T CR

Losi XXX-T
Losi XXX-T MF2
LRP S10 Blast SC
LRP S10 Blast TX
LRP S10 Blast TX-2
LRP S10 Twister SC
LRP S10 Twister Truggy
Marui CJ-7 Golden Eagle
Marui Super Wheelie CJ-7 G-E
Marui Super Wheelie TLC
Marui Toyota Land Cruiser
New Bright Jeep Rubicon
New Bright Scorpion
Ofna Hyper 10sc
Ofna Hyper 10 TT
Ofna Hyper TTe
Ofna Nexx 10sc
Ofna Jammin SCRT10
Ofna TS2 Pro
Ofna TS4 Pro
Redcat Caldera-SC-10E
Redcat Sandstorm TK
Redcat Twister XTG
Redcat Twister XTG Pro
Redcat Vortex EPX
Redcat Vortex EPX Pro
Robitronic Stinger EST BL
Robitronic Stinger EST-1
Robitronic Stinger EST-2
Schumacher Shotgun
Schumacher Storm
Schumacher Storm 2000
Sportwerks Raven ST
Step Up Stinger EST
Step Up Stinger EST-1
Step Up Stinger EST-2
Tamiya (All + Vintage)
Thunder Tiger AT-10 ES
T Tiger Phoenix ST
T Tiger Phoenix ST II
T Tiger Phoenix XT
TT Sparrowhawk XT
TT Sparrowhawk XXT
Traxxas Blue Eagle
Traxxas Blue Eagle LS
Traxxas Eagle
Tx Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
Traxxas Hawk
Traxxas Hawk 2
Traxxas LS-II
Traxxas Rustler VXL
Traxxas Rustler XL-5
Traxxas Slash
Traxxas Slash 4x4
Traxxas Slash 4x4 Platinum
Traxxas Slash 4x4 Ultimate
Traxxas Slash Pro
Traxxas Spirit
Traxxas SRT
Yokomo MR-4MT

^ TOP ^

1/12 Scale Electric Trucks:

HBX Onslaught
HPI Desert Trophy
HPI Mini Trophy

New Bright Wolf
Ofna Hyper Mini STe
T Tiger Sparrowhawk DT12

Yokomo SD12 TR
Yokomo SD12 TV

^ TOP ^

1/16 Scale Electric Trucks:

Himoto EDT-16
Himoto ETY-16
Himoto EXT-16
Himoto SCT-16
Kyosho Mini Inferno ST

Losi Mini SCT
New Bright Bad Street
New Bright Ford F-350
New Bright Dodge Ram 3500
Redcat Tremor SG Truggy

Redcat Tremor ST Truck
Trx Kyle Busch Replica
Traxxas Slash VXL
Traxxas Slash VXL 4WD

^ TOP ^

1/18 Scale Electric Trucks/Truggys:

Associated RC18-T
Associated RC18-T2
Associated SC18
Carson X-18 Truggy
Duratrax Vendetta SC
Duratrax Vendetta ST
HBX Captain
HBX Springback
Heng-Long Sacker-Sport
Himoto Centro
Himoto EXM-18

Himoto EXT-18
Himoto SCT-18
Himoto Tyronno
HSP Caribe
HSP Desert Lizard SCT
HSP Ghost
HSP Lizard DM Trophy Truck
HSP Lizard Trophy Truck
Jamara Z18 CRT Truggy
Losi Mini Baja
Losi Mini Desert Truck

Losi Mini High-Roller
Losi Mini T
Losi Mini T Pro
Megatech Megapro
Pro-Pulse Pro-T100
Redcat Tremor 18E
Redcat Tremor 18E Pro
Thunder Tiger ZT2
Xray M18T
Xray M18T Pro

^ TOP ^

RC Nitro Trucks

Nitro Trucks:
By Scale:

RC Nitro Truck

1/5 Scale Nitro Trucks/Truggys:

Carson Desert Attack G5
CEN Matrix5-SC
CEN Matrix5-T
FS Racing Rally 5T
FS Racing T-bolt Fire 2WD
FS Racing T-bolt Fire 4WD
FS Racing Wild Horse Hammer
Himoto Corr Rallye Truck

Himoto Desert King Fuel
Himoto Megap MXR-5
Himoto Trophy X5 Fuel
HPI Baja 5SC
HPI Baja 5T
HPI Maverick Blackout ST
HSP Fable ND5

Losi 5ive-T
MCD Baja 1000
MCD Cheetah MT
Redcat Rampage X-SC
Redcat Rampage XT
Smartech Generator

^ TOP ^

1/6 Scale Nitro Trucks/Truggys:

FG Comp Stadium Hummer
FG Comp Stadium Jeep
FG Comp Stadium Truck
FG Street Truck 2WD

FG Street Jeep 2WD
FG Stadium Jeep
FG Stadium Truck

FG Stadium Hummer
Smartech Element 6

^ TOP ^

1/8 Scale Nitro Trucks/Truggys:

Ansmann Kryptonite
Ansmann Kryptonite Pro
Ansmann Short Course
Ansmann Short Course Ruler
Ansmann Terrier
Ansmann Terrier 2.0
Associated RC8T
Associated RC8T FT
Associated RC8T FT CE
Associated RC8T RS
Associated SC8
Carson CNT
Carson Montana
Carson V-Ln Strt-Brkr V32
CEN Matrix SC
CEN Matrix TR Arena
CEN Matrix TR3
Durango DNX408T
Duratrax Nitro Demon
Duratrax Raze ST
Duratrax RT-X-27
FS Racing Desert Truck
FS Racing Hammer Truggy
FS Racing Leopard
FS Racing Leopard 2.0
GS Racing Storm Unlimited
GS Racing SUT
GS Racing XUT
GS Racing XUT Pro
GS Racing XUT II Pro
HBX Ten4Tracker
Himoto Cluster

Himoto Corr Truck
Himoto Demolition
Himoto RXT-1
Himoto RXT-28
Himoto Shellshock
Hobao Hyper 8SC
Hobao Hyper SS Truggy
Hobao Hyper ST
Hong Nor Mutilator
Hong Nor Nexx-8T
Hong Nor X1-CRT
Hong Nor X2-CRT
Hong Nor X1X-CRT
Hot Bodies D8T
HB Lightning Stadium
HB Lightning Stdm Pro
HB Lightning Stdm Pro R
HB Lightning Stdm 2 Pro
HB Lightning Stdm Sport
HPI Trophy 4.6
HSP Battle
HSP Lacerea
HSP Searover
Jamara Nexx-8T
Jamara X2-CRT
Kyosho Inferno Neo ST
Kyosho Inferno ST
Kyosho Inferno ST-R
Kyosho Inferno ST-RR
Kyosho Inferno ST-RR Evo
Kyosho Inferno ST US Sports
Losi 8IGHT-T 2.0
LRP S8 Rebel TX

LRP S8 TX Team
Mugen MBX-5T
Mugen MBX-6T
Mugen MBX-6T M-Spec
Mugen MBX-6TR
Ofna Blazer SST
Ofna Hyper SS Cage Plus
Ofna Hyper SS Truggy
Ofna Hyper ST
Ofna Hyper ST Pro
Ofna Mutilator
Ofna Nexx 8T
Ofna Jammin X2
Redcat Monsoon XTR
Redcat Aftershock 3.0
Redcat Aftershock 3.5
Robitronic Mantis
Robitronic Mantis TXS
Robitronic BR50
Schumacher Havoc
Seben TV1
Serpent Cobra T 811
Smartech MS-T
Smartech Warlord
Sportwerks Mayhem ST
Tamiya Nitrage 5.2
Thunder Tiger RTA-4 S28
Thunder Tiger ST-1
Thunder Tiger ST-1 Pro
Xray XT8
Xray XT9

^ TOP ^

1/10 Scale Nitro Trucks/Truggys:

Associated RC10GT
Associated RC10GT FT
Associated RC10GT2
Associated RC10GT2 FT
Associated RC10GT2 RS
Associated SC10GT
Carson Nitro-Bone
Carson Nitro-Bone Autostrt
Carson Nitro Bone Pro
CEN Magnum NX
CEN Premier 4
Duratrax Evader ST
Duratrax Maximum ST
Duratrax Maximum ST Pro
Duratrax Overdrive ST
FS Racing Beetle
FS Racing Discovery 2.0
FS Racing Hammer GT-4
FS Racing Tiger
GS Racing Shadow
GS Racing Shadow ST1
GS Racing Shadow ST1R
HB Lightning Stadium 10
HB Lightning Stdm 10 Sport
HBX Gallant
HBX Tribewe
Himoto Eldorada
Himoto Megap MTR-2S

Himoto Megap MTR-3
Himoto Mamba XR1
Hobao Hyper TT
Hobao Hyper 10SC
Hong Nor SCRT10 Nitro
HPI Bullet ST 3.0
HPI Firestorm
HPI Firestorm 10T
HPI MT2 G3.0
HPI Nitro Rush
HPI Rush Evo
HSP Gladiator
HSP Gladiator-L
HSP Jeep
HSP Rally Monster
Kyosho DRT
Kyosho DST
Kyosho GP Ultima ST
Kyo Outlaw Rampage Pro
Kyosho Sandmaster ST-2
Kyosho Stdm Frc TR15
Losi Speed NT
Losi Ten-SCT
Losi Ten-T
Megatech Tempest Gladiator

Mugen MST-1
Ofna Hyper 10sc
Ofna Hyper TT
Ofna Jammin SCRT-10
Redcat Racing Vortex SS
Schumacher 21 XTR 3E
Schumacher Menace 21
Schumacher Nitro 10
Schumacher Riot
Schumacher Riot 2
Schumacher Storm 21XS
Smartech Sahara
Sportwerks Reaction
Tamiya Nitro Crusher
Tamiya RevStorm
Tamiya TR-15T
Thunder Tiger DT-10
T Tiger Tomahawk SC
T Tiger Tomahawk ST
Thunder Tiger Phoenix GT
Traxxas Jato 2.5
Traxxas Jato 3.3
Traxxas Nitro Hawk
Traxxas Nitro Rustler
Traxxas Nitro Slash
Traxxas Nitro Sport
Traxxas Nitro Sport SE
Traxxas Slayer
Traxxas Slayer Pro 4x4

^ TOP ^

1/12 Scale Nitro Trucks/Truggys:

Hobao Hyper Mini ST
Hong Nor CRT.5

Jamara CRT-5

Ofna Hyper Mini ST
Ofna Jammin CRT.5

^ TOP ^

1/16 Scale Nitro Trucks/Truggys:

Himoto Mini Cobra RZ1
Himoto Mini Mamba XT1
HSP Kala16

HSP Proudman
Kyosho Mini Inferno ST
Schumacher Rascal

Schumacher Rascal 2
Smartech Evolution

^ TOP ^

1/18 Scale Nitro Trucks:

Xray NT18T

^ TOP ^

Electric RC Touring Car

Touring - Drift - WRC:
By Scale:

Tamiya WRC Subaru

1/5 - 1/6 Scale Electric Touring/Drift/WRC Cars:

Carson Porsche 934 Turbo
FG Sportsline 510E - Mini

FG Sportsline 530E - BMW
FS Racing Coupe V

New Bright Ferrari F430
Schumacher Big 6 Lotus EP

^ TOP ^

1/8 Scale Electric Touring/Drift/WRC Cars:

Himoto Vega8 TC
Hobao GTB-e
Hong Nor DM1 Spec-e
Hong Nor X3-GT
HPI Ken Block WR8 Flux

HPI WR8 Flux
Jamara X3-GT
Kyosho Inferno GT2 VE
Ofna DM-1 Spec E
Ofna GT-V2e

Ofna Ultra GTP-2e
Serpent 966-E
Serpent Cobra GTe
T Tiger ER-4 G3 Mini WRC11
Traxxas Funny Car (Dragster)

^ TOP ^

1/10 Scale Electric Touring/Drift/WRC Cars:

Ansmann ARE-1
Ansmann ARE-2
Ansmann ARE-2 BL
Ansmann Hot Rod
Ansmann Hot Rod BL
Associated Apex V-Type
Associated RC10-DS
Associated RC10L
Associated RC10-L3O
Associated RC10-L4O
Associated RC10L3 Oval
Associated RC10L3 Touring
Associated RC10L3T
Associated RC10LS
Associated RC10LSS Oval
Associated RC10R5 Oval
Associated RC10R5 Oval FT
Associated RC10R5 Touring
Associated RC10R5 Trng FT
Associated RC10R5.1 FT
Associated TC3
Associated TC3 FT
Associated TC4
Associated TC4 Club Racer
Associated TC4 FT
Associated TC5
Associated TC5 FT
Associated TC5F
Associated TC5R
Associated TC6
Associated TC6 FT
Associated TC6.1
Associated TC6.1 FT
Associated TC6.2 FT
Carson FD Street Warrior
Carson FD VW Scirocco
Carson Porsche-GT3-RS
Carson VW Scirocco
Carson X10E Waterproof
CEN Zoom 10 EP
Corally Assassin
Corally Assassin Mid Motor
Corally C4
Corally C4.1
Corally HMX
Corally HMX M1
Corally RDX PHI
Corally RDX PHI 09
Corally RDX
Corally Pro 10 Cars
Durango DETC410
FS Racing Car-Pro
FS Racing Drift
FS Racing GX4
FS Racing NTE-4
GS Racing Vision EvoE
HBX Coolfire
HBX Post 5
HBX Skyline
HBX Skyline GTR
HBX StreetFire
Heng-Long Lightning - Street
Himoto Drift TC
Himoto Nascada
Himoto Rally X10
Himoto Vega
Hong Nor X10-E
Hot Bodies Cyclone
HB Cyclone Hara Ed
HB Cyclone S - Touring
HB Cyclone S - Drift
HB Cyclone Surikarn Ed
HB Cyclone TC
HPI Cup Racer
HPI Cup Racer 1M
HPI Cup Racer Drift Ver
HPI Dash
HPI E10 Drift
HPI RS4 Mini Pro
HPI RS4 Pro 2
HPI RS4 Pro 3
HPI RS4 Pro 4

HPI Sprint 2 Drift
HPI Sprint 2 Flux
HPI Sprint 2 Sport
HPI Sprint 2 Stage D
HPI Switch - FWD
HSP Cam-Am
HSP Drift Car
HSP Flying Fish
HSP KuTiger EP
HSP Xeme
HSP Xeme Pro
Kysh Gambado Route 246 Ver
Kyosho Nikon Pajero - Rally
Kyosho PureTen EP Alpha 2
Kyosho PureTen EP Alpha 3
Kyosho P10 EP Fazer Rally
Kyosho P10 EP Fazer Touring
Kyosho PureTen EP KX-One
Kyosho PureTen EP Mantis
Kyosho PureTen EP Spider
Kyosho TF-5
Kyosho TF-5 Stallion
Kyosho TF-5 Stallion Shin
Kyosho TF-5S
Kyosho TF-6
Kyosho TF-6 SP
Kyosho (All + Vintage)
Losi Drift-R
Losi JRX-S
Losi JRXS Type R
Losi Rally Weapon
Losi Street Weapon
Losi Ten Rally-X
Losi XXX-S
LRP S10 Blast TC
Mardave V10
Marui Coors Melling Tbird
New Bright Audi R8
New Bright Camaro ZL1
New Bright Corvette
New Bright Dodge Challenger
New Bright Dodge Charger
New Bright Ferrari F-430
New Bright Mustang GT
Ofna Hyper H4 Pro
Ofna JL10e
Ofna JL10e Drift
Ofna OB4
Ofna OB4 Pro 2
Redcat Lightning EPX Drift
Redcat Lightning EPX Pro
Redcat Lightning STK
Redcat Pagani Huayra
Redcat Thunder Drift
Robitronic Avid
Robitronic Avid V2
Schumacher A-tech ATX
Schumacher Axis
Schumacher Axis 2
Schumacher Axis Pro
Schumacher Mi1
Schumacher Mi1 v2
Schumacher Mi2
Schumacher Mi2 EC
Schumacher Mi3
Schumacher Mi3.5
Schumacher Mi4
Schumacher Mi4CX
Schumacher Mi4CXL
Schumacher Mi4LP
Schumacher Mi5
Schumacher Mission
Schumacher SST 98
Schumacher SST 99 Pro
Schumacher SST 2000
Schumacher SST 2000 SP
Schum SST Rally Sport
Schumacher SST Sport
Seben HR
Seben HR2
Serpent S100 - Pro-10
Serpent S400 - Touring
Serpent S411
Serpent S411 Eryx 2.0
Serpent S411 FF
Serpent S411 TE

Smartech Mega Drift
Smartech Rally W2P
Tamiya (All + Vintage)
Team Magic E4
Team Magic E4-D
Team Magic E4D-MF
Team Magic E4-FS
Team Magic E4-JR
Team Magic E4-JS
Team Magic E4JS II
Team Magic E4-RS
Team Magic E4-RS II
Team Magic E4RS II Evo
TT Sparrowhawk DX II
T Tiger Sparrowhawk DX
T Tiger Sparrowhawk VX
Thunder Tiger TS-4e
Thunder Tiger TS-4e V2
Traxxas 4-Tec
Traxxas Rally
Xpress MRR2
Xpress MRR2 Junior
Xpress MRR2 M-Drift
Xpress MRR2 Pro
Xpress MRR2 Pro V2.1
Xpress MRR-10J - Junior
Xpress MRR-10P - Pro
Xpress RR-10J - Junior
Xpress RR-10PMK - Special
Xpress RR-10PMk1 - Pro Mk1
Xpress RR-10S - Sport
Xray T1
Xray T1 Evo2
Xray T1FK
Xray T1R
Xray T2
Xray T2R
Xray T3
Xray T3R
Xray T4
Yokomo D1 Drift
Yokomo DIB
Yokomo DM1 Drift Master
Yokomo D-Max
Yokomo D-Max Special
Yokomo D-Max HSS Special
Yokomo DP-DP8 - Basic
Yokomo DRB
Yokomo DRB Hyper Drive Spl
Yokomo DPM
Yokomo DP Plus - DP1
Yokomo DP Plus Type C
Yokomo DP Plus Type C Spl
Yokomo DP Super Plus
Yokomo MR-4TC
Yokomo MR-4TC BD
Yokomo MR-4TC BD5
Yokomo MR-4TC BD5P
Yokomo MR-4TC BD5 WS
Yokomo MR-4TC BD5WR
Yokomo MR-4TC BD5WX
Yokomo MR-4TC BD5WXi
Yokomo MR-4TC BD7
Yokomo MR4TC BD7 RS
Yokomo MR-4TC Pro
Yokomo MR-4TC Custom
Yokomo MR-4TC SD
Yokomo MR-4TC SD CGM
Yokomo MR-4TC SD CM
Yokomo MR-4TC SD LCG
Yokomo MR-4TC Special
Yokomo MR-4TC Special V2
Yokomo MR-4 Rally
Yokomo YR-4
Yokomo YR-4 II
Yokomo YR-4 II SP
Yokomo YR-4 II Compact
Yokomo YR-4 K2
Yokomo YR-4 M
Yokomo YR-4 M2
Yokomo YR-4 M2 Type J
Yokomo YR4 MC
Yokomo YR-4 SP
Yokomo YR-F2
Yokomo YR-F2 SP
Yokomo YRX-10

^ TOP ^

1/12 Scale Electric Pan Cars:

Associated Delta
Associated RC12E
Associated RC12i
Associated RC12L
Associated RC12L3
Associated RC12L4
Associated RC12LC
Associated RC12LW
Associated RC12R5
Associated RC12R5.1
Associated RC12R5.1 FT
Associated RC12R5.2 FT
Corally 12SL

Corally 12SLX
Corally SP12
Corally SP12G
Corally SP12G2
Corally SP12G3
Corally SP12G3 99 Spec
Corally SP12M
Corally SP12X
Hot Bodies Cyclone 12
Hot Bodies Cyclone 12x
Kyosho Plasma Lm
Kyosho Plasma Ra
Kyosho Plasma Ra Orion

Mugen K2 X Cosmic
Serpent S120
Serpent S120 Link
Serpent S120 LTX
Traxxas Fiero GTP
Xray X12
Xray Xii
Yokomo GT500
Yokomo GT500R
Yokomo R12
Yokomo R12-C3
Yokomo R12W

^ TOP ^

1/14 Scale Electric Touring/Drift/WRC Cars:

Sportwerks Recoil

Sportwerks Tailwhip

^ TOP ^

1/16 Scale Electric Touring/Drift/WRC Cars:

Himoto EDC-16
Himoto ETC-16
Himoto EXO-16
Himoto EXR-16

HSP Flying Fish 2
HSP Zillionaire
New Bright Gymkhana
New Bright Corvette
New Bright Camaro

New Bright Mustang
Traxxas Ford Fiesta
Trx Mustang Boss 302
Trx Ken Block Gymkhn Fiesta
Traxxas Rally VXL

^ TOP ^

1/18 Scale Electric Touring/Drift/WRC Cars:

Associated Apex Mini
Associated RC18-R
Associated RC18 Late Model
Duratrax Vendetta Rally
Duratrax Vendetta TC
Himoto ETC-18
Himoto EXO-18
Himoto Mini Drift Lightning

Himoto Tricer
HPI Micro RS4
HPI Micro RS4 Drift
HPI Micro RS4 Spost
HSP Power Drift
HSP Reptile Sport Rally
Jamara Ninja
Kyosho NRX-18

Losi Mini Late-Model
LRP S18 TC Factory Team
Robitronic Scalpel
Traxxas LaTrax Rally
Xray M18
Xray M18 Pro

^ TOP ^

1/10 - 1/12 Scale Electric F1 Cars:

Corally F1
Corally F1 NGX
Corally F1 SL
Kyosho Plazma Formula
Serpent F110 Formula 1
Tamiya Benetton B192
Tamiya Brabham BT50 BMW Turbo
Tamiya Can Am Lola - (1:12)
Tamiya Ferrari 312T3
Tamiya Ferrari 312T3
Tamiya Ferrari 412T1
Tamiya Ferrari F189 Late Ver
Tamiya Ferrari F2001
Tamiya Ferrari F2012
Tamiya Ferrari F310B
Tamiya Ferrari F60
Tamiya Footwork FA13 Mugen
Tamiya Honda F2 (CS)
Tamiya Jordan 191
Tamiya JPS Lotus 79 (CS)
Tamiya Ligier JS9 Matra
Tamiya Ligier JS9 Matra (CS)
Tamiya Lotus 102B Judd

Tamiya Lotus 107B Ford
Tamiya Lotus Honda 99T
Tamiya Lotus Type 79
Tamiya March 782 BMW (F2)
Tamiya Martini Mk22 Renault (F2)
Tamiya McLaren MP4/6 Honda
Tamiya McLaren Mercedes MP4/13
Tamiya Newman Haas K-Mart Texaco Lola T93/00
Tamiya PIAA Nakajima Reynard 97D
Tamiya Rahal-Hogan Motorola Lola T94/00 Honda
Tamiya Ralt RT2 Hart 420R (F2)
Tamiya Road Wizard F-1
Tamiya Sauber C12
Tamiya Team Lotus 99T Honda
Tamiya Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler 1976 Japan GP
Tamiya Tyrrell 019 Ford
Tamiya Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-24
Tamiya Williams F1 BMW FW24
Tamiya Williams FW-07 (CS)
Tamiya Williams FW-11B Honda F1
Tamiya Williams FW14 Renault
Tamiya Williams Renault FW18
Tamiya Wolf WR1

^ TOP ^

Nitro RC Touring Car

Touring - Drift - WRC:
By Scale:

Nitro RC Touring Associated NTC3

1/5 Scale Nitro Touring/Drift/WRC Cars:

FG Competition
FG Sportsline
FS Racing Coupe V
H.A.R.M. CS-3
H.A.R.M. CX-3
H.A.R.M. SR-1

H.A.R.M. SX-2
H.A.R.M. SX-3
H.A.R.M. SX-4
Himoto Megap MTC-5
HSP Blue Rocket
Losi 5ive Mini WRC

MCD Rally Competition
MCD X4 Rally
Redcat Rampage Rally
Schumacher Big 6 Lotus
Smartech SMT
Smartech Twister

^ TOP ^

1/8 Scale Nitro Touring/Drift/WRC Cars:

Associated RC100
Associated RC200
Associated RC250
Associated RC300
Associated RC500
Himoto MP One
Hobao GTB
Hong Nor DM-1
Hong Nor X3-GT Nitro
HPI Ken Block WR8 3.0
HPI WR8 3.0
HSP Camelry
HSP Rapido
Jamara Ultra GTPone Viper
Jamara X3-GT Nitro
Kyosho Evolva 2003
Kyosho Evolva 2005
Kyosho Evolva 2012
Kyosho Evolva M3
Kyosho Evolva M3 Evo
Kyosho Fantom 2001
Kyosho GP20 Espirit
Kyosho Inferno GT
Kyosho Inferno GT2
Kyosho Landmax
Kyosho Landmax 2

Kyosho Super Dash
Losi L8ight Race Roller
Mugen MRX-2
Mugen MRX-3
Mugen MRX-4
Mugen MRX-4R
Mugen MRX-4X
Mugen MRX-5
Mugen Sting
Ofna DM One
Ofna DM-1 Spec
Ofna GT-V2 Pro Nitro
Ofna Ultra GTP
Ofna Ultra GTP-2
Ofna X3-GT Nitro
Schumacher Menace GTR
Seben SF3
Serpent 950
Serpent 960
Serpent 966
Serpent 966 TE
Serpent 966 TE V2
Serpent Cobra GT
Serpent Vector
Serpent Veteq
Serpent Viper 977

Tamiya Avex Dome Mgn NSX
Tamiya Calsonic GT-R
Tamiya Kure Nismo GT-R
Tamiya Mercedes CLK GTR
Tamiya Nismo GT-R LM
Tamiya Nissan R390 GT1
Tamiya Pennzoil Nismo GT-R
Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1
Tamiya Raybrig NSX
Tamiya S Impreza WRC'99
Tamiya S Impreza WRC 2001
Tamiya Toyota Corolla WRC
Tamiya TGR Chassis
Tamiya TGR - No Engine Ver
Tamiya TGX Mk1-TS
Tamiya TGX Mk1-TS Dbl Dck
Tamiya TGX Mk1 TRF Special
Tamiya TGX Mk1 TS/15CV-X
Tamiya TGX Mk1 TS/N CX-12
T Tiger EB-4 S2.5 Rally
T Tiger EB-4 S3 Rally
Thunder Tiger ER-1
T Tiger ER-1 Sport
T T Tomahawk XL
Xray RX8
Xray RX8 2012

^ TOP ^

1/9 Scale Nitro Touring/Drift/WRC Cars:

GS Racing Conqueror

Kyosho DRX

^ TOP ^

1/10 Scale Nitro Touring/Drift/WRC Cars:

Associated NTC3
Associated RC10-NDS
Carson Audi R8 RCS
Carson Lamborgini Gallardo
Carson Porsche 911 GT3
Carson Pch-Crrera GT3-RS
Carson VW-Scirocco CV-10
CEN Mitsubishi Pajero
CEN Subaru WRX
CEN Zoom 10 Nitro
Duratrax Chevy Camaro ZL1
Duratrax Nissan GT-R
Duratrax Street Force GP
Duratrax Street Force GP2
FS Racing Full Speed
GS Racing Vision
GS Racing Vision Pro
Heng Long Sprint - Street Car
Himoto Rapida
Himoto Rapida-Pro
Himoto Taipan
Hobao Hyper GPX4
Hobao GPX4 Pro
Hobao Hyper 10
Hong Nor CD3
Hong Nor LD3
Hot Bodies R10
HB Tornado
HPI RS4 3 18SS
HPI RS4 3 18SS+
HPI RS4-3 Drift
HPI RS4-3 Evo
HPI RS4 3 Evo+
HPI RS4 Nitro Mini
HSP KuTiger
HSP Pacesetter
HSP Sonic
Jamara Hoolk
Kyosho FW-05R
Kyosho FW-05RR
Kyosho FW-05S
Kyosho FW-05T
Kyosho FW-06
Kyosho KF01 - F1
Kyosho PureTen GP Alpha 2
Kyosho PureTen GP Alpha 3
Kyosho PureTen GP Fazer
Kyosho Spada 09L
Kyosho SuperTen
Kyosho SuperTen FW-03
Kyosho SuperTen FW-04

Kyosho TR-15 Rally
Kyosho V-One R
Kyosho V-One RR
Kyosho V-One RRR
Kyosho V-One RRR Evo
Kyosho V-One RRR Evo WC
Kyosho V-One RRR Evo.2
Kyosho V-One RRR Evo.2 WC
Kyosho V-One R4
Kyosho V-One R4SP
Kyosho V-One S
Kyosho V-One S II
Kyosho V-One S III
Kyosho V-One SR
Kyosho V-One SR Shin
Megatech Razor XT
Mugen MRX-2
Mugen MRX-3
Mugen MRX-4
Mugen MRX-4R
Mugen MRX-4X
Mugen MRX-5
Mugen Sting
Ofna CD3
Ofna Hyper GPX4
Ofna LD3
Ofna OB4 Slimline
Redcat Racing Lightning
Schumacher Fusion R12
Schumacher Fusion 21
Schu Fusion 28 Skyline
Schu Fusion 28 Turbo
Seben LXR
Seben SF
Seben SF2
Serpent 705
Serpent 710
Serpent 720
Serpent 733
Serpent 733 Evo
Serpent 733 TE
Serpent 747
Serpent 835
Serpent Impact M2
Smartech Winner 1
Smartech Winner Pro
Tamiya Audi A4 DTM 2005
Tamiya Audi A4 DTM 2005 Team Abt Sportsline
Tamiya Beams Integra
Tam Clsnc Skyln GTR (R34)
Tam Ctrn Xsara WRC MC 04
Tam CLK DTM 02 AMG Merc
Tam CLK DTM 02 Vdfn Merc
Tamiya Enzo Ferrari
Tam Esso Ultraflo Supra 05
Tam Ferrari 360GT Daytona
Tamiya Ferrari F430

Tam Ford Focus RS WRC 03
Tamiya Impreza WRC MC '07
Tam Lancia Delta HF Intgrl
Tamiya Lexus GS 400
Tamiya Mercedes Benz C-Class DTM 2004
Tamiya Mercedes Benz CLK DTM 2000 Original Teile
Tamiya Mercedes CLK GTR Team Sportswear
Tam Nssn Skyline GTR (R32)
Tam Porsch 911 GT3 Cup VIP
Tamiya Porsche Carrera GT
Tamiya Raybrig HSV 010
Tamiya Raybrig NSX
Tamiya Raybrig NSX 2002
Tamiya Raybrig NSX 2004
Tamiya Raybrig NSX 2005
Tamiya Mini Cooper Racing
Tam Subaru Impreza WRC'99
Tam Subaru Impreza WRC 01
Tam Subaru Impreza WRC 02
Tam Subaru Impreza WRC 03
Tam Subaru Impreza WRC 04
Tamiya TG10 Mk1
Tamiya TG10 Mk1 Pro
Tamiya TG10R
Tamiya TG10 Mk2
Tamiya TG10 Mk2 PRO
Tamiya Vodafone Mercedes C-Class DTM 2006
Tam Xanavi Nismo GTR (R34)
Tamiya Xanavi Nismo Z
Team Magic G4-D
Team Magic G4-RS
Team Magic G4+Evo
Team Magic G4-JR
Team Magic G4-JS
Team Magic G4
Team Magic G4-S
Thunder Tiger SSR
Thndr Tiger TS-4n Pro V2
Thndr Tgr TS-4N Plus/Luxe
Thndr Tiger Tomahawk VX
Thndr Tiger Tomahawk MX
Traxxas 4-Tec 2.5
Traxxas 4-Tec 3.3
Traxxas Nitro Street
Xray NT1
Xray NT1 2012 Specs
Xray NT1 Pro
Xray NT1R
Yokomo GT-4
Yokomo GT-4R
Yokomo GT-4W
Yokomo YR-4 GP
Yokomo YR-10 GP

^ TOP ^

1/16 Scale Nitro Touring/Drift/WRC Cars:


Himoto Mini Interceptor

HSP Starpace

^ TOP ^

RC Electric Rock Crawler

Rock Crawlers:
By Scale:

Rock Crawler
1/5 Scale
Exceed MaxStone 5
Himoto Crawler RCF-5
1/8 Scale
Exceed Mad Torque
Exceed MaxStone 8
Gmade Dragoon
Gmade G1
Gmade Spider
Gmade Stealth
HBX Basilisk
Himoto Crawler RCF-8
HPI Crawler King
HSP Climbing Hammer
HSP Climbing Jeep
HSP Climbing Wecker
HSP Rock Crawler 94880
HSP Rock Crawler 94880T2
Integy Crawler
RC4WD Frankenstein
Redcat Rockslide Super Crawler
1/10 Scale
Ansmann Rock Ruler
Axial AX10 Ridgecrest
Axial AX10 Scorpion
Axial SCX10
Axial Wraith
Axial XR10
Carson X-Crawlee
Exceed MaxStone 10
Gmade R1 Rock Buggy

1/10 Scale
HBX Rockfighter
Himoto Metal Crawler RCT-1
Himoto Rock Crusher RCF-1
HSP Pangolin 94180
HSP Pangolin 94180T2
HSP Jeep Crawler Truck
Kyosho Rock Force
Losi Comp Crawler
Losi Night Crawler
Maisto Rock Crawler
Maverick Scout
New Bright Pro Dirt
RC4WD Bully
Redcat Rockslide RS10
Redcat Rckslide RS10 XT
Seben ME4
Tamiya Bullhead
Tamiya Ford Bronco 1973
Tamiya Jeep Wrnglr - CR-01
Tamiya Merc Unimog - CR-01
Tam Toyota Land Cruiser 40
Traxxas Summit
Venom Creeper

1/10 Scale
Venom Safari Creeper
XTM X-Crawler
1/12 Scale
Carson FD X-Crawlee
HPI Wheely King Crawler
Yokomo CL Challenger
1/14 Scale
Duratrax Cliff Climber
1/18 Scale
Himoto Mini Rock Crusher MRC-18
HSP Kulak 94680
HSP Kulak 94680T2
Losi Mini Rock Crawler
LRP Rock Crawler
Maisto Junior
New Bright Jeep
PTI Goliath Crawler
TT - Tiger Crawler ARTR
Vaterra SlickRock
1/24 Scale
Losi Micro Crawler
Losi Trail Trekker
Redcat Sumo Micro Crawler
RCTRAX MiniQLO Crawler
Xmod Hummer Crawler

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★★ Tamiya Electric Models and Chassis Lists: ★★
By Model Type or By Number

Click < HERE > For Tamiya Nitro Models

Tamiya F1
★ Formula One ★
Tamiya Le Mans
★ Le Mans ★
Tamiya Complete
★ Tamiya Complete ★
Tamiya M Chassis
★ M Chassis ★
Tamiya Off Road
★ Off Road ★
Tamiya WRC Car
★ WRC ★
Tamiya Off Road Chassis Types
★ Off Road Chassis ★
Tamiya F1/Le Mans Chassis Types
★ F1/LM Chassis ★
Tamiya On Road Chassis Types
★ On Road Chassis ★
Tamiya Touring Car
★ Touring/Drift ★

Tamiya Holiday Buggy

Tamiya Buggys:

A to Z or By Number
Tamiya Dirt Thrasher
Aero Avante ★ #58550 - DF-02
Astute ★ #58080 - Fibreglass
Avante ★ #58072 - FRP
Avante 2001 ★ #58085 - FRP
Avante 2011 ★ #58489 - Carbon Fiber
Avante Mk.II ★ #58387 - DF-03
Baja Champ ★ #58221 TL-01B
Baja King ★ #58301 TL-01B
Baldre ★ #58404 DB-01
Bear Hawk ★ #58093 - ABS
Bigwig ★ #58057 - ABS
Blazing Star ★ #58204 - DF-01
Blitzer Beetle ★ #58122 - ABS
Blitzer Beetle Chrome ★ #58252 - ABS
Blitzer Beetle 2011 ★ #58502 - ABS
Boomerang ★ #58055 - ABS
Boomerang 2008 ★ #58418 - ABS
Buggy Champ ★ #58441 - FRP
Dark Impact ★ #58370 DF-03
Desert Gator ★ #58344 - DT-02
Dirt Thrasher ★ #58160 - DF-01 Rework
Dual Ridge ★ #58596 - TT-02B
Durga ★ #58395 - DB-01
Dyna Storm ★ #58116 - FRP
Egress ★ #58079 - FRP
Egress 2013 ★ #58583 - CF
Falcon ★ #58056 - ABS
Fighter Buggy RX ★ #58184 - ABS
Fighter Buggy SV ★ #58553 - DT-02
Fire Dragon ★ #58078 - ABS
Fire Dragon ★ #58403 - ABS
Fox ★ #58051 - ABS
Frog ★ #58041 - ORV
Frog - 2005 ★ #58354 - ORV
Grasshopper ★ #58043 - Bathtub
Grasshopper II ★ #58074 - Bathtub
Grasshopper 2005 ★ #58346 - Bathtub
Gravel Hound ★ #58328 - DF-02
Holiday Buggy ★ #58023 - Bathtub
Holiday Buggy 2010 ★ #58470 - DT-02
Hornet ★ #58045 - Bathtub
Hornet ★ #58336 - Bathtub
Hornet - Jun Watanabe ★ #58527 - Bathtub
Hotshot ★ #58047 - ABS
Hotshot ★ #58391 - ABS
Hot Shot II ★ #58062 - ABS
Keen Hawk ★ #58380 - DF-03
Lamborghini Cheetah ★ #58007 - Al (1:12)
Leonis ★ #58507 - DB-02
Madcap ★ #58082 - ABS
Mad Fighter ★ #58275 - DT-01
Manta Ray ★ #58087 - DF-01
Manta Ray 2005 ★ #58360 - DF-01
Neo Falcon ★ #58401 - DT-02
Neo Fighter Buggy ★ #58587 - DT-03
Neo Scorcher ★ #58568 - TT-02B
Novafox ★ #58577 - ABS
Plasma Edge ★ #58399 - DF-02
Rising Fighter ★ #58416 - Bathtub
Rising Storm ★ #58334 - DF-02
Rough Rider ★ #58015 - GRP-Alum
Saint Dragon ★ #58083 - ABS
Sand Rover ★ #58024 - Bathtub
Sand Rover 2011 ★ #58500 - DT-02
Sand Scorcher ★ #58016 - GRP-Alum
Sand Scorcher ★ #58452 - GRP-Alum
Sand Viper ★ #58374 - DT-02
Sonic Fighter ★ #58071 - Bathtub
Street Rover ★ #58522 - DT-02
Striker ★ #58061 - Bathtub
Super Astute ★ #58097 - Fibreglass
Super Champ ★ #58034 - GRP-Alum
Super Fighter G ★ #58340 - DT-02
Super Fighter GR ★ #58485 - DT-02
Super Fighter GR (V-R) ★ #58536 - DT-02
Super Hornet ★ #58124 - Bathtub
Super Hotshot 2012 ★ #58517 - ABS
Super Sabre ★ #58066 - ABS
Super Shot ★ #58054 - ABS
Terra Conqueror ★ #58115 - DF-01
Terra Scorcher ★ #58075- ABS
Thunder Dragon ★ #58073 - ABS
Thunder Shot ★ #58067 - ABS
Thunder Shot ★ #58361 - ABS
Top Force ★ #58100 - DF-01 + FRP
Top Force ★ #58362 - DF-01 + FRP
Top Force Evo ★ #58107 - DF-01 + GRP
Vanquish ★ #58076 - ABS
Wild One ★ #58050 - Bathtub
Wild One Off-Roader ★ #58525 - Bathtub
Wild Willy ★ #58035 - Sealed Box
Wild Willy 2 ★ #58242 - WR-02
Zahhak ★ #58477 - DN-01
Tamiya Monster Beetle

Tamiya Monster Trucks:

A to Z or By Number
Tamiya Ford Bronco
Agrios ★ #58549 - TXT-2
Blackfoot ★ #58058 - Space Frame
Blackfoot III ★ #58498 - Mono Frame
Blackfoot Xtreme ★ #58312 - ABS
Bruiser ★ #58048 - ABS
Bullhead ★ #58089 - Bathtub
Bullhead ★ #58535 - Bathtub
Bush Devil ★ #58101 - Space Frame
Bush Devil II ★ #58523 - Space Frame
Clod Buster ★ #58065 - Bathtub
Double Blaze ★ #58366 - ABS
Dualhunter ★ #58396 - ABS
Farm King (Wheelie) ★ #58556 - WR-02
Ford Bronco 1973 ★ #58436 - CR-01
Hilux High-Lift ★ #58397 - Ladder Frame
Hilux Monster Racer ★ #58086 - ABS
Jeep Wrangler - Crawler ★ #58429 - CR-01
Juggernaut ★ #58232 - ABS
Juggernaut 2 ★ #58256 - ABS
King Blackfoot ★ #58192 - ORV
LandFreeder ★ #58579 - CC-01
Lunchbox ★ #58063 - ABS (1:12)
Lunchbox ★ #58347 - CW-01 (1:12)
Lunchbox - Blk Ed ★ #58546 - CW-01 (1:12)
Lunchbox - Blue St ★ #58575 - CW-01 (1:12)
Mammoth Dump Truck ★ #58268 - LF (1:20)
Merc Unimog ★ #58457 - CC-01
Merc Unimog ★ #58414 - CR-01
Merc Unimog ★ #58557 - CW-01
Midnight Pumpkin ★ #58070 - ABS (1:12)
Midnight Pmp CMS ★ #58365 - CW-01 (1:12)
Mid Pmp - Blk Ed ★ #58547 - CW-01 (1:12)
Mitsu Montero Wheelie ★ #58499 - Frame
Monster Beetle ★ #58060 - ORV
Mountaineer ★ #58111 - Ladder Frame
Mud Blaster ★ #58077 - ORV
Mud Blaster II ★ #58514 - WR-01
Rock Socker Truck ★ #58592 - CR-01
Super Blackfoot ★ #58110 - ORV
Super Clod Buster ★ #58321 - Bathtub
Super Clod Buster ★ #58518 - Bathtub
Super Clod Buster Chrm ★ #58423 - Btub
Suzuki Jimny (SJ30) Whl ★ #58531 - WR-02
Suzuki Jimny (SJ30) Blue ★ #58576 - WR-02
Toyota Bruiser ★ #58519 - Ladder Frame
Tyt Land Cruiser 40 ★ #58405 - CR-01
Tyt Land Cruiser 40 ★ #58589 - GF-01 (1:12)
Tumbling Bull ★ #58586 - WR-02G
Tundra High-Lift ★ #58415 - Ladder Frm
Twin Detonator ★ #58309 - WR-01
TXT-1 ★ #58280 - Ladder Frame
VW Typ 2 Whlie (T1) ★ #58512 - WR-2 (1:12)
Tamiya Ford SVT F150

Tamiya Trucks:

A to Z or By Number
Tamiya Stadium Blitzer
Asterion ★ #58552 - XV-01T
Blazing Blazer ★ #58029 - Ladder Frame
Chevy S-10 ★ #58146 - TA-01/TA-02
Desert Fielder ★ #58537 - TA-02T
Dyna Blaster ★ #58123 - FRP
Ford Bronco 1973 ★ #58469 - CC-01
Ford F-150 Truck ★ #58161 - TA-01/02
Ford F-150 Rngr XLT ★ #58027 - GRP-Al
Ford F150 1995 Baja Ver ★ #58495 TA02T
Ford F350 High-Lift ★ #58372 - GRP-Al
Ford SVT F-150 Lghtng ★ #58222 - TL-01
Ford SVT F-150 Lghtng ★ #58481 - TT01E
Honda CR-V ★ #58178 - CC-01
Isuzu Mu ★ #58152 - CC-01
Isuzu Mu Type X ★ #58166 - CC-01
Jeep Wrangler ★ #58141 - CC-01
Mad Bull ★ #58205 - ABS
Merc Unimog ★ #58457 - CC-01
Mitsubishi Pajero ★ #58044 - Bathtub
Mitsu Pajero Metaltop ★ #58132 - CC-01
Nissan King Cab ★ #58081 - ABS
Nissan Titan ★ #58511 - DT-02
Stadium Blitzer ★ #58106 - ABS
Stadium Blitzer ★ #58482 - ABS
Stadium Raider ★ #58246 - TL-01
Stadium Thunder ★ #58181 - ABS
Stadium Thunder 2012 ★ #58524 - ABS
Subaru Brat ★ #58038 - ORV
Subaru Brat ★ #58384 - ORV
Toyota 4x4 Pick Up ★ #58028 - ABS
Toyota FJ Cruiser ★ #58588 - CC-01
Toyota Land Cruiser 40 ★ #58445 - CC-01
Toyota Land Cruiser 40 B-S ★ #58564 - CC-01
Toyota Prerunner ★ #58136 - TA-01/02
Vajra ★ #58497 - Carbon Fibre
VW Race-Touareg ★ #58324 - CC-01
Wild Dagger ★ #58231 - ABS
Willys Wheeler ★ #58039 - Sealed Box
Tamiya FAV

Tamiya Military Vehicles:

A to Z or By Number
Tamiya M1025 Hummer
Fast Attack Vehicle ★ #58046 - ABS
Fast Attack Vehicle 2011 ★ #58496 - ABS
Fast Attack Vehicle ★ #58539 - ABS
JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle ★ #58326 - TA-01/02
M1025 Hummer ★ #58154 TA-01/02
XR311 Combat Support Vehicle ★ #58004 - Al Plate (1:12)
^ TOP ^

Tamiya Buggy Chassis

Tamiya Off Road Chassis Types:

A to Z or By Number
Tamiya Monster Truck Chassis
★ CC-01 ★
★ CR-01 ★
★ CW-01 ★
★ DB-01 ★
★ DB-01-R ★
★ DB-02 ★
★ DF-01 ★
★ DF-02 ★
★ DF-03 ★
★ DF-03-MS ★
★ DN-01 ★
★ DT-01 ★
★ DT-02 ★
★ DT-02-MS ★
★ DT-03 ★
★ GB-01 ★
★ GB-02 ★
★ GB-03 ★
★ GF-01 ★
★ TL-01-B ★
★ TRF-201 ★
★ TRF-501X ★
★ TRF-502X ★
★ TRF-511 ★
★ TRF-511X ★
★ TT-02B ★
★ WR-01 ★
★ WT-01 ★
★ WR-02 ★
^ TOP ^
Tamiya F1 Car

Tamiya F1 - F2:

A to Z or By Number
Tamiya F1
Benetton B192 ★ #58118 - F102
Brabham BT50 BMW Turbo ★ #58031 - Alloy Plate
Can Am Lola ★ #58021 - RM-1 (1:12)
Ferrari 312T3 ★ #58011 - Alloy Plate
Ferrari 312T3 ★ #49191 - F103RS
Ferrari 412T1 ★ #58142 - F103
Ferrari F189 Late Version ★ #58084 - F101
Ferrari F2001 ★ #58288 - F201
Ferrari F2012 ★ 58559 - F104
Ferrari F310B ★ #58213 - F103RS
Ferrari F60 ★ #58447 - F104
Footwork FA13 Mugen ★ #58114 - F102
Honda F2 (CS) ★ #58030 - FRP
Jordan 191 ★ #58103 - F101
JPS Lotus 79 (CS)★ #58020 - Alloy Plate
Ligier JS9 Matra ★ #58010 - Alloy Plate
Ligier JS9 Matra (CS)★ #58012 - Alloy Plate
Lotus 102B Judd ★ #58095 - F101
Lotus 107B Ford ★ #58126 - F103
Lotus Honda 99T ★ #58068 - FRP
Lotus Type 79 ★ #84122 - F104W
March 782 BMW (F2) ★ #58013 - FRP

Martini Mk22 Renault (F2) ★ #58014 - FRP
McLaren MP4/6 Honda ★ #58104 - F102
McLaren Mercedes MP4/13 ★ #58235 - F103RS
Newman Haas K-Mart Texaco Lola T93/00 ★ #58134 - F103L
PIAA Nakajima Reynard 97D ★ #58198 - F103
Rahal-Hogan Motorola Lola T94/00 Honda ★ #58148 - F103L
Ralt RT2 Hart 420R (F2) ★ #58018 - FRP
Road Wizard F-1 ★ #58053 - FRP
Sauber C12 ★ #58130 - F103
Team Lotus 99T Honda ★ #84191 - F103
Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler 1976 Japan GP ★ #58003 - Alloy Plate
Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler 1976 Japan GP ★ #84111 - F103
Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler 1976 Japan GP ★ #49154 - F103RS
Tyrrell 019 Ford ★ #58090 - F101
Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-24 ★ #58475 - F104
Williams F1 BMW FW24 ★ #58303 - F201
Williams FW-07 (CS)★ #58019 - Alloy Plate
Williams FW-11B Honda F1 ★ #58069 - FRP
Williams FW14 Renault ★ #58105 - F102
Williams-Renault FW18 ★ #58179 - F103RS
Wolf-WR1 ★ #84124 - F104W

^ TOP ^
Tamiya Le Mans

Tamiya Le Mans:

A to Z or By Number
Tamiya Le Mans Car
Advan Courage LC70 Mugen ★ #58376 - F103GT
Audi R8R ★ #58247 - F103LM
Ferrari-F40 ★ #58098 - Group-C
Ferrari F40 ★ #58356 - Group-C
Ford C100 (RM MK-4) ★ #58033 - FRP (1:12)
Jaguar XJR-12 ★ #58092 - Group-C
Jaguar XJR-12 Daytona Winner ★ #58352 Group-C
Martini Porsche 935 Turbo ★ #58002 - Al Plate (1:12)
Martini Porsche 936 Turbo ★ #58006 - Al Plate (1:12)
Mazda 787B ★ #58102 - Group-C
Mazda 787B ★ #58357 Group-C
Mazda 787B No.18 Le-Mans 1991 ★ #58555 - RM-01

Mercedes Benz C11 ★ #58088 - Group-C
Mercedes Benz C11 ★ #58351 Group-C
Newman Porsche 956 (RM Mk-7) ★ #58052 - FRP (1:12)
Newman Joest Racing Porsche ★ #58521 - RM-01 (1:12)
Nissan R91CP ★ #58109 - Group-C
Porsche 911 GT1 98 LM Winner ★ #58230 - F103RS
Porsche 956 (RM Mk-5) ★ #58042 - FRP (1:12)
Tornado (RM MK-3) ★ #58032 - FRP (1:12)
Toyota GT-One TS020 ★ #58229 - F103RS
Toyota GT-One TS020 99 ★ #58253 - F103RS
Toyota Tom's (RM Mk-6) ★ #58049 - FRP (1:12)
Toyota Tom's 84C ★ #58509 - RM-01 (1:12)

^ TOP ^
Tamiya F1 Chassis

Tamiya F1/F2/Le Mans Chassis Types:

A to Z or By Number
Tamiya F1
★ F101 ★
★ F102 ★
★ F103 ★
★ F103-GT ★
★ F103-L ★
★ F103-LM ★
★ F103-LM TRF ★
★ F103-RS ★
★ F103-RX ★
★ F104 ★
★ F104 Pro ★
★ F104-W ★
★ F104-X1 ★
★ F104 Ver.II Pro ★
★ F201 ★
★ Group-C ★
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Tamiya M Chassis Fiat

Tamiya M Chassis:

A to Z or By Number
Tamiya M Chassis
Abarth 500 Assetto Corse ★ #58444 - M-05
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA ★ #58307 - M-04M
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA ★ #58187 - M-02M
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA ★ #58486 - M-06
Alfa Romeo MiTo ★ #58453 - M-05
Alpine A110 ★ #58168 - M-02
Alpine A110 ★ #58471 - M-05Ra
BMW M roadster ★ #58240 - M-04L
Eunos Roadster ★ #58180 - M-02M
Eunos Roadster ★ #58325 - M-04M
Fiat 500 ★ #58427 - M-03M
Fiat Abarth 1000 TCR Berlina Corse ★ #58158 - M-02
Fiat Abarth 1000 TCR Berlina Corse ★ #58465 - M-05
Honda Ballade Sports Mugen CR-X Pro ★ #58503 - M-05

Honda S800 Racing ★ #58175 - M-02
Honda S800 Racing ★ #58454 - M-05
Honda S2000 ★ #58236 - M-04L
Honda S-MX Lowdown ★ #58196 - M-01M
Lowride Pumpkin ★ #58594 - M-06 (1:12)
Mazda RX-7 ★ #58493 - M-06
Mercedes-Benz SLK ★ #58202 - M-02L
Mini Cooper 94 Monte-Carlo ★ #58163 - M-01
Mini Cooper 94 Monte-Carlo ★ #58483 - M-05
Mini Cooper ★ #58295 - M-03L
Mini Cooper Racing ★ #58438 - M-05
Mini Cooper S 2006 ★ #58400 - M-03L
Mini JCW Coupe ★ #58520 - M-05

Nissan Silvia S-13 ★ #58532 - M-06
Porsche 911 Carrera ★ #58208 - M-02L
Porsche Boxster ★ #58197 - M-02L
Renault Alpine A110 '71 MC ★ #58591 - M-06
Rover Mini Cooper ★ #58149 - M-01
Rover Mini Cooper Racing ★ #58211 - M-03
Suzuki Swift Super 1600 ★ #58368 - M-03M
Suzuki Swift Super 1600 ★ #58464 - M-05Ra
Suzuki WagonR-RR ★ #58234 - M-03
Toyota bB ★ #58265 - M-03L
Volkswagen Beetle ★ #58173 - M-02L
VW Beetle ★ #58572 - M-06
Volkswagen Beetle ★ #58383 - M-04L

^ TOP ^
Tamiya BMW Touring Cars

Tamiya Touring Cars:

A to Z or By Number
Tamiya Touring
ABT-Audi TT-R ★ #58300 - TA04-SS
Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI ★ #58128 - TA-02
Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Jagermeister ★ #58585 TT-02
Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI BOSCH ★ #58195 - TL01
Alfa Romeo 156 Racing ★ #58245 - FF02
AMG Mercedes Benz C-Class DTM D2 ★ #58139 - TA-02
ARTA Garaiya ★ #58409 - TB-03
ARTA NSX ★ #58369 - TA-05
Audi A4 DTM 2005 Team Abt-Sportsline ★ #58363 - TT-01
Audi A4 DTM 2005 Red Bull ★ #58355 - TT-01
Audi A4 STW ★ #58182 - TA-03F
Audi R8 LMS - 24h Nurburgring ★ #58504 - TT-01 Type-E
Avex Dome Mugen NSX ★ #58207 - TA-03R
Axia Skyline GT-R GrA ★ #58120 - TA-01
B2B Racing Sidecar ★ #58017 - Alloy Plate
Beams Integra ★ #58293 - TL-01LA
Blitz Toyota Supra Gr.N ★ #58137 - TA-02
BMW 318i STW ★ #58171 - TA-02
BMW 318i STW ★ #58516 - TT-01 Type-E
BMW 320si WTCC 2006 ★ #58385 - TT-01
BMW M3 E30 Sport Evo ★ #58451 - TT-01D Type-E
BMW M3 GT2 2009 ★ #58449 - TT-01 Type-E
BMW M3 Sport Evo ★ #58541 - TT-01 Type E
BMW Z4 M Coupe Racing ★ #58393 - TT-01
Calsonic Impul Z ★ #58329 - TB-02
Calsonic Impul GT-R (R35) ★ #58434 - TB-03
Calsonic Nissan Primera JTCC ★ #58151 - FF01
Calsonic Skyline GT-R ★ #58191 - TL-01
Calsonic Skyline GT-R 2001 ★ #58285 - TA-04S
Calsonic Skyline GT-R 2003 ★ #58314 - TT-01
Calsonic Skyline GT-R Gr.A ★ #58135 - TA-02
Calsonic Skyline GT-R (R34) ★ #58255 - TL-01
Castrol Mugen NSX ★ #58233 - TL-01
Castrol Nissan Primera JTCC ★ #58147 - FF-01
Castrol Tom's Supra 2000 ★ #58264 - TL-01
Castrol Toyota Tom's Supra GT ★ #58170 - TA-02W
Cayenne S Transsyberia 2007 ★ #58406 - DF-01
CLK DTM 2002 AMG Mercedes ★ #58296 - TL-01LA
CLK DTM 2002 AMG Mercedes ★ #58317 - TB-02
Corolla Axio apr GT ★ #58448 - TA05 Ver.II
Corvette C5-R ★ #58272 - TA04-S
Cusco Dunlop Subaru Impreza ★ #58435 - TA05 Ver.II
Cusco Dunlop Subaru Impreza ★ #58439 - TT-01 Type E
Datsun 240Z Drift Spec ★ #58473 - TT-01D Type E
Datsun 280ZX (RM Mk-2) ★ #58022 - Pan
Daytona Thunder ★ #58153 - Group C
EBBRO BTEC Maziora 350R ★ #58389 - TA05-IFS
Eclipse Advan SC430 ★ #58394 - TA05-IFS
Endless Nissan 370Z ★ #58474 - TT-01D Type E
Eneos Sustina RC-F ★ #58595 - TB-04
Eneos Sustina RC-F ★ #58597 - TT-02
Enzo Ferrari ★ #58298 - TB-01
Enzo Ferrari ★ #58302 - TT-01
Esso Ultraflo Supra ★ #58358 - TA-05
Esso Ultraflo Supra ★ #58359 - TT-01
Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge ★ #58289 - TL-01
Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge ★ #58266 - TA-04
Ferrari 458 Challenge ★ #58560 - TT-02
Ferrari 458 Challenge ★ #58563 - TA-06
Ferrari 599XX ★ #58506 - TA-06
Ferrari 599XX ★ #58510 - TT-01 Type-E
Ferrari F430 ★ #58345 - TA-05
Ferrari F430 ★ #58343 - TT-01
Ferrari FXX ★ #58378 - TA-05
Ferrari FXX ★ #58377 - TT-01
Ford Mondeo BTCC ★ #58143 - FF-01
Ford Mustang Cobra-R ★ #58228 - TL-01
Ford SVT Mustang Cobra-R ★ #58169 - TA-02
Ford Zakspeed Turbo Capri Gr5 Wurth ★ #58578 - TT-02
Hatsune Miku Studie GLAD BMW Z4 ★ #58442 - TT-01 Type-E
HKS Benz CLK ★ #58291 - TA-04R
HKS Nissan Skyline GT-R Gr.A ★ #58140 - TA-02
HKS Opel Vectra JTCC ★ #58159 - FF-01
HKS Racing Altezza ★ #58276 - TA-04R
Honda Accord Aero Custom ★ #58540 FF-03
Honda Civic SiR EG6 ★ #92193 - TT01-D
Honda Civic Type-R R3 JAS Motorsport ★ #58476 - FF-03
Honda Civic Type-R R3 JAS Motorsport ★ #58480 - TT-01 Type-E
Honda CR-Z ★ #58490 - FF-03
Honda CR-Z ★ #58494 - TT-01 Type-E
Honda NSX ★ #58094 - Group C
Idemitsu Motion Mugen Civic ★ #58121 - FF-01
JACCS Honda Accord ★ #58190 - FF-01
JACCS Honda Civic ★ #58133 - FF-01
Kure Nismo GT-R ★ #58185 - TA-03F
LaFerrari ★ #58580 - TB04
LaFerrari ★ #58582 - TT-02
Lamborghini Countach LP500S ★ #58005 - Al Plate
Lamborghini Countach LP500S (CS) ★ #58008 - Al Plate
Lamborghini Countach LP500S ★ #58413 - TT-01 Type-E
Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Super Trofeo ★ #58456 - TA05 Ver.II
Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Super Trofeo ★ #58458 - TT-01 Type-E
Lexus GS 400 ★ #58251 - TL-01
Lexus GS 400 ★ #58432 - TT-01D Type-E
Lexus IS 200 ★ #58237- TL-01
Loctite Nissan Skyline GT-R N1 ★ #58155 - TA-02
Loctite Zexel Skyline GT-R (R34) ★ #58269 - TA-04
Martini Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI ★ #58189 - TA-03F
Mazda RX-7 ★ #58382 - TT-01
Mazda RX-7 Drift Spec ★ #58388 - TT-01D
Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5 16 Evo II ★ #58491 - TT-01 Type E
Mercedes Benz 190E Evo II AMG ★ #58108 - TA-01
Mercedes Benz 190E Evo II AMG ★ #58327 - TT-01
Mercedes Benz C-Class DTM 2004 ★ #58350 - TA-05
Mercedes Benz C-Class DTM 2004 ★ #58341 - TT-01
Mercedes AMG DTM C-Class 2008 Original Teile ★ #58433 - TT-01 Type-E
Mercedes Benz CLK DTM 2000 Team D2 ★ #58260 - TL-01
Mercedes Benz CLK DTM 2000 Team Original Teile ★ #58279 - TA-04S
Mercedes Benz CLK-DTM Team Vodafone AMG-Mercedes ★ #58310 - TB-02
Mercedes Benz CLK-DTM Team Vodafone AMG-Mercedes ★ #58318 - TT-01
Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 ★ #58561 - TA-06
Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 ★ #58566 - TT-02
Mercedes CLK-GTR ★ #58214 - TA-03R
Mercedes CLK-GTR Original-Teile ★ #58244 - TL-01
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII ★ #58542 - TT-01E
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X ★ #58440 - DF-03Ra
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X ★ #58437 - TT-01 Type-E
Mobil 1 NSX ★ #58220 - TA-03R
Mobil 1 SC ★ #58375 - TA-05
Motul NISMO GT-R Tokachi 24 Hours Race ★ #58466 - TA-05 Ver-II
Nismo Clarion GT-R LM ★ #58165 - TA-02W
Nismo Coppermix Silvia ★ #58373 - TT-01
Nismo Coppermix Silvia - Drift Spec ★ #58386 - TT-01D
Nismo R34 GT-R Z-Tune ★ #58364 - TT-01
Nismo R34 GT-R Z-Tune - Drift Spec ★ #58419 - TT-01D
Nissan 300ZX IMSA-GTO ★ #58091 - Group-C
Nissan 300ZX IMSA-GTS ★ #58144 - TA-02W
Nissan 350Z ★ #58287 - TL-01
Nissan 350Z Race-Car ★ #58304 - TT-01
Nissan 370Z ★ #58478 - TT-01 Type-E
Nissan Fairlady Z Version NISMO ★ #58402 - TT-01 Type-E
Nissan GT-R ★ #58411 - TT-01 Type-E
Nissan GT-R Drift Spec ★ #58455 - TT-01D Type-E
Nissan R390 GT1 ★ #58203 - TA-03R
Nissan R390 GT1 ★ #58544 - TT-01E
Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo ★ #58099 - TA-01
Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32) ★ #58428 - TT-01D
Opel Calibra Cliff ★ #58188 - TA-03F
Opel Calibra V6 DTM ★ #58150 - TA-02
Opel V8 Coupe ★ #58263 - TL-01
Opel Vectra ★ #58209 - TA-03F
Open Interface Tom's SC430 ★ #58381 - TA-05
ORC Amemiya SGC-7 ★ #58425 - TB-03
Pennzoil Nismo GT-R ★ #58223 - TL-01
Pennzoil Nismo GT-R ★ #58239 - TA-03F
Petronas Syntium Merc SLS AMG GT3 ★ #58554 - TT-01 Type-E
Peugeot 406 ST ★ #58212 - TL-01
PIAA Accord VTEC ★ #58186 - FF-01
PIAA Porsche 911 ★ #58215 - TA03R-S
Porsche 911 Carrera RSR ★ #58571 - TT-02
Porsche 911 GT1 ★ #58193 - TA03R-S
Porsche 911 GT3 CUP Team KTR ★ #58422 - TT-01 Type-E
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup VIP ★ #58283 - TL-01
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup VIP 2007 ★ #58407 - TT-01 Type-E
Porsche 934 Turbo RSR ★ #58001 - Al Plate
Porsche Carrera GT ★ #58322 - TB-02
ProMarkt-Zakspeed AMG Mercedes C-Class DTM ★ #58145 - TA-02
Raybrig HSV-010 ★ #58472 - TA05 Ver.II
Raybrig HSV-010 ★ #58479 - TT-01 Type-E
Raybrig NSX 99 ★ #58254 - TA-03R
Raybrig NSX 2000 ★ #58262 - TB-01
Raybrig NSX 2002 ★ #58297 - TA-04R
Raybrig NSX 2003 ★ #58315 - TB-02
Raybrig NSX 2003 ★ #58313 - TT-01
Raybrig NSX 2004 ★ #58337 - TB-02
Raybrig NSX 2004 ★ #58339 - TT-01
Raybrig NSX 2005 ★ #58353 - TA-05
Raybrig NSX 2007 ★ #58398 - TA05-IFS
Raybrig NSX Concept GT ★ #58598 - TB-04
Renault 5 Turbo (CS) ★ #58026 - FRP
Renault Clio Williams ★ #58138 - FF-01
Repsol Ford Escort RS Cosworth ★ #58176 - TA-02
Schnitzer BMW M3 Sport Evo ★ #58113 - TA-01
Schnitzer BMW M3 Sport Evo ★ #58323 - TT-01
Street Devil ★ #58174 - Group-C
Subaru BRZ ★ #58545 - TT-01 Type E
Subaru BRZ Drift Spec ★ #58565 - TT-01D Type-E
Subaru BRZ R&D Sport ★ #58548 - TA-06
Subaru BRZ R&D Sport ★ #58543 - TT-01 Type E
Subaru XV ★ #58562 - XV-01
Subaru XV ★ #58567 - TT-02
Sumo Power GT Nissan GT-R ★ #58488 - TA-06
Sumo Power GT Nissan GT-R ★ #58501 TT-01 Type-E
Taisan Starcard Porsche 911 GT2 ★ #58172 - TA-02SW
Takata Dome NSX 2008 ★ #58424 - TB-03
Toyota 86 ★ #58529 TT-01 Type-E
Toyota 86 ★ #58530 TA-06
Toyota 86 Drift Spec ★ #58551 - TT-01D Type-E
Toyota Altezza Racing DRIFT ★ #58468 - TT-01D Type-E
Toyota Celica ★ #58248 - FF-02
Toyota Celica GT Four ★ #58164 - TA-02
Toyota Celica GT-Four 1990 ★ #58515 - TT-01 Type-E
Toyota Celica LB Turbo Gr.5 (CS) ★ #58009 - Al Plate (1:12)
Toyota Celica LB Turbo Gr.5 ★ #58513 - TT-01 Type-E
Toyota MR-S Racing ★ #58290 - TA04-SS
Toyota Supra Drift Spec ★ #58392 - TT-01D
Toyota Tom's EXIV JTCC ★ #58167 - FF-01
Toyota Tom's Levin ★ #58131 - FF-01
Vodafone AMG Mercedes C-Class DTM 2006 ★ #58379 - TT-01
Volkswagen Golf24 ★ #58533 - TT-01 Type E
Volkswagen Golf GTI Cup Car ★ #58410 - TT-01 Type-E
Volkswagen Golf V5 ★ #58206 - FF-01
Volkswagen Golf VR6 ★ #58162 - FF-01
Volkswagen New Beetle ★ #58217 - FF-01
Volkswagen Scirocco GT24 ★ #58508 - TT-01 Type-E
Volkswagen Scirocco GT24-CNG ★ #58505 - FF-03
Volvo 850 BTCC ★ #58183 - FF-01
VW Golf Racing Group 2 (CS) ★ #58025 - FRP
Weider HSV-010 ★ #58484 - TA05 Ver.II
Weider HSV-010 ★ #58487 - TT-01 Type-E
Xanavi Nismo GT-R - R34 ★ #58311 - TB-02
Xanavi Nismo GT-R - R34 ★ #58319 - TT-01
Xanavi Nismo GT-R - R35 ★ #58412 - TB-03
Xanavi Nismo Z ★ #58330 - TT-01
Zakspeed Ford Capri Gr.5 ★ #58590 - TT-02
^ TOP ^
Tamiya WRC Escort

Tamiya WRC Cars:

A to Z or By Number
Tamiya WRC Subaru
Audi Quattro Rally ★ #58036 - ABS
Castrol Celica 93 Monte-Carlo ★ #58129 - TA02
Castrol Celica 94 ★ #92200 - DF-03RA
Castrol Honda Civic VTi ★ #58127 - FF01
Castrol Honda Civic VTi ★ #58467 - FF03
Citroen Xsara WRC 2004 ★ #58332 - TT-01
Datsun 240Z Rally ★ #58462 - TT-01 Type E
Datsun 240Z Rally Version ★ #58459 - DF-03Ra
Ford Escort RS Cosworth ★ #58112 - TA-01
Ford Escort WRC ★ #58216 - TL-01
Ford Escort WRC ★ #58335 - TT-01
Ford Focus RS WRC 01 ★ #58281 - TB-01
Ford Focus RS WRC 02 ★ #58292 - TL-01
Ford Focus RS WRC 03 ★ #58308 - TT-01
Ford Focus WRC ★ #58241 - TL-01
GAZOO Racing TRD 86 ★ #58573 - XV-01
GAZOO Racing TRD 86 ★ #58574 - TT-02
Lancia Rally ★ #58040 - Space Frame
Lancia 037 Rally ★ #58278 - TA03RS
Lancia Delta Integrale ★ #58446 - DF-03Ra
Lancia Delta Integrale ★ #58569 - XV-01
Lancia Delta Integrale ★ #58570 - TT-02
Lancia Delta HF Integrale ★ #58117 - TA-01
Lancia Delta HF Integrale ★ #58342 - TT-01
Michelin Pilot Ford Escort RS Cosworth ★ #58125 - TA-01
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV ★ #58199 - TA-03F
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV Monte-Carlo ★ #58219 - TL-01
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V WRC ★ #58461 - DF-03Ra
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V WRC ★ #58225 - TA-03F
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI WRC ★ #58257 - TB-01
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII WRC ★ #58286 - TB-01
Mitsubishi Racing Lancer ★ #58421 - DF-01

Opel Ascona 400 Rally ★ #58037 - ABS
Peugeot 206 WRC ★ #58250 - TA03F-S
Peugeot 306 Maxi WRC ★ #58224 - FF02
Porsche 959 - Paris-Dakar Rally Winner ★ #58059 - Bathtub (1:12)
Repsol Ford Escort RS Cosworth ★ #58176 - TA02
Rover Mini Cooper 94 Monte-Carlo ★ #58163 - M-01
Rover Mini Cooper 94 Monte-Carlo ★ #58483 - M-05
Subaru Impreza WRC ★ #58226 - TL-01
Subaru Impreza WRC Arai Version ★ #58270 - TB-01
Subaru Impreza WRC 97 ★ #58210 - TA-03F
Subaru Impreza German Rally Champion 99 ★ #58259 - TB-01
Subaru Impreza WRC 2001 ★ #58273 - TL-01
Subaru Impreza WRC 2001 (Painted) ★ #58277 - TL-01
Subaru Impreza WRC 2001 Prototype ★ #58271 - TB-01
Subaru Impreza WRC 2003 ★ #58305 - TT-01
Subaru Impreza WRC 2003 ★ #58316 - TB-02
Subaru Impreza WRC 2004 Rally Mexico ★ #58333 - TT-01
Subaru Impreza WRC 2004 Rally Japan ★ #58338 - TB-02
Subaru Impreza WRC Mnt Crl 05 Drift Spec ★ #58349 - TT-01D
Subaru Impreza WRC Monte Carlo 07 ★ #58417 - DF-03Ra
Subaru Impreza WRC Monte Carlo 07 ★ #58390 - TT-01
Subaru Impreza WRC 2008 ★ #58430 - DF-03Ra
Subaru Impreza WRC 2008 ★ #58426 - TT-01E
Subaru Impreza WRX STi Team Arai ★ #58528 - XV-01
Subaru Impreza WRX STI Team Arai ★ #58538 - TT-01E
Suzuki SX4 WRC ★ #58408 - TT-01 Type-E
Toyota Celica Gr.B Rally Special ★ #58064 - Bathtub (1:12)
Toyota Celica GT-Four 97 Monte Carlo ★ #58201 - TL-01
Toyota Celica GT-Four Rally ★ #58096 - TA-01
Toyota Celica GT-Four RC ★ #58119 - TA-01
Toyota Corolla WRC ★ #58218 - TA03F-S

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Tamiya Touring Chassis

Tamiya Touring/WRC Chassis Types:

A to Z or By Number
Tamiya Touring M Chassis
★ DF-03Ra ★
★ FF01 ★
★ FF02 ★
★ FF03 ★
★ FF03 Pro ★
★ HP Drift Spec ★
★ M01 ★
★ M01-M ★
★ M02 ★
★ M02-L ★
★ M02-M ★
★ M03 ★
★ M03-L ★
★ M03-M ★
★ M03-R ★
★ M04 ★
★ M04-L ★
★ M04-M ★
★ M05 ★
★ M05-Pro ★
★ M05 Ver.II Pro ★
★ M05-Ra ★
★ M05 S-Spec ★
★ M06 ★
★ M06-Pro ★
★ M06-R ★
★ RM-01 ★
★ TA01 ★
★ TA02 ★
★ TA02-RS ★
★ TA02-SW ★
★ TA02-T ★
★ TA02-W ★
★ TA03 ★
★ TA03F ★
★ TA03F Pro (David Jun) ★
★ TA03F-S ★
★ TA03R ★
★ TA03R-S ★
★ TA03R-S TRF ★
★ TA03R-TRF ★
★ TA04 ★
★ TA04-Pro ★
★ TA04-R ★
★ TA04-S ★
★ TA04-SS ★
★ TA05 ★
★ TA05-IFS ★
★ TA05-IFS-R ★
★ TA05-MS ★
★ TA05-R ★
★ TA05-V2 ★
★ TA05-V2-R ★
★ TA05-VDF ★
★ TA06 ★
★ TA06 Pro ★
★ TB01 ★
★ TB02 ★
★ TB02-D ★
★ TB02-R ★
★ TB03 ★
★ TB03-D ★
★ TB03-R ★
★ TB03 VDS ★
★ TB04 ★
★ TB Evolution ★
★ TB Evolution II ★
★ TB Evolution III ★
★ TB Evolution IV ★
★ TB Evolution V ★
★ TB Evolution V MS ★
★ TG10 ★
★ TG10-R ★
★ TGR ★
★ TL-01 ★
★ TL-01LA ★
★ TRF415 ★
★ TRF415-MRE ★
★ TRF415-MS ★
★ TRF415-MSX ★
★ TRF415-MSXX ★
★ TRF416 ★
★ TRF416-WE ★
★ TRF416-X ★
★ TRF417 ★
★ TRF417-X ★
★ TRF417-WX ★
★ TT-01 ★
★ TT-01D ★
★ TT01-R ★
★ TT-01 Type-E ★
★ TT-01 Type-ES ★
★ TT-01D Type-E ★
★ TT-01R Type-E ★
★ TT-02 ★
★ TT-02D ★
★ TT-02 Type-S ★
★ XV-01 PRO ★
★ XV-01TC ★
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★★ Tamiya Nitro Models and Chassis Lists: ★★
Click < HERE > For Tamiya Electric Models

Tamiya Nitro Force

Tamiya Nitro Buggys:

A to Z or By Number
1/10 Scale Buggys:

Mad Spirit ★ TNS-B
Mighty Ballista ★ TNS-B15
Nitro Blaster ★ NDF-01
Nitro Force ★ NDF-01
Nitro Thunder ★ NDF-01
Other 1/10 Nitro Buggys
1/8 Scale Buggys:

TRF801X ★
Other 1/8 Nitro Buggys
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Tamiya Nitro Monster Trucks:

A to Z or By Number
1/10 Scale Monster Trucks:

Mad Bison ★ TGM-01
Other 1/10 Nitro Monsters
1/8 Scale Monster Trucks:

Terra Crusher ★ TGM-02
Terra Crusher (Red) ★ TGM-02
TNX 3.0 ★ TGM-03
TNX 5.2R ★ TGM-04
Wild Commando ★ TGM-02
Wild Commando (Black) ★ TGM-02
Wild Crusher Z ★ TGM-02
^ TOP ^


Tamiya Nitro On Road:

A to Z or By Number
1/10 Scale On Road:

Audi A4 DTM 2005 ★ TNS
Audi A4 DTM 2005 Team Abt Sportsline ★ TNS
Beams Integra ★ TG10
Calsonic Skyline GT-R (R34) ★ TG10
Citroen Xsara WRC Monte Carlo 2004 ★ TGS-R
CLK DTM 2002 AMG Mercedes ★ TG10
CLK DTM 2002 AMG Mercedes ★ TGS
CLK DTM 2002 Vodafone Mercedes ★ TGS
Enzo Ferrari ★ TG10
Esso Ultraflo Supra 2005 ★ TG10 Mk2
Esso Ultraflo Supra 2005 ★ TNS
Ferrari 360GT Daytona Ver ★ TG10
Ferrari F430 ★ TG10 Mk2 SG
Ferrari F430 ★ TNS
Ford Focus RS WRC 03 ★ TGS
Impreza WRC MC '07 ★ TNS-FD
Lancia Delta HF Integrale ★ TG10
Lexus GS 400 ★ TG10
Mercedes Benz C-Class DTM 2004 ★ TNS
Mercedes Benz CLK DTM 2000 Original Teile ★ TG10
Mercedes CLK GTR Team Sportswear ★ TG10
Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32) ★ TGS
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup VIP ★ TG10
Porsche Carrera GT ★ TGS-R
Raybrig HSV 010 ★ TG10 Mk2 FX
Raybrig NSX ★ TG10
Raybrig NSX 2002 ★ TG10
Raybrig NSX 2004 ★ TG10 Mk2
Raybrig NSX 2005 ★ TNS
Rover Mini Cooper Racing ★ TG10
Subaru Impreza WRC'99 ★ TG10
Subaru Impreza WRC 2001 ★ TG10
Subaru Impreza WRC 2002 ★ TGS
Subaru Impreza WRC 2003 ★ TGS
Subaru Impreza WRC 2004 ★ TGS-R
TG10 Mk1 Chassis ★
TG10 Mk1 Long Suspension ★
TG10 Mk1 ★ Novarossi CX-12
TG10 Mk1 Pro Chassis ★
TG10R Chassis ★
TG10 Mk2 Chassis ★
TG10 Mk2 PRO Chassis ★
Vodafone Mercedes C-Class DTM 2006 ★ TNS-FD
Xanavi Nismo GTR (R34) ★ TG10 Mk2 SG
Xanavi Nismo GT-R (R34) ★ TGS
Xanavi Nismo Z ★ TG10 Mk2s
Xanavi Nismo Z ★ TGS-R
Other 1/10 Nitro On Road
1/8 Scale On Road:

Avex Dome Mugen NSX ★ TGX
Calsonic GT-R ★ TGX
Kure Nismo GT-R ★ TGX
Mercedes CLK GTR ★ TGX
Nismo GT-R LM ★ TGX
Nissan R390 GT1 ★ TGX
Pennzoil Nismo GT-R ★ TGX
Porsche 911 GT1 ★ TGX
Raybrig NSX ★ TGX
Subaru Impreza WRC'99 ★ TGX
Subaru Impreza WRC 2001 ★ TGX
TGR Chassis ★
TGR ★ No Engine Ver ★
TGX Mk1 TRF Special ★
TGX Mk1-TS ★
TGX Mk1 TS Double Deck ★
TGX Mk1 TS ★ Novarossi CX-12
TGX Mk1 TS ★ OS 15 CV-X
Toyota Corolla WRC ★ TGX
Other 1/8 Nitro On Road
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Tamiya Stadium Racing Truck TR-15T

Tamiya Nitro Trucks/Truggys:

A to Z or By Number
1/10 Scale Trucks/Truggys:

Nitro Crusher ★ NDF-01T
RevStorm ★ TNS-T18
Stadium Racing Truck TR-15T ★
Other 1/10 Nitro Trucks
1/8 Scale Trucks/Truggys:

Nitrage 5.2 ★
Other 1/8 Nitro Trucks
^ TOP ^

Tamiya Nitro ForceTamiya-Nitro-Monster-TrucksTamiya-Nitro-On-RoadTamiya Stadium Racing Truck TR-15T

Tamiya Nitro 43500 Series:

By Number
43501 ★ Terra Crusher
43502 ★ Terra Crusher (Red)
43503 ★ Wild Commando
43504 ★ Subaru Impreza WRC 2002
43505 ★ Wild Crusher Z
43506 ★ CLK DTM 2002 AMG Mercedes
43507 ★ Wild Commando (Black)
43508 ★ TNX 3.0
43509 ★ Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32)
43510 ★ CLK DTM 2002 Vodafone Mercedes
43511 ★ Subaru Impreza WRC 2003
43512 ★ Ford Focus RS WRC 03
43513 ★ Xanavi Nismo GT-R (R34)
43514 ★ Nitro Thunder
43515 ★ Porsche Carrera GT
43516 ★ Citroen Xsara WRC Monte Carlo 2004
43518 ★ Subaru Impreza WRC 2004
43519 ★ Xanavi Nismo Z
43520 ★ Mercedes Benz C-Class DTM 2004
43521 ★ Nitro Blaster
43522 ★ Ferrari F430
43523 ★ Nitro Force
43524 ★ Raybrig NSX 2005
43525 ★ Nitro Crusher
43526 ★ Audi A4 DTM 2005
43527 ★ Esso Ultraflo Supra 2005
43528 ★ Audi A4 DTM 2005 Team Abt Sportsline
43529 ★ Mad Spirit
43530 ★ TNX 5.2R
43531 ★ Vodafone Mercedes C-Class DTM 2006
43532 ★ Nitrage 5.2
43533 ★ Impreza WRC MC '07
43534 ★ RevStorm
43535 ★ Mighty Ballista

Tamiya Nitro 44000 Series:

By Number
44001 ★ Stadium Racing Truck TR-15T
44002 ★ TGX Mk1-TS
44003 ★ Nismo GT-R LM
44004 ★ Calsonic GT-R
44005 ★ Kure Nismo GT-R
44006 ★ Porsche 911 GT1
44007 ★ Nissan R390 GT1
44008 ★ Avex Dome Mugen NSX
44009 ★ Mercedes CLK GTR
44010 ★ TGX Mk1-TS Double Deck
44011 ★ Pennzoil Nismo GT-R
44012 ★ Mercedes CLK GTR Team Sportswear
44013 ★ Raybrig NSX
44014 ★ TG10 Mk1 Chassis
44015 ★ TGX Mk1 TRF Special
44016 ★ Lexus GS 400
44017 ★ TGX Mk1 TS + OS 15 CV-X
44018 ★ Raybrig NSX
44019 ★ Subaru Impreza WRC'99
44020 ★ TG10 Mk1 Pro
44021 ★ Rover Mini Cooper Racing
44022 ★ Toyota Corolla WRC
44023 ★ Calsonic Skyline GT-R (R34)
44024 ★ Subaru Impreza WRC'99
44025 ★ Mad Bison
44026 ★ TG10 Mk1 + Novarossi CX-12
44027 ★ TGX Mk1 TS + Novarossi CX-12
44028 ★ Mercedes Benz CLK DTM 2000 Original Teile
44029 ★ Lancia Delta HF Integrale
44030 ★ TGR Chassis
44031 ★ Subaru Impreza WRC 2001
44032 ★ TG10R Chassis
44033 ★ TGR - No Engine Ver
44034 ★ Subaru Impreza WRC 2001
44035 ★ Ferrari 360GT Daytona Ver
44036 ★ Porsche 911 GT3 Cup VIP
44037 ★ Raybrig NSX 2002
44038 ★ Enzo Ferrari
44039 ★ CLK DTM 2002 AMG Mercedes
44040 ★ Beams Integra
44041 ★ TG10 Mk1 Long Suspension
44042 ★ TG10 Mk2
44043 ★ Xanavi Nismo Z
44044 ★ Nitro Force
44045 ★ Raybrig NSX 2004
44046 ★ Xanavi Nismo GTR (R34)
44047 ★ Ferrari F430
44048 ★ TG10 Mk2 PRO Chassis
44049 ★ Esso Ultraflo Supra 2005
44050 ★ Nitrage 5.2
44051 ★ Raybrig HSV 010
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General Advice

  Radio Controlled Model Cars are very fragile and easily broken. The main parts to protect are the Front A-Arms, Wishbones, Suspension Shock Towers, Shock Absorbers (Dampers), Hub Carriers, Kingpins, Uprights and Toe in Blocks, so make sure you have a good strong Bumper and Lexan or Fiberglas Body Shell, with, if available, an under guard/tray/panel and Roll Cage. For added protection you can line the shell with the waxy type of polystyrene you get in many electrical goods boxes. This can be easily shaped with a modelling knife to suit the curves of your shell and held in position using Shoe Gum. (Also recommended for fixing splits and rips in your Body Shell)

  The Steering Servo is also a weakness in High Speed Side Swipe crash situations, so get yourself some good strong Servo Mounts/Stays and Servo Saver. Also I would recommend Titanium Shafts, Turnbuckles, Tie Rods and pivot/steering shafts and if available for your model, lightweight Titanium Drive shafts, dog bones and CVD (Constant Velocity Drives). The standard steel types are far too easily bent.

  Gearing is another area of weakness on model cars. Head on collisions can easily break off gear teeth on Nylon/Plastic Spur Gears and even Bevel Gears inside the Gearbox (Gear case/housing) heavy impacts can also loosen nuts and or self tapping screws that hold the Motor in Position, allowing the Pinion Gear to pull out of mesh slightly and rip the tops of the teeth on your Spur Gear. To avoid this to some degree, fit Nyloc nuts, and a new motor mount from time to time so the self tapping screws that hold the motor in position have less chance to come loose.

  Many New car kits come with Nylon and Sintered Brass Bushings. My advice is to bin these before fitting and buy a good Hop up set of Shielded Ball Bearings. Or if you are serious about your racing, Teflon Ceramic Ball/Roller Thrust Bearings.

  One final bit of advice about the Setup of your Car. Keep the Centre of Gravity as low as possible. Ride Height is all important. For On Road Drift/Touring cars the Ride Height should be no more than 5mm, for Buggys, Trucks, Truggys and Monster Trucks, as low as possible depending on the track conditions. If Body Roll is a problem, handling can be improved with the use of Stabilizers, Anti roll or Sway Bars, stiffer Tuning Springs and, or thicker Silicone Oil in the Dampers. Also find somewhere to mount the Transponder as low in the Chassis as possible.

For Car Setup Information check out our Hints and Tips page.

On/Off Road
RC Models:

Other RC Models:

Radio Equipment:


Formula One

Monster Trucks

Rock Crawlers

Touring/WRC/Drift Cars








Crystal Sets





Battery Chargers


Body Shells

Dampers (Shocks)

Electric Motors


Nitro Engines

Pinion Gears

Spur Gears