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Tamiya WRC Subaru


★ List of 1/8 Scale Nitro Touring/WRC/Drift Cars: ★

Associated RC1
Associated RC100
Associated RC200
Associated RC250
Associated RC300
Associated RC500
Himoto MP One
Hobao GTB
Hong Nor DM-1
Hong Nor X3-GT Nitro
HPI Ken Block WR8 3.0
HPI WR8 3.0
HSP Camelry
HSP Rapido
Jamara Ultra GTPone Viper
Jamara X3-GT Nitro
Kyosho C-20 Fairlady 240Z
Kyosho C-20 Lancia Str (2012)
Kyosho C-20 Lancia Str (2281)
Kyosho C-20 Fiat 131 Abarth
Kyosho Evolva 2003
Kyosho Evolva 2004
Kyosho Evolva 2005
Kyosho Evolva 2005 WC
Kyosho Evolva 2012
Kyosho Evolva M3
Kyosho Evolva M3 Evo
Kyosho Fantom 20
Kyosho Fantom 21-4iS
Kyosho Fantom 2001
Kyosho Fantom 2001 Evo

Kyosho Fantom 2001 Evo 2
Kyosho Fantom Sports
Kyosho GP20 Espirit
Kyosho Inferno GT
Kyosho Inferno GT2
Kyosho Inferno MP-7.5 Rally
Kyosho LandMax
Kyosho Landmax 2
Kyosho Super Dash
Kyosho DRX
Losi L8ight Race Roller
Mugen MRX-2
Mugen MRX-3
Mugen MRX-4
Mugen MRX-4R
Mugen MRX-4X
Mugen MRX-5
Mugen Sting
Ofna DM One Pro
Ofna DM-1 Spec
Ofna GT-V2 Pro Nitro
Ofna Ultra GTP
Ofna Ultra GTP-2
Ofna X3-GT Nitro
Schumacher Menace GTR
Seben SF3
Serpent 950
Serpent 960
Serpent 966
Serpent 966 TE
Serpent 966 TE V2

Serpent Cobra GT
Serpent Vector NT 2002
Serpent Veteq
Serpent Viper 977
Tamiya Avex Dome Mgn NSX
Tamiya Calsonic GT-R
Tamiya Kure Nismo GT-R
Tamiya Mercedes CLK GTR
Tamiya Nismo GT-R LM
Tamiya Nissan R390 GT1
Tamiya Pennzoil Nismo GT-R
Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1
Tamiya Raybrig NSX
Tamiya S Impreza WRC'99
Tamiya S Impreza WRC 2001
Tamiya Toyota Corolla WRC
Tamiya TGR Chassis
Tamiya TGR - No Engine Ver
Tamiya TGX Mk1-TS
Tamiya TGX Mk1-TS Dbl Dck
Tamiya TGX Mk1 TRF Special
Tamiya TGX Mk1 TS/15CV-X
Tamiya TGX Mk1 TS/N CX-12
T Tiger EB-4 S2.5 Rally
T Tiger EB-4 S3 Rally
Thunder Tiger ER-1
T Tiger ER-1 Sport
T T Tomahawk XL
Xray RX8
Xray RX8 2012

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★ Radio Controlled Model Accessories: ★
Gas/Nitro Engines
Nitro Engines
Bearings and Bearing Sets
Body Shells - Touring, Buggy, Truck, Monster Truck - Painted and Unpainted
Body Shells
Radio Transmitters etc
Radio Equipment
Tires - Touring, Buggy, Truck, Monster Truck, Rock Crawler
Wheels/Rims - Touring, Buggy, Truck, Monster Truck, Rock Crawler
Electronic Speed Controllers
Battery Packs
Batteries + Chargers
Electric Motors
Electric Motors

Information and Advice

  Radio Controlled Model Cars are very fragile and easily broken. The main parts to protect are the Front A-Arms, Wishbones, Suspension Shock Towers, Shock Absorbers (Dampers), Hub Carriers, Kingpins, Uprights and Toe in Blocks, so make sure you have a good strong Bumper and Lexan or Fiberglas Body Shell, with, if available, an under guard/tray/panel and Roll Cage. For added protection you can line the shell with the waxy type of polystyrene you get in many electrical goods boxes. This can be easily shaped with a modelling knife to suit the curves of your shell and held in position using Shoe Gum. (Also recommended for fixing splits and rips in your Shell)

  The Steering Servo is also a weakness in High Speed Side Swipe crash situations, so get yourself some good strong Servo Mounts/Stays and Servo Saver. Also I would recommend Titanium Shafts, Turnbuckles, Tie Rods and pivot/steering shafts and if available for your model, lightweight Titanium Drive shafts, dog bones and CVD (Constant Velocity Drives). The standard steel types are far too easily bent.

  Gearing is another area of weakness on model cars. Head on collisions can easily break off gear teeth on Nylon/Plastic Spur Gears and even Bevel Gears inside the Gearbox (Gear case/housing) heavy impacts can also loosen nuts and or self taping screws that hold the Motor in Position, allowing the Pinion Gear to pull out of mesh slightly and rip the tops of the teeth on your Spur Gear. To avoid this to some degree, fit Nyloc nuts, and a new motor mount from time to time so the self taping screws that hold the motor in position have less chance to come loose.

  Many New car kits come with Nylon and Sintered Brass Bushings. My advice is to bin these before fitting and buy a good Hop up set of Shielded Ball Bearings. Or if you are serious about your racing, Teflon Ceramic Ball/Roller Thrust Bearings.

  One final bit of advice about the Setup of your Car. Keep the Centre of Gravity as low as possible. Ride Height is all important. For On Road Drift/Touring cars the Ride Height should be no more than 5mm, for Buggys, Trucks, Truggys and Monster Trucks, as low as possible depending on the track conditions. If Body Roll is a problem, handling can be improved with the use of Stabilizers, Anti roll or Sway Bars, stiffer Tuning Springs and, or thicker Silicon Oil in the Dampers. Also find somewhere to mount the Transponder as low in the Chassis as possible.

For More Setup Information check out my Hints and Tips page.


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